7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked how to generate more readers, comments and followers.

Make no mistake about it, with limited amounts of time, millions of other blogs to read, readers have a vast choice of not only which blogs to follow, but which posts to read and/or comment on.

Here are seven tips I have implemented as a blogger which have got me more readers, followers, and comments left on my posts.

Eyecatching Post Titles

#bloggingtips #blogging
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I don’t know about you, but I always look at the title of a blog post first before deciding whether to read it or not. The title of the post has to really grab my attention and make me want to click the link to open it. If the title has no appeal, then I move on. Take, for example, these two titles –

My Blogging Tips.

Why My Blogging Tips Will Bring You More Readers.

Given you only had the choice to click one of those titles, which one would you choose?

Think about it this way. What makes you click on a title of a blog post? What is it that makes you want to find out more? Make a list of the blog post titles you click on, and analyse the results. Look for keywords in the titles that are repeated continuously and which attract you to click on the link. Start creating blog post titles that you would want to click on.

And, heavens forbid, always ensure your blog posts have a title before publishing them. Nobody wants to see a blog post title that is just a line of numbers (that is what happens when no title has been added, and a post is then published), as it gives them no idea what the post is about.

Scheduling posts

Once you’ve got yourself some followers, you need to do all you can to keep them and ensure they keep coming back. You may have blog post titles that will have readers clicking on them, but overload your followers with too many blog posts in a short space of time, and you’ll probably have some of them running for the hills.

Scheduling blog posts, to ensure you have a large enough gap between every post, is something every blogger should consider. Did you know that WordPress condenses blog posts on the WordPress Reader? Publish too many blog posts within a short period of time, and your posts are condensed to allow content from other bloggers to show up. It isn’t a nice look, and many readers see this as ‘blog spamming.’

How much time should you leave between each newly published blog posts?

My advice is at least six hours. This is a broad enough gap to stop your readers seeing your posts as spammy. Plus, your posts are less likely to get condensed by WordPress. However, if you’re somebody that does lots of reblogging (and don’t forget to tell your readers why you’re reblogging a post), then a three-hour gap between reblogging posts is a good approach.

#bloggingtips #blogging
Image Credit: Pixabay

Not sure how to schedule a blog post? Click here to see how to do it.

It’s all ‘About Me,’ isn’t it?

Yes, it is, and one of the first places a new visitor to your blog will want to visit is your ‘about me’ page. Most new readers like to know a little about the blogger before they decide whether to follow or not. Ensure you have an ‘about me’ page which is not only easy to find but also tells your readers a little about yourself, what you blog about, and why they should consider following your blog.

Don’t forget to update your ‘about me’ page at least once every six months. A reader doesn’t want to read that you’re publishing your next book or going on your next adventure in October 2016, when it’s already 2018! This just shows your readers that you’re not bothered by the details contained in your blog.

Leaving Comments

#bloggingtips #blogging
Image Credit: Pixabay

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to get some free promotion for you and your blog is by commenting on other blogs? It makes sense, doesn’t it? Leave comments that are interesting and helpful, and readers will probably want to find out a little more about you.

Don’t have time to read and leave comments on other blogs? Make some time, even if it’s setting yourself a target of reading and commenting on at least one blog post a day. It’s better than leaving nothing at all.

Always ensure your comments are helpful and interesting and clearly show you’ve read the post. As a general rule, I won’t leave a comment on a post unless my comment is at least two sentences long.

Try not to become a ‘comment spammer’ by leaving comments such as ‘great post’ or ‘nice photos’ or ‘I love this.’ Tell the blogger what it was that made the post great, or what it was that you liked about the photos, or what it was that made you love the post.

You’ll reap the rewards when leaving interesting and helpful comments. The blogger whose blog you’ve left the comment on will not only be delighted that you left a comment but will probably come and visit your blog, too.

Try and not have long conversations in the comments section that have nothing to do with the post. Take those conversations offline, rather than inflict them on your other readers. They’re probably not interested anyway.

And, never, never, leave any links in a comment (not even to your own blog) unless you’ve been invited to do so.

Let’s Be Friends

Always ensure you respond to and/or acknowledge comments left on your blog, especially comments left on your ‘about me’ page. Readers who take the time to read and comment do not like to be ignored. Some may decide it’s not worth leaving any more comments on your posts but, at worse, some may even choose to unfollow you.

If you don’t have the time to respond to comments, then consider switching off the ability for readers to leave any further comments. Click here to find out how to switch off comments.

