Cover Reveal – The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody – by Marcia Meara

They’re back!
Jake and Dodger are at it again,
accompanied by their
boss, the archangel Azrael.

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. Once again, Nicki Forde Graphics Design has come up with a cover that does exactly what I wanted it to do. It provides a great-looking image that clearly links the second novella in my Emissary series with the first one. And it does this by putting Jake’s big, red-and-white semi front and centre, angel wings and all, but with a completely different background.

In The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody, Jake and Dodger travel both coasts of Florida, day and night, working their emissarial magic wherever they find souls in trouble. For me, the palm fronds over the truck, the ocean in the background, and the moon shining down are perfect.

I can’t give you an exact release date for The Emissary 2: To Love Somebody yet, as I still have a few more tiny odds and ends to finish up, including the blurb. But I’m 99.9% sure it will be available within a week or two, and I’ll have more to share with you then. In the meantime, what do you think?

My heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who have helped me share my new cover with the Immediate World! It’s lovely to be part of such a supportive online community, and every single one of you is special to me. Thank you!

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone novella, so now’s a good time to grab the first one. You can read it in an evening and be all set for The Emissary 2. You’ll find The Emissary 1 on Amazon HERE.

Author Marcia Meara

Marcia Meara lives in central Florida, just north of Orlando, with her husband of over thirty years, four big cats, and two small dachshunds. When not writing or blogging, she spends her time gardening and enjoying the surprising amount of wildlife that manages to make a home in her suburban yard. At the age of five, Marcia declared she wanted to be an author and is ecstatic that at age 69, she finally began pursuing that dream. Her belief in the redemptive power of love is a unifying factor in both of her popular series and her poetry. Today, she’s still going strong, and plans to keep on writing until she falls face down on the keyboard, which she figures would be a pretty good way to go!

Marcia has published six novels, one novella, and one book of poetry to date, all of which are available on Amazon:

Wake-Robin Ridge
A Boy Named Rabbit: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 2
Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3

Swamp Ghosts: A Riverbend Novel
Finding Hunter: Riverbend Book 2
That Darkest Place: Riverbend Book 3

The Emissary: A Riverbend Spinoff Novella

Summer Magic: Poems of Life & Love

Marcia’s Amazon Author Page

You can reach Marcia via on the following social media sites:

The Write Stuff:
Twitter: @marciameara

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

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36 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Janice. I’m really happy with the cover, too, and with any luck, I’ll have this one published on 10/11. At least, that’s the goal. 🙂 ❤

  1. Nice to see Marcia here. I’ve read one of her books and have another one on my TBR list. I’d like to read this novella and book 1 and 2 also. I will add them to my wish list. Best of luck, Marcia, with this and all your books. Hugs to you and Hugh. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Janice! If you do get a chance to read more, especially these little novellas, I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts! Have a great Sunday! 🙂

    1. Hugh was one of the first to volunteer, Debby, and I’m so glad he did. What a great community of writers and bloggers we belong to, right? And Hugh’s generous support is a perfect example of that! 🙂

      1. Was it I, or that gorgeous cover, that made it so irresistible, Hugh? 😀 Okay, you are totally excused from answering that. 😀 I’m just tickled you offered, and I can’t thank you enough.

    1. Thanks so much, Diana! I’m very grateful to everyone who has offered to share my cover reveal! Hugh and all the others are such supportive folks, and I truly appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog today, Hugh! I’m pretty excited about this new novella (part 2 of a 3 part series) and I really appreciate your generous support in helping me share my cover with the Immediate World! SO nice of you. To Love Somebody will be released as an eBook in another week or so, and when the 3rd novella is done, I’ll combine the three into one print book. In the meantime, these covers (by Nicki Forde Designs) are meant to tie together very closely.

    I hope you’ll enjoy the books, if you get a chance to check them out, and again, I’m very grateful for your help in sharing the news! 🙂

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