Sunday Stills: Night

This week, while Terri Webster Schrandt continues her blogging break. I’m, once again, delighted to be hosting Sunday Stills.

Are you afraid of the night?

I know some people who are. Why? Because they have to sleep with the lights on.

I’ve tried, but I’ve never been able to convince them that the night can also bring beauty with it.

#night #photography #SundayStills
The night can often display the beauty many don’t see

The night is never far away, not even in the daytime.

Of course, I wouldn’t dare tell those afraid of the night that it is with us every few seconds, and not only when it gets dark. Every time you blink your eyes you’re allowing the darkness, that night brings, to briefly enter your life.

You may only get a fleeting glance of the night as your eyelids close, but this kind of night is where the real, unknown creatures of the night live. And they only need a tiny amount of time to get you questioning if they are there.

#night #photography #SundayStills
When you look into the night, is something looking back at you?

What would you do if there was something you weren’t quite sure about looking back at you during the night?

Would you approach it? What if it were asking for your help? Would you trust it and go to its aid?

There may be some unexplained shards of light at night, but are they as real as what is looking back at you? Take, for example, the eyes that were looking back at me when I took this photo.

#night #photography #SundayStills
Always beware anything looking back at you when looking into the night.

Why should you never go looking for yourself at night?

Because, as I discovered, there is a worse kind of night. One where a living nightmare resides. This worst kind of night is the kind that hunts you down. If it finds you, it will turn itself into a horrible, grotesque zombie-clone of you.

#night #photography #SundayStills
Beware the nighttime clone of yourself.

You may not see it in the night when it’s right up close, but it will take you with it if you have stopped believing in yourself. Never allow it to win.

Is this the most dangerous window in the world?

If you joined me for Sunday Stills last week, you might remember the window in the photo below. This window is not only hard to reach, but it’s also hazardous. As I once found out, when opening it at night, it allowed the night to invade my world.

#night #photography #SundayStills
The night is always looking at places where it can invade and conquer the light.

That may not sound very dangerous, but remember what I said earlier about the real, unknown creatures of the night? They are always looking for ways of invading your world.

Here’s what you need to do to join this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.

Write a brand new post and share your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about the night. Close your eyes for a few seconds, allow the night to come, and tell us what you see. Is it only you that can see what it contains? Was anybody, or anything else, there? Describe what you saw.

#night #photography #SundayStills
Nightmares or beauty? What do you see when looking into the night?

If you’re brave enough, share the secrets you found when looking into or out of the night.

Link your post back to this one either by creating a pingback or by leaving a link to your post in the comments. Everyone who participates in the challenge can then check out your post.

I look forward to looking in or out of the night you are going to share with me. Have fun!

Thank you to everyone who has joined me for Sunday Stills for the last two weeks. I’ve had great fun meeting you all. Next week, Terri is back to take over hosting Sunday Stills. Click here to find out more.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

91 thoughts

  1. I thought we were going to get one of your scary stories, Hugh. Then when I read ‘shard’, I thought it was going to be a 99-word flash fiction. But it turned out to be neither, but enjoyable just the same. Have a great week.

    1. I’d forgotten all about Charli’s prompt word for this week’s challenge over at the Carrot Ranch, Norah. In fact, I’ve been somewhat absent from the ranch. Something I need to put right.
      You too have a great week. I hope the heatwave you’re experiencing in your part of the world isn’t bothering you too much.

      1. Well, what a coincidence you dropped ‘shard’ right in.
        I have to say that I’m not keen on the heat. Thank goodness for air con, though I try to not use it more than necessary. It’s pretty necessary most days. 😦

  2. The fear of the dark conjures up childhood memories of playing hide and seek in the summer evenings. During our travelling years I have always listened to my gut instinct, some streets during the night or day instilled fear for no apparent reason. Then others gave me a sense of peace walking around waiting for the sun to pop its head up or a walk on a sultry summers night. Like the other comments, excellent post as it made me think!

    1. I’ve always used my gut feeling, especially when moving home, Suzanne. The same goes for walking in certain places. I sometimes wonder if it’s my guardian angel pushing me in another safer direction.

