56 thoughts on “Weekend Music Share – Rise by Herb Alpert

  1. Had the pleasure of seeing him live at the Disney Concert Hall, just before Christmas. He and Lani opened for The Manhattan Transfer. What a treat!

  2. I vividly remember “Telstar” by the Ventures. It was also recorded by the Tornados in the UK, but I grew up hearing the Ventures.

    “Theme from A Summer Place” still sounds good after many years.

    1. I agree. ‘Theme from a Summer Place’ is one I hear being played in stores. It always makes me want to glide through the store as if I’m Julie Andrews on top of a mountain in the Alps.
      Thanks for sharing them with us, Brian.

  3. Such lively music, Hugh! I remember hearing this a LOT as a kid living in San Diego. My mom said the original groups was “Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.” Fun new feature, I’ll have to see how I can contribute!

    1. Yes, that was Herb’s band back in the 50s, Terri. I’d never heard of the band before, but I do remember ‘Rise’ by Herb Alpert when it did so well in the singles chart. Instrumental songs weren’t that unusual to be charting back in the 1970s. I always find this type of music great to write too.

  4. Thanks for the flash backs Hugh! My parents always listened to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (??) but I always thought it was Herb Albert not Alpert – so I’ve learnt something today!! I do enjoy a nice classical instrumental from time to time but loving the ones everyone is mentioning in their comments here!! Great idea for a new series.

  5. I always liked listening to Herb Alpert and haven’t thought of his music for a number of years, so thanks for the reminder. I love ‘Going Home” by Dire Straits.

  6. Hehe, I am very happy that I could inspire you for a new feature, Hugh! That’s a good choice to kick it off. I like those trumpet pieces. This is the perfect background party music!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration to get this feature kicked off, Erika. I know you do a daily music post during the week, so a weekend share seemed the perfect way to round it off. And, yes, I agree about the background party music.

    1. Reminds me very much of some of the music Jean Michel Jarre produced. Such a wonderful piece of music to share with us, Chuck. So much so, that I went and purchased the CD from iTunes. It’s the kind of music that I can write to. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Boo-hoo, YouTube says I can’t view the video in the UK, Annette. However, I found a version I could play.

      I don’t know if it’s the exact same as the version you were trying to share, but it’s a cool tune.

      1. I always used to think the title was a cod spelling of ‘samba party’ but it actually means ‘samba for you.’ Goes rather nicely with the tune, I think.

        1. I agree. ‘Samba’ also makes me think of sipping cocktails while watching the sunset. However, I also enjoy the dance, although my two-left-feet would never allow me to actually dance it.

  7. I haven’t listened to Herb Alpert for a long time so it was good to hear this 🙂 I’ve joined in and linked back to your blog, Hugh. Great new feature.

    1. You’re welcome, Donna. If it hadn’t been for Erika sharing her dance track choice, I’d have never had the inspiration to start this new feature.

      And what a classic ‘chillout’ song you’ve chosen. Beautiful.

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