7 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog For Free

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You’ve written and published your best ever blog post, yet hardly anyone is reading it or leaving you any comments. It’s a situation that every blogger will go through at some point.

I remember how disappointed I would get when posts I’d taken days to write got hardly any visits or comments. I felt as if I was talking to myself. I had to find ways to promote my blog without spending any cash.

Here are seven methods I have been using which have helped me to promote my blog for free, and which have bought me thousands of new readers.

Linking Up

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There are some very generous bloggers out there who are always on the lookout for bloggers who want to promote their blog posts for free. Yes, for free!

Many run weekly link-ups where they encourage other bloggers to leave a link to one of their own blog posts. These links-ups can attract hundreds of links, many of which will lead readers to some interesting articles such as recipes, blogging and writing tips, health tips, arts and crafts, short stories…the list is endless.

By adding a link for your post to a link-up, you may see an increase in visitors to your blog, but don’t forget to visit some of the other bloggers who have also left links.

If you’re lucky enough to get your link and blog post featured the following week, it could bring even more new visitors to your blog. It’s happened to me, so why not for you? Get linking!

Here are a couple of links-ups I participate in.

The Bloggers Pit Stop

Senior Salon

Join A Blog Party

Blog parties are a great way to promote your blog to other bloggers and for you to discover new blogs to follow. This is a place where the host will either invite you to leave a link to your blog, or to one of your own blog posts.

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Image credit: Pixabay

I’ve hosted and joined blog parties and have always found them to be successful. However, the rule is usually that if you leave a link to your blog, then you must at least visit some of the blogs of other people at the party. It’s a great free way of not only promoting you and one of your blog posts but also for making some new friends in the blogging community.

There’s a blog party taking place on the weekend of 25th/26th August which is being hosted by author and blogger Sally Cronin. Click here for all the details. Tables are now fully booked, but Sally will be delighted to welcome you to meet all her guests.

Use Pingbacks

A pingback is a link inserted into a post that when clicked on will take the reader to another webpage. They are mainly used to connect to another website or blog post where the subject is similar to that of the post being read. I’ve used some pingbacks in this post.

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Image credit: Pixabay

SEOs such as Google and Bing like pingbacks. If there are some pingbacks in a blog post, they will generally move the post up the search engine results page, but only if the links work and are genuine. However, don’t overdo pingbacks in a post. Too many, and the search engines will relegate your post and push it down the search results page.

If you link to another blogger’s post via a pingback, it will appear as a link to your blog post in the comments section of the post you are linking to. This, in turn, may bring more visitors to your blog when other readers click on the link.

However, not all bloggers allow pingbacks to their posts. If they do, many may come back and thank you for linking to their post. Some may even link-up to one of your blog posts in the future by way of a pingback.

You can also use a pingback to link back to one of your own posts. However, only do this if the subject of the posts is similar to the one you are linking back to. Never insert links to your own posts (or those of other bloggers) if there is no clear theme to the post you are linking to.

Not sure how to create a pingback? Click here for a step by step guide.

Guest Blogging

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Image credit: Pixabay

Many bloggers are often on the lookout for guest bloggers. I’ve had people write guest posts for my blog. It’s a fantastic free way to get you and your blog in front of a brand new audience.

However, before you write that guest post, ask yourself if it’s worth writing. For example, are you writing for the right audience? Will their readers find your article interesting? Are there any restrictions on word count or what you can write about? Is the blogger you’re writing the post for asking for anything in return?

Chose wisely when spending your time deciding which blogs you’re writing guest posts for. Always ensure it’s going to be published in front of the right audience; an audience that will want to read more of your posts and visit your blog.

Just like never being afraid to turn down an invitation to write a guest post, don’t be scared of approaching another blogger to ask if they accept guest posts. You’ll be amazed at how many bloggers do accept guest posts even though they don’t advertise it.

Social Media

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Image credit: Pixabay

The sharing buttons at the bottom of blog posts are free to use, so every blog should have them. At the very least, you should share your blog posts to all your social media accounts.

WordPress has a feature that will automatically share your posts to your social media accounts. Click here to find out the details.