      I’m so pleased to hear that this post got you thinking. It’s a huge compliment, thank you.

  3. Great interpretation of “night” Hugh! I guess I prefer the day, but night has its charms. Except when Aero barks his shocklingly staccato bark at nothing…I wonder what he smells or hears? Dogs always know something, right? Thank you for hosting Sunday Stills this month, Hugh! I’ve got February’s themes planned and will publish next Friday! Love your zombie clone 🙂

    1. Toby and Austin often howl at night. It’s quite scary, but I have to tell myself that they are dreaming, Terri. What you said about Aero reminded me of a short film I watched recently called ‘What Dogs Really See.’ I tried to find it on YouTube, but had no luck. Anyway, it’s probably not something you’d want to watch. It had hints of ‘Black Mirror’ in it, and was scary. Probably one for watching on Halloween when you don’t have a dog as a pet.

      I’ve had great fun hosting Sunday Stills for you for the last two weeks. Terri. Lots of pingbacks in my comments which need approval. It’s my next job.

      1. Sally Cronin shared a video recently that listed dogs as the 4th most intelligent animals, with at least the intellectual capacity of a two year old human. I mentioned that to my vet and she said they may be even more intelligent. They definitely “see” what is on the other side of the veil. Sunday Stills keeps me busy which is a good thing. Thanks again, Hugh!

  4. The night brings me peace and disorientation. It is quiet, and it is “free” time, the moment of the day where nothing is expected of you, and it is OK to relax, to sleep, the be at peace.

    Yet, when out and about at night, I can’t find my bearings and when hiking without a light source, I get nauseous. When driving (with a light source), I feel disoriented. My glasses are a must and I’m not a fan. So, just like with most things in life, there are pros and cons, ups and downs to the night. Great post, Hugh, but it did not instill fear in me. 🙂

    1. Is it really free time when we are asleep, Liesbet? I guess when we are awake during the night, we can make use of it, whether it is to get up and do something, or just lay there and let our minds wander. I get a lot out of laying in bed at night, awake, and just relaxing. It’s as if the whole world is at peace. I feel even more relaxed if it’s windy and raining outside and I can hear the rain lashing against the window.

      I no longer like to drive at nighttime either. I don’t mind walking at night, especially on cold, crisp, nights, or cool summer nights, but I much rather be around or with other people when doing the walking at night. There’s something about some of the night noises that can still scare me, even as somebody who likes to write dark stories, they do really scare me. And, of course, not being able to see what is making the noise, makes it even more frightening.

      I’m glad this post did not install fear because I wanted to also get over the beauty night can bring.

      1. So, what you’re saying is that the night only brings “free time” if we can make use of it, like think and generate ideas (which I do a lot). True. Unfortunately, in my case, I never write those thoughts down and might forget by morning. And, by lying awake part of the night, I’m tired the following day, losing some of my productiveness. 🙂 I’m just glad that the night allows us to sleep, since if I were to relax during the day, I’d feel guilty.

        1. Well, yes, free if we’re not sleeping. I usually sleep very well, so it’s unlikely that you will find me doing anything because I can’t sleep. I’m more of a morning person, which has always been the best part of the day for me. I was only ever a night owl in my younger days, but even then I much preferred to stay in than go out. And I’ve never been able to sleep when there’s daylight outside. Thank goodness I don’t live anywhere which has more than 15 hours of daylight.

  5. I enjoyed your variety of night thoughts and photos. I’m more of a morning person, but I do adore the time when the sun is setting and preparing for the arrival of night.

    1. I’m very much a morning person, too, Shelley. In fact, it’s the best part of the day for me because it seems to be when I am at my most creative.

      Thanks for your pingback to the Sunday Stills challenge. I’ll be checking out your post.

      1. I agree with you, mornings are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to play along with the Sunday Stills – and for hosting while Terri takes a break!!

        1. I know many find the dark daunting, or scary, but I find peace within it… Fear is what you make it. I’m more scared of the things I can see.

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