49 Days In 1988: Week 31 – First Night

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London – August 23rd, 1988

Thank goodness the first night of my new part-time job is over. I was so nervous. In fact, for most of the day (and most of last night), I could think of nothing else but my first night and what could possibly go wrong. However, the evening went well. I was so grateful when Simon called in to see how I was doing. He even helped me out.

The biggest factor about this new part-time job was the people it might bring me into contact with. Faces I’ve seen many times, yet never had the nerve to go and say hello to. Put me behind a counter, and my insecurity of meeting new people seems to fly out of the window. What had stopped me from speaking to these people before? Something to think about. 

There were some interesting new people amongst those that I got to talk with this evening. I felt as if this job was opening up a new door for me, yet I still hesitated to walk through it. I wonder what I was scared about? I guess it was the unknown?

People may seem nice from the outside, but what lurks under the shell of their bodies? Maybe the recent incident regarding the theft of my bank card and chequebook has made me more untrusting of new people? I guess it can’t be helped, but the question is how far should I let it take me? Just think of all those opportunities I could be missing.

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Welcome to this new feature for 2018 on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I’ll be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

This week my guest is the writer and blogger, Terri Webster-Schrandt. I’ve been following Terri’s blog since my early days of blogging. Something Terri has recently done is to bring back ‘Sunday Stills‘, a photography challenge that was one of the first photography challenges I participated in, and which got me hooked on taking photos. It’s open to anyone interested in photography and takes on a new theme every week. Click here to join this week’s challenge.

#blogger #writer #photographer
Photographer, writer and blogger Terri Webster Schrandt

Terri lives in Northern California where her summer weekends are spent in the Sacramento delta windsurfing and stand-up paddling (SUP) with her husband. As well as a blogger, she is a leisure educator, self-published author, and retired recreation and parks practitioner.

In July 2016, Terri published her first book – Better Blogging With Photography. This book is not only a must read for every blogger, but a book that got me thinking about some of the ‘so-called’ free images I had inserted on blog posts. I wasn’t entirely sure that all the images I had used were free to use. As a result of reading Better Blogging With Photography, I spent a weekend deleting all those images from blog posts that may otherwise have me infringing on copyright law. Thanks for the ‘get out of jail’ card, Terri.

#blogging #photography #bloggingtipsBook Blurb:

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. –Bruno Barbey

Are you a new blogger struggling to get more readers? Are you a seasoned blogger continually seeking inspiration for quality blog posts? Do you feel there is something missing from your blog or website?

This guidebook is designed to help you utilize your own images on your blog or website. What will you get out of this guide?

In each chapter, I give easy but important tips for maximizing the use of images on your blog’s website and within each blog post.

Seven informative chapters walk you through–

-the importance of using images;

-the real dangers of using others’ copyrighted images;

-easy ways to edit your images using free programs and apps;

-building unending inspiration and content around your own images;

-attracting readers with images used in quotations, blog link-ups, and other tools;

-how social media sites link your images, and why you need them;

-a list of image resources available.

Click here to buy Better Blogging With Photography.

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Terri’s song choice is These Dreams by Heart.

Released in 1986, These Dreams was the band’s first single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A. The song’s lyrics describe a woman who is within a world of fantasy everytime she falls asleep; a world where she can escape the pain. Although the song only reached number 62 on the UK charts, a re-release in 1988 got it to the number eight position. Thank you for a beautiful song choice, Terri.

There was no fantasy in my life during August 1988, just hesitation to go into the unknown. Do you have a favourite song that’s connected to fantasy or the unknown? Share a link to it in the comments.

Next week, is some bad news, that brings the world tumbling down for the residents of Grassmere Road, really true? Click here to find out the answer.

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  1. I think fear of the unknown might be the biggest obstacle for most people (who find themselves afraid). It’s my biggest fear, for sure!

    I continue to enjoy reading about different bloggers. Some are new to me and others are ones I know. It’s such an interesting bunch of people! 🙂 Thanks!!

