A Warning To All Bloggers #fiction

I’ve just ticked off an item on my bucket list. No, that’s not my warning. Read on to find out what it is.

I always wanted to become a time-traveller. Ever since I first saw an episode of Doctor Who, I added time travel to my bucket list.

#time #timetravel #clock

Now, here I am writing this blog post a few years into the future. Yes, I’ve at last travelled through time but wish I hadn’t come here. You see, although blogging is still prevalent, it’s also illegal.

I got here with the help of my sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower. Unfortunately, the only way I can get back to the present is by ticking off the next item on my bucket list. What’s that item? To travel to the other side of a rainbow.

However, where I am now, I’ve discovered that the rainbows are all broken. Broken by global warming; it seems there is no way of putting them back together. If you get a chance, please leave me a photo of a full rainbow in the comments section before they are forever broken. 

Here’s what I’m seeing now.

#weather #swansea #rainbow

A broken rainbow. Thank goodness WordPress still allow bloggers to schedule blog posts to publish in the past. Otherwise, I’d never have been able to publish this post. I always wondered what the point of it was. Now I know. 

By the time you read this, my sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower will not have found my blog. I hope he, she, or it never finds your blog.

I wanted to give you all plenty of notice of what will happen. That’s why this post has been published today.

All I can advise any blogger reading this is to watch my blog for the sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower. I don’t know their real name or what they look like, but as the follower count rises, make sure you are here when it clicks over to 16,666. You’ll then know who to avoid contact with, otherwise, who knows, you could end up here.

If the follower count is already more than sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-six, then it’s already too late. 

One final warning. Be careful what you put on your bucket list.

Good luck to you all.


Written in response to the Sunday Stills challenge, hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt, which has the theme of Bucket-List. Click here for full details, and join hundreds of other bloggers who participate. 

This is my first post using the new Gutenberg editor. How did I do?

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86 thoughts on “A Warning To All Bloggers #fiction

  1. Hi Hugh,
    1. I don’t like Gutenberg. I’m thinking of blogging about how to cope but everyone’s blogging about it, so I’m not positive yet.
    2. That’s so nice you linked to and promoted Terri.
    3. I love sci fi/future, so I found this interesting from that perspective.

    1. Hi Janice,

      Gutenberg takes some getting used to. I’ve already discovered a number of things you can’t do with it which you could do with the Classic editor. My understanding is that those who are self-hosted have to download the Classic Editor plugin if they want to continue using it. However, I’ve also read that some bloggers have had problems with that plugin. I’m not sure, but do all those who are now self-hosted have to use Gutenberg?

      I’m glad you enjoyed my piece of sci-fi flash fiction. I enjoyed writing it for Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge.

  2. Genius, Hugh! I’d grab one of my full rainbow photos for you, but that means going back to the past and I’m worried to do so. I have to be in the present right now. At least until your 16,666th follower has bitten the dust.

  3. Hey Hugh. Quest – did it take you much longer to use the Gutenberg editor? AT first it seemed ok, but I couldn’t do everything I wanted right away so I’ve neglected getting my tests in… How was it?
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Joan. Yes, it did take longer, but that’s because there is going to be a learning curve. The more I used it, the more I got used to it. I also discovered a bug with it, which I reported to WordPress. I spent nearly two hours with them while they tried fixing the bug, which they eventually did. Although I discovered a number of negative things with Gutenberg, I really enjoyed using it and thinks it’s going to be great to use and will be the future of blogging. My recommendation is for everyone to start using it because I believe WordPress will give it a priority instead of fixing any bugs reported with the classic editor.

      I hope that helps.

  4. So clever Hugh. I thoroughly loved this despite my not being a sci-fi fan, lol. That place looks nasty so in case I’m getting near that 16666 number I’m unfollowing you NOW. (Lol kidding). Your story made me sad – broken rainbows. We can’t have that! ❤ ❤
    Wow, that was a difficult process to find and get that rainbow here. And now it isn't showing. Maybe it will magically appear when you approve comments 🙂 ❤ xx

    1. Thanks, Debby. I had real fun thinking about and writing this post. My imagination went wild with it. I’m glad, too, that I slept on the post for a few days rather than have published it from the first draft.

      I wasn’t aware that some readers didn’t know how to add images to comments. It’s something I’ll write a post about – providing the blog police don’t get to me first. 😀

      1. Boohoo. I see my image didn’t show up! No, I’ve never even tried to add an image in someone’s comments before because it’s considered spammy. I tried a few ways to get one up here but it appears that was a futile attempt LOL. Yes, write a post! ❤

        1. I will write a post about it. I agree, it can be seen as spammy, but if the host has asked for images then it should be OK. I don’t see it happening very much, although it can be useful when used as a screenshot when trying to explain something or showing somebody how to do something.

  5. This was just hilarious, Hugh…after a day of grading papers (4 in a row of which were horrible), well ,this made my day and my dog Aero jumped when I laughed! You are so clever and I thank you for participating in and supporting Sunday Stills! Blogging illegal…maybe now in some countries?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Terri. I had great fun writing it and wanted to think well out of the box when it came to drafting the post. It seems to have gone down well with my readers.
      I guess it will already be illegal to blog in some countries, especially when you think that up until recently, some countries didn’t even allow women to drive.
      Sorry to hear about those horrible grading papers. I hope you get through them all soon.

  6. Cute idea and inventive storyline. Here is my image that comes from Urmo Parks Photography. I hope it shows up within my comment.


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