While I don’t recommend that you have more than three primary social media accounts (so as not to spread yourself too thinly), you should share all your posts on the social media platforms you have accounts with.

Likewise, if you share the posts of other bloggers on your social media platforms, in turn, some may share your posts on their social media accounts. Again, this could result in lots of new visitors to your blog.

Social media often demands a lot of time to work correctly (that’s why I recommended that you should have no more than three primary social media accounts). I’ve found that the more time I give a social media platform, the better the results are in getting traffic from it to my blog.

Shall We Talk?

There is no doubt that leaving good quality comments on other blog posts will get readers coming to your blog. Plus, it’s free to do.

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Image Credit: Pixabay

Whenever I see a great comment that asks questions or has added value to a post, I will go and pay a visit to the blog of the person who has left that comment.

Beware, though, leave too many short comments that add no value whatsoever to blog posts, and those comments can have the reverse effect. Comments such as ‘Great Post’ or ‘Thanks for writing this’ or which are just a line of emojis, can often look spammy.

Leaving comments that add value (and which clearly show you’ve read the post) are one of the easiest free ways you can promote you and your blog. You want your blog to look like it’s a place of great quality posts, don’t you? Then leave good quality comments on the posts of other bloggers.

Take Up A Challenge

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Image credit: Pixabay

Blog challenges can be found all over the blogging world. They usually come in the form of a writing or photography challenge (others may also be available).

Hosted by other bloggers, not only can they get you producing great blog articles or photos that you would otherwise have never taken, but they also help in that they put you in front of a whole new audience, for free!

Using a pingback, you link your post back to the post of the blogger hosting the challenge. Once there, your pingback may attract other readers and participants to your blog.

Many of the blog challenge hosts will promote those who have participated by including them in a round-up post. Some also reblog some of the entries. Other participants may also visit and comment on the post you published as part of the challenge. They may even follow your blog!

Here’s a list of some of the blog challenges I have participated in, which helped me attract hundreds of new readers and followers to my blog.

Sunday Stills – Photography challenge

Carrot Ranch 99-word flash-fiction challenge

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo #writephoto challenge

Thursday Doors – Photography challenge

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

What do you do to promote your blog for free? Please share your tips with us in the comments section.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

132 thoughts

  1. There are some really awesome ideas on this post! My go to strategy includes Pinterest. As we know it is not a social network but more of a search engine that ranks posts by SEO, this helps my readers find my blog!
    I even wrote an in depth post about using Pinterest for Business and this idea applies heavily to bloggers alike.

    Let me know what you think! Is Pinterest one of your go – to marketing platforms?

    1. I’m afraid it isn’t, no. I’ve tried using Pinterest but have never had any success with it. I get far higher volume of traffic to my blog from Twitter, Flipboard, Mix and Facebook. However, I do know a few bloggers who have had great success with Pinterest.

  2. These are wonderful tips to get engaged in the blog world and in turn put your blog out there. When I started blogging five years ago I was so lost and wondered if there was a community out there that I could connect with. As you suggested, blog challenges are one way to get to know each other – by participating in the challenge, all of you have something in common, which is doing the challenge. My blog is a writer’s blog but I also like to do photography, and so I got involved in photo challenges – and from there I also discovered fellow writers who participated in these challenges too.

    Though I like challenges, I’m not one to participate in every single one each week. I do see challenges as a good way to catch up with everyone else (in the comments section reading other comments) if you’ve been away from the blog world for a while.

    1. Thank you, Mabel.

      I’m the same when it comes to writing challenges. I don’t participate every week, just when the mood takes me or an idea comes. Sometimes, it’s down to not having enough time to participate, but I’d rather not participate than rush and publish something which is not of very good quality. The same goes when it comes to participating in photography challenges, too. However, they’re all great for connecting with other bloggers and finding some new blogs to follow.

      1. Quality over quantity, I so agree with that. If we put out something on our blogs just for the sake of putting it out there, it can come across as a insincere. For me, I feel like if I participated in a challenge every other week, I’d be pressed for time to actually write what I want to put up on my blog, and to live life so as to have stories to write about.