    1. I’ve enjoyed showcasing all the bloggers in this feature, Kat. It’s my way of thanking everyone who has supported me and my blog over the (almost) five years I’ve been blogging. Time flies when you’re having fun: that’s for sure.

  2. I’m glad that your new part-time job got off to a good start, Hugh. 🙂 It’s nice to learn more about Terri, and her book sounds great for anyone who wants to be a successful blogger. Great song too – that brought back memories!

  3. oh, Hugh first days are scary no matter how old you are but lack of trust does not help. But you are doing good it seems to be okay so far.
    It was good to virtually meet Terri, ‘Hi Terri’ I purchased the book and thanks for popping over to my place. You came when Hugh invited me to feature here too, on July 24th. I listened to the songs today and have to say Ritu’s choice would have been mine, Hugh … I adore that song.

    1. They are, aren’t they, Ellen? However, even today I get nervous about first days. Once they are past me, I feel like I’ve jumped over a huge mountain. Then I ask myself ‘what on earth was I worried about?’

  4. HI Hugh and Terri

    As always, thank you Hugh for giving us all such and open and honest glimspe into your life. You amaze me.

    Terri was the first person to follow my blog. I’m forever indebted to her support and confidence in my early blogging life. Thank you Terri. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow as a photographer. Your photographs are always beautiful

    Thanks to both of you
    PS. I love that song.

  5. I was always braver dealing the public from behind a desk, table or a counter than ever I was in real life. I guess I just needed a prop !
    What a big, hair, shoulder, bust and Ballard! Terri pick 😀

  6. Oh I so agree Hugh, It’s strange how a counter can give you so much more confidence 🙂 I’ve been following Terri for a while now, love her blog and her photo’s of her SUP’s on Insta 🙂

  7. Well, I’m glad you found a job that could help you ease into meeting others Hugh. Something tells me there’s another story behind those trust issues??? Loved seeing Terri here and great song choice! ❤ Hugs to both of you. xx

  8. Hi, Hugh – Thank you for featuring Terri this week. I am a huge fan of both of you — so it was great to see you here in one place. Things go bad at Grassmere Road?! Please do not keep us in suspense too long about that!!

  9. I love Terri – her blog, her book, and her fabulous photos. I learned a lot reading her book, and it is definitely worth your time to weed out illegal images from your blog. Love Sunday Stills and one of my goals is to participate. As for having the nerve to talk to people, I can relate. I often go into my shell when I am out doing normal, everyday tasks. But in my professional life, I reach out to people I normally would withdraw from. What is that about? Shyness? Distrust? Who knows!

    1. Reading Terri’s book got me out of a lot of trouble I could have found myself in, Molly. In my review, I went as far as to say that it’s a must-read for every blogger. I still firmly believe in that.

      I hope you do participate in Sunday Stills. It’s one of the best challenges out there and Terri is building up a lovely ‘Sunday Stills’ community.

      It’s a strange situation of how shyness can melt away when we put ourselves into different positions. I see the answer as being busy. Standing alone in a group of people with nothing to do is one of my biggest fears.

    2. Aww, Molly, you are so sweet! For Sunday Stills, I post the month’s themes ahead of time…I would love to see some flash fiction with your wicked sense of humor thrown in the mix, don’t worry about a snappy photo!

  10. The excerpt today made me think a lot. Yes, sometimes what scares us most is nothing but the unknown. I think I had to read exactly this today. I was struggling a bit with my job and all the responsibilities that come with it, lately. And reading your lines confirmed that it is not about me or my abilities but about being scared of the unknown fields I am entering constantly. Awesome, Hugh! Thanks for sharing your diary with us.
    Great song choice, Terry! I love that song. I forgot about it. Thanks for choosing it!

    1. An event from my past making you think about what’s going on in your present, Erika? I think it proves that the answers can often be found in the past. It’s always lovely when somebody tells you that something you have written has made them think and/or given them ideas and some inspiration. I’m glad today’s diary extract connected with you.
      I hope your working life gets a lot easier for you. Sometimes, fear of the unknown is life telling us that new opportunities await us.

