Where Does The Door From 1336 Lead To?

It’s an innocent looking door, isn’t it?

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According to the sign, nearly 700 years old.

#ThursdayDoors #photography #doors

But, walk through it, and you’ll have a very long wait.

Why? Because the door is a gateway to a part of history.

A time before you were born and before the invention of time-travel.

Step through it, and all signs of you will be eradicated…to most people.

So, technically, you’ll still exist, but not to everyone.

Those who know you still exist can come and visit you whenever they want.

By lifting the old hatch door to this one-way window, they can watch the new lives of people that existed until they stepped through the door of 1336.

#ThursdayDoors #photography #doors #history

Welcome to the Pilchard Inn. Found on the south coast of Devon, on Burgh Island,Β in the UK.

#ThursdayDoors #photography #history #doors

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