        1. I agree, Mabel. That’s why I don’t participate in the challenges every week. Plus, as I only like to publish posts twice (sometimes three times) a week, I’d be overwhelming my readers with too many posts.

  3. I am very close to 100 followers and a blog party sounds like a great idea to celebrate. Thank you Hugh for this informative post. It’s given me some wonderful ideas and inspiration.

    1. They are. They are very often very sociable. People mix at them, viewing each other’s posts and leaving comments. They are a great way to make friends, pick up some new followers, and find some new blogs to follow.

  4. Thanks for this list of wonderful tips, Hugh. Blogging is a lot of fun, but social media can be a big drain on time for blogging and writing, not to mention family time and other commitments. Limiting how much time is spent checking out social media sites and even the amount of time spent reading blogs. I’ve never used pingbacks, but I will definitely take a look at them now.

    1. You’re very welcome, Michelle. I agree with what you say about social media. That’s why I recommend that bloggers should have no more three main social media accounts. Any more, and we risk spreading ourselves too thinly. It’s a little like how many blogs we follow. Too many, and we end up not having enough time to write our own posts. I stick to a strict routine when it comes to reading and commenting on blogs. If the post title isn’t eye-catching, then I’m likely to move one. The same goes when a blogger publishes too many posts in a short space of time. I delete them all and move on.
      Pingbacks are powerful. Search engines are attracted to them, but only if the links work and there aren’t too many of them in a blog post.

  5. Hugh, thank you for a list of truly usable ideas. When I see that type of headline… at this point I roll my eyes and keep going, because the “tips” are seldom anything I can put into practice.
    When I saw your title here, I caught my eyes, mid-roll. “If Hugh is talking about it,” me said to myself, “Then it’s worth reading.”
    These are great ideas, reminders, and encouragement. TGIF hugs!

    1. Thanks, Teagan.

      I agree, there are often so many conflicting blogging tips out there. What works for me, may not work for you. However, these kinds of posts are my way of saying ‘thank you’ to the blogging community that has supported and encouraged me since day one. I hope they go a long way to help some, especially those new to the world of blogging.

      Have a great weekend.
      Hugs to you.

  6. Great informative post, Hugh! Thanks for including the Ranch, too! Last year when we launched the Flash Fiction Rodeo, it was meant to give challengers a chance to exhibit skills and take on a competitive opportunity. I anticipated a bump in activity, but not the big bump in readership. Events might attract as many readers as participants.

    1. Thank you, Charli. It was a pleasure mentioning the ‘Ranch’ because it has certainly helped me not only develop my writing but also develop a good few short stories that I’m very proud of.
      Good luck with the upcoming Rodeo.

  7. These are great tips! I’ve started opening my blog to guest posts and do ping backs. I’m in the process of going throw hold posts, updating them before I return to mix and pinterest

    1. Thank you. I’m glad they are helping.
      It’s great to hear you’re already using the power of pingbacks. Mix is an interesting new social platform. It’s still early days for it, but I hope it does well.

  8. Great ideas! This list helps me focus. I really like the idea of leaving good comments because blogs are social. Not only do you get what you give, you start to enjoy good the relationships that you form.

    1. Thank you, Aixa. Yes, the friendships we form within the blogging world could never have got off the ground if it were not for the comments. That’s why I firmly believe that leaving comments that add value to a post will always get us followers and people who want to know as a little more.

  9. Another informative post Hugh, thank you. I agree with your suggestions for getting your post out there and have met so many wonderful bloggers through linkups. I really miss the Weekly WordPress photo challenges but know there are others out there who run similar types of challenges. It’s a great way to get to meet others and read a variety of blogs. By the way I’ve just linked up to Esme’s Senior Salon for the first time 🙂 Thanks for the links in your post too.

    1. The WordPress Weekly Photo challenge is something that many of us now miss, Debbie. I also miss their daily writing prompts. When I first started blogging, both those challenges got me a lot of new followers and new blogs to follow.

      I’m so pleased to have introduced you to The Senior Salon over on Esmé’s blog. She hasn’t been running it for long, but it’s a great place to link up with other bloggers and leave links to our own posts. She puts a lot of hard work into it, so it deserves a lot of success. Thanks so much for checking it out and joining up to it.

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