      1. That’s why we should never stop sharing our lives because there is always something in it for others. Thank you for this. There is always a reason why we all meet.
        Yes, I absolutely agree. Fearing new challenges means that it is time to face them and develop. Otherwise we wouldn’t even get to that challenge. That’s why I don’t back off when even my stomach feels like a stone but developeing some more self-esteem would already help to take the challenge more serene… lol! Part of the journey… haha! Again, thank you!

  11. Hi Hugh,
    I agree with the others, trust is something if you have ever had it shattered, then it’s hard to restore. Something other than the money situation from the earlier post must of happen or you to be so distrusting.

    HI Terri,
    I need to go over and follow your blogs. I love using pictures as a theme but also as an enhancement of my post. I remember These Dreams.

    HUGS around 😎

    1. Hi, Chuck. I think the chequebook episode put me on high alert for a long time after it happened. It stayed with me for a long time and really affected the way I would think of new people who entered my life. I can’t think of anything else that had happened back then, but that’s not saying that nothing else did happen.
      Hugs to you.

  12. Learning even more about you, Terri. I know photography is a very powerful attraction but I rarely photograph anything. Something I need to learn, and you certainly offer great advice about why using one’s own photos is the safest way to illustrate posts.

  13. I’m so pleased to be featured on your blog today, Hugh! I took a seasonal, part-time job during the Christmas holidays many years ago at Macy’s and sold fragrances. I did it for three years and loved the interactions with people. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart shattered the rock and roll glass ceiling as women rockers, but still faced multiple hardships and barriers to success. Ironically this song hit #1 in US with Nancy singing the rare lead, but MTV pushed the song with her sexy bod and rad guitar riffs.

    1. I’m so glad they succeeded in shuttering that glass ceiling, Terri. Your time working part-time at Macy’s must have put you in front of a lot of people. Having worked in Selfridges (where I was in 1988), I also loved the interaction and contact with members of the public (and some of the staff).

      It’s a pleasure having you onboard my music time machine this week. Thank you for taking us back to 1986 (the year I moved to work and live in London).

  14. Hugh, you made a great observation here about how a role or a costume or character can allow us to venture out behind our inhibitions. I know quite a few very shy people who are also performers and it’s boggled me but I think adopting this exoskeleton sets them free from themselves.
    Best wishes,

    1. As a child, I was always very shy, Rowena. But put me in a costume and on stage, and I’d become a different person. It was as if I was leading a different life. I do often wonder if we ever do allow anyone to see the real person we really are.

  15. A very thought provoking diary entry, Hugh. Having been the person behind the counter many times (in a “past life”) I think it lends a bit of a feeling of authority. I can see how it helped past you come out of your shell. Nice to meet Terri. Ooo and the Heart song. I don’t think I ever heard anything from them that I didn’t like. Hugs!

    1. Even back then, I was always questioning everything, Teagan. I could sometimes over analyze stuff. 😀

      I guess being behind that counter is like being behind a computer screen. Behind it, I don’t think many would guess that I’m very much an introvert.
      Hugs to you.

      1. Me too, Hugh. But remember, initially “introvert” didn’t only mean someone who is shy (or the way we think of the term now). An Introvert was someone who didn’t have to have the energy of others for motivation. It was something closer to “self motivated.” Extroverts weren’t just “outgoing” — they needed other people to feel motivated. I think being an introvert is a good thing. 🙂
        Great teaser about the next episode. Looking forward to it!

        1. Thanks for those explanations. Teagan. I had no idea how ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’ were previously referred to as. It seems to be a sign of the times with some words having different meanings to what they once had. I wonder who decides on these changes?

  16. New jobs are always scary at first, no matter how many times you start one. Glad this one turned out Ok. A great song choice, Terri. Heart is one of the best things to come out of the Pacific Northwest!

  17. You’re right there Young Hugh, appearances can be so deceiving!
    And lovely song choice Terri!
    It’s not so much fantasy but more otherworldly. I love Shakespeare’s Sister abdvtge song Stay!

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