For the Love of Reading – A Guest Blog Post by Celine Lai @bookreviewers01

As I come towards the end of my current blogging break, this is the final of the guest posts I invited other writers and bloggers to submit. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Celine Lai, a brand new book blogger. Please welcome Celine, and do contact her if you’re looking for your book to be reviewed or are looking to share book reviews on her brand new blog.


I love reading and writing.  I read whatever my eyes see.  Writing and reading are in “my blood” and to elucidate upon this, I love WORDS.  I respect words as spoken and written messengers,  as carriers of basic or evolved, or of explicit or implicit information.  While for some things no words are needed, the spoken and written word are what have enriched human-kind, and for the gift of communicating and layering facts, thoughts, wants, needs, stories, ideas, adventures, feelings, business, and instructions, in such tangible joyous and satisfying ways, I am thankful.

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For as long as I can remember I latched onto the printed words.  At an early age I could speed read, and before I turned a teenager I was reading James Michener’s “Hawaii”, and a few years later Arthur Haley’s “Roots” had a big impact upon me.  When I was eleven, I loved Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.”  Reading inspired me to dream and to imagine, and to set goals and reach for them, as well as helped me to understand and appreciate things.

To share my love of reading, I have set up a Blog, Book Reviewers International, for reviews by those around the World who like to share what they read. My dream is to have a niche where readers and writers have an attractive and engaging platform through which they can contribute their Book Reviews.  I am also open to reading and reviewing suggested books.  If you love books and/or review books, welcome to Book Reviewers International.

On my blog, I share reviews which I have written under my WordPress Username StarWise.  I tend toward non-fiction – and biographies and autobiographies are my current interests amongst other non-fiction topics, usually related to animals.  However I am open to reading and reviewing other books (non-fiction and fiction excepting horror and R-rated) with no charge, provided time is allowed for me to read and to review, and that I have the material to read.  This Service is offered on the page titled “Please Read This” on my blog.

A little background to my blog. I was born in the 1960s and as a child, us children would often play outdoors by the river (which was even preferred in favour of watching our new black and white television) and my animal companions were my best friends.  I remember reading the Children’s Illustrated Dictionary one day on a school break and my father chided for me being studious.  “Go and have some fun,” he told me, and I calmly looked at him and replied, “I am Dad.”  One day the kids lined up and excitedly filed into the study where Mum had a manual typewriter.  Oh boy, we thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

#writing #writers #typewritersBut wait, having all had a turn at typing out stuff on the clickety-clackety machine (and this marked the start of my writing or typing out notes and poems and stories), a more wonderful thing happened.  Dad bought a golf-ball typewriter and it was this marvel that sent me into a trajectory where the sky was the limit.  Now I could busily type as fast as my thoughts came, and they are constantly there.  If you know about Astrology, my chart has that at the time I was born, I had 4 planets in Virgo, a Leo Moon and Scorpio Rising, and I was born in the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit.  Huh?  This can tell somebody that I pay attention to detail, am organised and love information, can be a leader and a delver into mysteries; and that I am a quiet, pleasant, lucky and materialistic person who can be emotional.

Don’t’ you just love it?  The power and the quality of words – like the information passed on by astrologers from times ancient which tend toward what I have described.  I like to “act as if” to leave room for the new and unexpected and to not label or box anything in.

I am a philosopher and sometimes I reflect upon whether there’s a defining difference between readers and non-readers. I don’t dwell too much but usually am content with concluding the intrinsic difference is that one group or sort like to read a lot for enjoyment primarily, and the other finds happiness with another activity.

Sure we read for knowledge but after our formal education, why do some of us continue to read?  I also love blogging and the WordPress platform has served me excellently to express my interests and loves.  I read because I imagine.  The words or information about something are alive to me and place me right there in the scene of a plot or in a factual or actual experience.  I enjoy reading while gaining glimpses of how the World may work at large. There is a universe of reading to do, and I hope that my Book Reviews will be useful if not enjoyable to read.  To me, words are messengers, not so much messages.  Words as messengers have a message just for you.

Will you join me in sharing your book reviews and in connecting through words?

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Book Blogger: Celine Lai

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  1. So nice to meet Celine here and learn about her love for books and words. I will surely visit, especially since Celine enjoys memoirs and nonfiction. That’s me! 🙂 ❤

  2. This is such a nice read. A platform for book lovers across the globe sounds so dreamy. Heading towards it now.

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