5 Ways You Can Save Time When Blogging

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Do you ever find yourself running out of time when blogging?

It’s something that used to happen to me a lot. Shortly after getting out of bed, I’d sit down in front of the computer and, before I knew it, the time had flown past! With the sun setting, I’d feel as if I hadn’t really achieved anything.

Make no mistake about it, blogging can be very time-consuming. Your work-in-progress will look as if it’s never going to get finished, your laundry basket is overflowing, the house is a mess, and family and friends will start wondering who you are because you seldom join in anymore.

Here are five tips that I implemented to save me time when blogging (and which stopped blogging from taking over my entire life).

Stop Beating Yourself Up

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I wanted to be everywhere in both the worlds of blogging and social media.

Every time I followed a blog or got a new follower on Twitter, I felt it my duty to read, like and comment on every single blog post and tweet of every blog I followed. At first, that wasn’t so much of a problem (when I only followed a handful of blogs) but I found myself often reading and commenting on posts just for the sake of it.

I found myself acting like one of those hamsters running around on one of those wheels you often see inside its cage, as I tried to get to the top of my WordPress Reader list. My whole days were spent reading and commenting, leaving me little time to do anything else, such as writing!

While some of the bloggers I’d left comments for came back and left me comments on some of my blog posts, my posts were suffering because I’d rushed them and not put any serious thought into them. I was producing poor quality posts.

Nobody can read and comment on every single blog post of all the blogs they follow, especially when the number of those blogs being followed go beyond single digits. Don’t feel that you have to read and comment on every single blog post. A loyal, friendly blogger won’t mind if you miss or don’t comment on some of their posts. If they do care, or take offence, then maybe it’s time to unfollow them?

Find Out What Your ‘High’ Peak Blogging Times Are

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As soon as you have been blogging for a while, you should start to see when your ‘high’ peak blogging times are. What I mean by ‘high’ peak blogging times are the times of the day and the days of the week when you feel that the blogging world is at its busiest. This, in turn, could be the best times for you to publish blog posts, as they are more likely to receive more hits, likes and comments during these times.

My high ‘peak’ blogging times are  –

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 – 17:00 (UK time).

These are the days and times when I feel the blogging world is at its busiest with readers. I seem to have more interaction with and from other bloggers during these times. I’ve certainly noticed a rise in the number of posts being published on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and on a Friday morning.

You may be surprised that I haven’t included Saturdays or Sundays, when many people may not be working. Why is that?

When I first started to blog, Saturdays and Sundays were always busy. In fact, six of my most read posts were published on a Saturday morning. However, recently, that seems to have changed. I’ve looked at posts of some bloggers who publish posts every day and have seen a decline in the number of likes and comments those posts are getting, especially over the weekend.

I’ve also seen a decline in the visits, likes and comments I get on my posts, especially any posts published on the weekend. Of course, if you only publish posts on the weekend then you probably won’t see much of a difference, but have a look back and compare the numbers of visits, comments and likes your posts used to get, and compare them to what your blog is now getting. Like me, you may be surprised.

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Obviously, if you work during the week, you and others may only be able to publish posts and read and comment on other posts during the weekend. Therefore, your ‘high’ peak blogging times will always be Saturdays and/or Sundays.

I class the following times and days as my ‘moderate’ peak blogging times.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 09:00 – 12:00

Saturday 09:00 – 13:00

Sunday 09:00 – 17:00

Other times and days outside of my ‘high and ‘moderate’ peak blogging times are my ‘low’ peaking blogging times.

It took me a while to find my peak blogging times, especially as they can change but, from August 1st 2018, I decided to stop publishing new blog posts outside of my ‘high’ peak blogging times.

At ‘low’ peak blogging times, I’m less likely to be blogging at all, including reading and commenting on posts. Instead, I now use the time to get on with the rest of my life, although will come back to read and comment on posts if I find myself with some spare time during those times.

Get Yourself A Blogging Routine

Once you know what your peak blogging times and days are, plan a blogging routine around them. For me, I always begin the morning by responding to comments left on my own posts and those posts I’ve left comments on.

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Depending on the number of comments your blog gets, this can take up a lot of time. As I’m in my most creative mood in the mornings, if there are too many comments to respond to, then I’ll write first and come back later to respond to comments.

From 14:00 I tend to read and leave comments on other blogs. Sometimes, I may not have the time to do this, but I always try and read and comment on at least one blog post a day.

What blog posts do I read? Click here to find out the answer.

If I find myself with any spare time after reading and commenting, then I will respond to any further comments.

Between 17:00 and 18:00 is when I shut up shop and go and spend time with my partner. Occasionally, I will respond to comments during the evening, but I am now doing this less and less. I look at this as my current ‘blog diet.’

Weekends are now when I am unlikely to be blogging, but that’s because those days are when it’s best for me. They may not be best for you because of work or other commitments during the week.

WordPress Reader or Email Notifications?

Because I compared myself, earlier, to a hamster running on a wheel, I seldom use the WordPress Reader anymore. Instead, I receive notifications of new blog posts by email.

I have created a folder in my email box and named it ‘Must Read.’ I move all the posts with eye-catching titles, and which I want to read, to that folder. This stops my email box looking like it’s been on a bodybuilding course which, in turn, stops me from stressing out about there being too many unopened emails in my inbox.

However, I don’t subscribe to all the blogs I follow anymore. Why? Because I was beginning to find I was reading posts that I either had little interest in and/or where I felt I could not add a comment which had any value. Instead, I now rely on other bloggers reblogging or sharing those posts. If they’ve given a good enough reason as to why they are sharing the post, then I may read it.

I do like leaving comments (and by comments I mean helpful and useful comments that don’t come over as spammy), but I no longer allow myself to waste time by trying to think of something useful to say. If I can’t think of a comment that adds value straight away, then I may leave a ‘like’ before moving on to the next post.

Follow For A Follow

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Don’t fall into the trap of following every single blogger who follows you, especially those that follow you without leaving a comment.

Unfortunately, not only will some of these bloggers unfollow you as soon you follow them, but there’s no simple way (as far as I’m aware) of finding out whether they have unfollowed you or not. All they are interested in are getting as many followers as possible, often without visiting and interacting with any of the blogs they follow. Stats drive them more than content does.

By all means do check out some of the blogs of the bloggers who have followed you, but never feel obliged to follow them back. Only follow them if their content is of interest to you, there is evidence that they do respond to all comments, and their posts are likely to have you wanting to leave helpful comments on.

What do you do to save time when blogging? Please share your blogging time-saving tips with us in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Hugh, I agree with you about weekends. My busiest time is Mondays, and my most views are generated on. Monday night, so I always post on a Monday morning, about 2am, because most of my readers are in the US. I found this by trial and error. Also when I tried daily posting, I found Monday and Friday to be the best days in terms of views, comments and likes. I think it definitely varies as to where you’re posting from, and where your readers are. Thanks for another interesting and useful post. 😊

    1. Interesting stats, Ali. I’ve always found Friday’s to be a poor day to publish posts. However, Monday’s seem to be the best day. I’ve stopped publishing posts at the weekends too because I’ve found them increasingly quiet in the blogging world. No doubt it will all shift again at some point.

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