If it’s taken you a while to reply to a comment, then do consider apologising for responding late. You don’t need to tell your readers why it’s taken you time to get back to them. More often than not, they’re probably not interested in your reasons anyway. The fact that you’ve responded at all will show them that you do care about your readers.

Even if somebody doesn’t agree with what you’ve said in your post or in a comment, always respond in a kind, friendly and professional manner. Don’t get yourself into any arguments with readers who have left comments. It’s a sure way to attract internet trolls; a visitor nobody wants to welcome.

How Do I Look?

#bloggingtips #blogging
Image Credit: Pixabay

Finding the right theme for your blog can be very time-consuming. However, once you have found your ideal theme, ensure you dress up your blog so that it’s easy to navigate around, posts are easy to read, and there is no broken links on your homepage, ‘about me’ page, or in any widget bars.

Don’t be afraid to ask your readers if there is anything on your blog that they don’t like. For example, some of my readers told me that the WordPress Ads that appeared at the bottom of each of my posts were distracting. I have exactly the same problem with blog posts that contain gifs. They divert my eyes and, more often than not, I end up closing the post down and moving on to the next one.

If you spot a problem on a blog, let the blogger know. Most will be grateful that you’ve highlighted a problem that they probably knew nothing about.

Keeping It Fun

Why did you decide to blog?

#bloggingtips #blogging
Image Credit: Pixabay

For me, it was because I wanted to write, share my work, and get to know other like-minded people. However, I also saw blogging as fun and a great place to be. When I started to get stressed out by blogging, and it started to make me feel guilty, I knew I wasn’t blogging correctly.

I was faced with the choice of either discontinuing blogging or changing how I blogged. First of all, I had to work out what it was that was making me feel stressed and/or feel guilty. Once I identified the problems, I set myself a plan and have stuck to it. It wasn’t long before I found the fun in blogging again.

Readers can often pick up how you feel when they read one of your posts. Try and not write and publish posts if you’re under a lot of pressure or are feeling stressed.

During my recent blogging break, I came across this post from Ari Meghlen. It talks about the right times to take a break from blogging, especially when feeling under pressure. Click here to read Ari’s post.

If you’re thinking of taking a break from blogging, don’t forget to inform your readers and give them an idea of when you expect to return.

You may also be interested in a post I wrote, in March 2017, about blogging guilt and stress. Entitled ‘Let’s Keep Blogging Fun‘ it can be read by clicking here.

#bloggingtips #blogging
Image Credit: Pixabay

What do you do to generate more readers to your blog, and keep them coming back? Please share your tips by leaving me a comment.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

243 thoughts

        1. How often should we publish posts? It’s a question I’ve been asked many times. I think, as bloggers, we all find the perfect posting schedule that suits us. I’ve no idea how some bloggers publish posts every day, but I guess it works for them. For me, it goes from between once a week to three or four times a week. On average, though, it’s around twice a week. The main thing to remember is that the quality of posts should always be more important than the number of posts we publish.

        2. Know what you mean, I have no idea how bloggers find time to post every day.

          That’s what I concentrate on and guess why it takes me a while to write a travel post.
          Many thanks again for your tips!

    1. You’re welcome, Christy. The ‘about me’ page is something many bloggers forget to update. I recently came across one that had a list of everything the blogger wanted to achieve by the end of 2015! And it wasn’t a typo, because they’d done the same for previous years, but seem to stop at 2015.

  1. Love the fact you mentioned about responding to comments. A pet peeve of mine is when I take the time to write a thoughtful comment and I don’t ever get a response.

    Because I am busy I will start ignoring any blogs that aren’t good at interacting with its audience and like you say an unfollow usually comes if they don’t get my trust back!

    Thanks for sharing – defo bookmark read!

    1. I’d also add that another disappointment is people who leave a comment, you respond with an answer that includes a question, and they don’t come back to you. There seem to be a few bloggers/readers who don’t tick the ‘Notify me of new comments via email’ box. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to be notified of everyone else’s comments, but there is also the choice to unsubscribe from comments after you’ve finished saying what you want.

      Like you, I don’t follow bloggers who do not interact with their readers.

      I’m glad this post has helped, James.

