49 Days In 1988: Week 38 – Mixed Emotions

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London – September 25th, 1988

The move went well today. This morning I felt very excited about moving in with Simon and Rod. The house is perfect, even if a little far out from the centre of London. 

It took us all day to sort the house out. I’d never have believed that three guys could have so many possessions. By 7pm, we had the house looking exactly as we wanted. I was lucky in that I drew the long straw and got the first choice of which bedroom I wanted. Of course, I chose the biggest.

However, what a big mistake I made by coming back to Grassmere Road this evening. I know it was only to say goodbye to the other housemates still here, but it’s not exactly as if I’ll never see them all again. Why on earth I chose to stay one more night, I’ll never know, but it was the gateway to all sorts of doubts setting in.

By the time I climbed into bed to write this, my mind was full of if I’d done the right thing by moving in with Simon and Rod so quickly. I have this terrible habit of reliving all the happy memories of the past and allowing them to then sow the seeds of doubt into my mind. 

What started out as an exciting day, has ended as an unfortunate one for me.     

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Welcome to this new feature for 2018 on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I’ll be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

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Writer and blogger, Norah Colvin

This week my guest is the writer and blogger, Norah Colvin.

My first contact with Norah was when I was recommended the weekly 99-word flash fiction writing challenge hosted by Charli Mills over at the Carrot Ranch. Norah was one of the original bloggers to enter the challenge, and it wasn’t long before she visited my blog after I submitted an entry after discovering it.

Norah lives in Brisbane, Austrailia, and is an experienced and passionate educator. She spends, and has spent, almost all her time thinking and learning about thinking and learning.

She has been a teacher for more years that she wishes to reveal and has worked in many different roles both in and out of formal schooling situations; including, homeschooling, classroom teaching, support teaching and educational writing.

In any role, she was always seeking ways to combine her love of teaching and writing by creating original materials to support children’s learning. She now shares thoughts on educational topics on her eponymous blog NorahColvin.com and creates and shares teaching resources for the first three years of school on her subscription-based website readilearn.com.au.

Norah also has one of her pieces of flash fiction published in the anthology The Congress Of Rough Writers, a book that featured in this series only a couple of weeks ago.

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Norah is also the sponsor of one of the upcoming flash fiction contests at the Carrot Ranch. The theme for her contest is ‘Fractured Fairytales.’ Click here for all the details.

Connect with Norah.




Connect with Norah at Readilearn, a subscription-based collection of teaching resources for the first three years of school.





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Norah’s song choice is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Released in 1984, Thriller is one of the best-known soundtracks of all time. In the song, sound effects such as a creaking door, thunder, feet walking on wooden planks, winds and howling dogs can be heard, and the lyrics contain frightening themes and elements, including a voice-over from actor Vincent Price.

Surprisingly, Thriller only became a number one hit in three countries, Belguim, France and Spain. It peaked at number four in the U.S.A and Austrailia while scrapping into the top 10 in the UK, where it peaked at number 10.

No ‘thrillers in this week’s diary entry from 1988. It seems excitement and uncertainty were both the main players in my life. Do you have a favourite song connected to an emotion? Share a link to it in the comments.

Next week, October 1988 arrives, and somebody ends up in the hospital for all the wrong reasons. Click here to find out who it is.

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