Sunday Stills: Window

This week, while Terri Webster Schrandt is on a blogging break. I’m delighted to be hosting Sunday Stills.

What do you see when looking out of the nearest window to you?

I see rain falling onto a well-kept, green, front lawn. The sky is grey, and the trees are still, so there’s no breeze. It looks peaceful, and the absence of seeing any living creature gives me the feeling of what it could be like if I were the only living being in the world.

I often look out of a window and wonder if what I am seeing is actually there. With a blink of an eye, something that we thought was there can disappear when our window to the world opens up for us again.

Take, for example, the time traveller in this photo. From the year 1962, he wanted to see what our beautiful planet looked like in the last few years before it changed. How do I know he was a time traveller? We time travellers instantly know one another.

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Have you ever wondered why you’ve taken an instant dislike to someone?

Let’s turn the tables, shall we? Make sure your secrets are buried deep. Why? Because our eyes are not only a window to the world, but also allow those who look into them to sometimes see the things we don’t want them to know.

Can looking in be as good as looking out?

It should never be about always looking out, should it? Look in, too. When we look in a window, we will see the world from a different perspective. It becomes a lot smaller and could even reveal secrets. I wonder what the first person to look into this window saw before whatever was holding him up was taken away?

Like you and I, every window can tell a story. Some will show you those stories, while others will only show them to a chosen few. Some won’t reveal their stories to anything in our world.

Beware what could be looking back at you.

And then there are the windows that stop us seeing clearly what is behind them. Is there something looking back at us wondering why we are peering into their world? Can we see them? Not everything behind these mysterious windows is friendly. Believe me, I’ve found out.

Here’s what you need to do to join this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.

Share with us your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about a window. What do you see when looking in or out of it? Is it only you that can see it? Describe what’s there.

What was it that made you stop and look more closely at a window?

If you’re brave enough, share the secrets you found when looking into or out of a window.

Link your post back to this one either by creating a pingback or by leaving a link to your post in the comments. Everyone who participates in the challenge can then check out your post.

I look forward to looking in and out of the windows you are going to share with me. Have fun!

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  1. What a coincidence! The same question was asked to me by my teacher last week. But , it was about literal window. For me the literal open window is for watching scenic beauty and feel refreshed again. Whereas a metamorphic window is a deep thought rather half closed window 😉

    1. I’ve been enjoying revisiting and reading ‘Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers’ again, Teagan. I also liked the description of Copper that Felicity saw through the stained glass window of the front door.
      My take on everyday objects sometimes come from the deepest, darkest places of my mind.
      Hugs to you.

    1. Hi Debbie, I had to fish your comment out of my WordPress Spam folder. Why did it end up in there? Who knows? I’m glad I check my spam folder at least once a day.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my reflections of what windows mean to me. Sometimes, I can dig too deep into my thoughts, and I come out almost screaming, having scared myself.

      Thank you for participating in Sunday Stills this week.

      1. Oh no, I’m not spam! Thanks for fishing me out! I also check my spam folder regularly.
        I really enjoyed your thought processes in your post and don’t wonder that you come out almost screaming at times 🙂

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