A Warning To All Bloggers #fiction

I’ve just ticked off an item on my bucket list. No, that’s not my warning. Read on to find out what it is.

I always wanted to become a time-traveller. Ever since I first saw an episode of Doctor Who, I added time travel to my bucket list.

#time #timetravel #clock

Now, here I am writing this blog post a few years into the future. Yes, I’ve at last travelled through time but wish I hadn’t come here. You see, although blogging is still prevalent, it’s also illegal.

I got here with the help of my sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower. Unfortunately, the only way I can get back to the present is by ticking off the next item on my bucket list. What’s that item? To travel to the other side of a rainbow.

However, where I am now, I’ve discovered that the rainbows are all broken. Broken by global warming; it seems there is no way of putting them back together. If you get a chance, please leave me a photo of a full rainbow in the comments section before they are forever broken. 

Here’s what I’m seeing now.

#weather #swansea #rainbow

A broken rainbow. Thank goodness WordPress still allow bloggers to schedule blog posts to publish in the past. Otherwise, I’d never have been able to publish this post. I always wondered what the point of it was. Now I know. 

By the time you read this, my sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower will not have found my blog. I hope he, she, or it never finds your blog.

I wanted to give you all plenty of notice of what will happen. That’s why this post has been published today.

All I can advise any blogger reading this is to watch my blog for the sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-sixth follower. I don’t know their real name or what they look like, but as the follower count rises, make sure you are here when it clicks over to 16,666. You’ll then know who to avoid contact with, otherwise, who knows, you could end up here.

If the follower count is already more than sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-six, then it’s already too late. 

One final warning. Be careful what you put on your bucket list.

Good luck to you all.


Written in response to the Sunday Stills challenge, hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt, which has the theme of Bucket-List. Click here for full details, and join hundreds of other bloggers who participate. 

This is my first post using the new Gutenberg editor. How did I do?

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