  2. Hi Hugh – this post was reblogged in the “thoughts on life” blog today – and I almost did not come and read it because I was thinking “oh goodness another post about more more more” when some bloggers need less and they go for numbers when they should be looking at other things (like enjoying the blogs they follow rather than mass accumulating more followers etc)
    However – this old post of yours is fantastic and the title is fine – but a bit misleading
    It really is “7 tips for enriched and better blogging”

    Love the two line comment suggestion – even though sometimes I really only have two words or I have a paragraph – the two line comment is a sweet spot

    And the other wisdom layered here made this helpful and enjoyable – thanks

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the post with your readers. I completely agree with you about blogging always being about fun and enjoyment. In fact, those were the reasons why I decided to blog in the first place. I did lose my way a little when it seemed to become quite stressful, so I took some action and got myself back on the correct route. I wrote about it too – https://hughsviewsandnews.com/2017/03/30/lets-keep-blogging-fun/

      Commenting is so essential, but it can become spammy, primarily when comments like ‘great post’ or ‘ I like this’ are used continuously by the same blogger. I’m far more likely to follow the blog of somebody who leaves good quality comments, rather than those who only ever leave comments that are no more than a few words that don’t bring any value to the post. But that’s me. I know some would disagree with me.

      1. I agree with you – and I used to have a follower come around every four or five months and leave a nice meaty comment – that meant a lot – and so frequent visits are not always better – although we love our regulars – eh?

        1. We do, although I would rather somebody not take the trouble of leaving a comment if it’s not going to be of any value to others. For example, emoji comments that contain no words. For me, a simple ‘like’ does the trick perfectly.

  3. Oh i have already commented before. #throwbackthursday.

    I like the tip about being spammy and posting too often. I think in the early days of blogging the advice was 3 times a day. I just post based on my life schedule, i cant manage to read one post a day let alone 3. And if you are following so many bloggers then imagine…. and if you work and have a life , like we all do.. once a day is enough and may not everyday too. But posting everyday can give you more vistors.
    Also commenting helps but it has to after reading and has to be sincere.

    Great post

    1. 3 times a day? Wow! I can only imagine that would get many bloggers stressed out in having to write and publish 3 new blog posts a day. I admire those that can do this and who always have high-quality posts. Unfortunately, I’ve not come across many bloggers who can do this. Plus, many people who follow the blogs of those that publish a post more than once a day can also become overwhelmed by it all. As you say, there’s a life outside of blogging that also needs attention. My advice here is to never feel obliged to read and/or comment on every single post of those who publish more than once a day.

      And does posting every day really bring us more visitors? If the content is of good quality, then, yes. However, if the quality of the posts is poor (including the layout of posts), then I think it’s a sure way of driving visitors away.

      Thank you so much for commenting again on this post, and for also reblogging it and sharing it with your readers.

  4. Such great advice, Hugh! As we know, the blogging world can get quite confusing at times. I really appreciate your tips and I must adhere to them all! Thank you, Hugh! Cher xo

    1. Thank you, Cher. I agree about how the blogging world can get confusing at times. There is so much advice out there. I always say to go with whatever works best for us individually. Blogging should always be about fun and enjoyment.

      1. Yes, you are so right, Hugh. It must be about fun and enjoyment! I always appreciate the information you provide, Hugh (plus your amazing writing)! Thank you!! Cher xo

  5. Hi Hugh. Glad I am following you. This throwback was insightful and I am going to try all 7. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you. Throwback Thursday is a great way to put previous blog posts in front of those who have followed since the post was originally published. Flashback Friday is also another great day to highlight previous posts, but I find the blog world much quieter from Friday to Sunday. So I tend not to use Flashback Friday.

        1. I only update old posts which I then share in my #ThrowbackThursday and/or #FlashbackFriday features. However, if old posts are still getting hits and comments (or you’re intending on linking back to them), then I’d certainly update them.

          I have deleted over 100 of my previous posts because they either no longer get any hits or comments, or because I dislike them. I think it’s also a great housekeeping exercise for any blog.

        2. Thank you. You are so wise and knowledgeable. I have learnt so much from you the past week or so. Really appreciate your wisdom. Enjoy rest of weekend. I delete a couple of my blog posts today, and tidied up one.

  6. Hugh, I haven’t given any thought to my About page in a while. Thank you for motivating me to put that on my to-do list for the next couple days. “How much time should you leave between each newly published blog posts?
    My advice is at least six hours” made me smile because I have 168 hours between posts! 😀 In my nine years of blogging, I’ve stuck to my weekly posting schedule. I like your points about eye-catching post titles, an area in which I (as a food blogger) am lacking.

    1. I’m glad this post reminded you to update your ‘about me’ page, Jean. I update mine at least once every six months.

      I do follow a number of bloggers who can sometimes publish up to three or four posts within an hour. It does cause a feeling of being overwhelmed, so I no longer subscribe by email to those blogs. I catch one of their posts if it’s been reblogged, shared on social media, or from the WordPress Reader (providing I’m checking the reader when they publish a post). However, as I’ve said in this post, the title of the post has to be an eye-catching one for me to click on it and start reading it.

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