Help A Blogger – Are You Sure Your Blog Posts Are Displaying Correctly?

Although I’m currently on an extended blogging break, I wanted to give everyone an update for the ‘Help A Blogger’ post I published in early June. To find out what blogging problems some readers were experiencing and what answers I got from the blogging community, click here.

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Basically, the problem some readers were experiencing when reading my blog posts was the menu bar and header of my blog sticking and, in some cases, only giving the reader a limited amount of screen space on their device to read posts.

I contacted the Happiness Engineers at WordPress about the problem and, over the course of a few weeks, they carried out many tests for me. They also wrote and applied some CSS coding to my blog to stop anything sticking when scrolling. The results were excellent (for many), and here’s what WordPress told me –

‘If some users can still see the menu stick, it is possible that they have the website cached on their end. Is there any chance that you can ask them to clear their browser cache to be sure? We have some instructions here:

I have checked in a few browsers, including Chrome on a laptop, and I do not see the menu sticking. The only remaining part that I do see when scrolling is the menu button, but not the rest of the menu, and it is not making the reading window any smaller.’


The comments I received were excellent because they told me who was having the problem (about 5% of those who responded) with the menu and/or header sticking, as well as some other vital information that could be connected to the problem.

Val, from the blog Colouring The Past, left this comment –

I’m using Firefox, and it’s fine for me. No sticking. However, I had a similar problem in my own blog’s editor about half an hour ago when the whole left slider bar went missing, so I couldn’t do anything. I refreshed the page using the F5 key on Window 10 on my desktop (which clears the old page view), and that worked.

One way Debby Kaye – or anyone else – can get around a (hopefully temporary) problem is to use Firefox which has a Reader view (in the address bar at the right), and when that’s clicked on, the page should display without any distractions. They then wouldn’t see any of your stuff in the sidebar or header, but they’d be able to read your post. And if they can’t, then it’s probably a problem with something on their computer or device, not with the site.

Liesbet, from the blog Roaming About, left the following comment –

Hi Hugh! In the past, I never had issues with reading your blog on my laptop, using Chrome. On my iPad, however, I’ve had different problems of which the sticking header was the least (so, I never mentioned that when I alerted you to leaving comments not working out, a while back). All this was in the past.

At present, no issues on my computer with the header/menu sticking. The menu is always present on the top of the page, using up about a fifth of the screen. The text of your blog scrolls underneath it, nothing annoying.

On my iPad, using Safari, your menu sticks to the top of the page and stays there, as the rest of the blog scrolls. This menu part takes up about half of the screen when held in the horizontal position. No header visible. Interestingly, when I turn the screen in the vertical position, the menu does not stick and is not a part of the reading experience.

I think some of the issues we are all experiencing with our blogs have to do with the browsers and operating systems of our devices. Technology changes so quickly and has become so complicated. Nobody can figure out conformity across the devices…

Liesbet’s comment was interesting because I’d seen firsthand on my brother-in-laws iPad how the menu of my blog was sticking. However, when turning the iPad in a verticle position, the menu stopped sticking! Thanks for that tip, Liesbet.

Some of the other comments mentioned that the problem was only happening on specific devices. When WordPress applied the new CSS coding, the problem disappeared for many readers, but not all.

Sue, from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, left this comment –

I was only getting a few lines beneath the header until today…which made reading difficult… but assumed it was my end. Whatever you have done has made it much more readable.

It was also interesting to read in the comments that people were experiencing the same problem with the menu and/or header sticking when reading other blogs. I only found out it was happening because one of my readers, Debby Kaye, informed me. Note – I’d recommend that you ask a couple of your readers if they are experiencing any problems when reading your blog. Often, we only find out these problems when somebody points them out to us.


WordPress have assured me that they have done everything possible to stop the header and/or menu of my blog sticking. We’ve agreed that if the problem still exists, then it’s down to the software or kind of device being used by the user. I’ve never been one to ‘pass the buck’, but I can now not see any other reasons why the header and/or menu of my blog sticks when reading a post. From what I’ve been informed, it’s only a minimal amount of readers who are still experiencing the problem.

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Image Credit: Pixabay

My thanks to Debby Kaye who highlighted this problem to me, and to everyone who came to my aid, did some testing and left me a comment with the results. I’d also like to pass my thanks to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress who did a brilliant job.

I still welcome comments from anyone about this subject, especially if they have a solution which may help those readers still experiencing the problem of the blog header and/or menu sticking. And, of course, it goes without saying that I welcome comments from anyone who may be experiencing any problems when reading or viewing my blog. If we’re not told, then we won’t know about it.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

48 thoughts

  1. Glad they sorted it out for you Hugh. I’ve noticed that sometimes my comments are going into spam folders again, so looks like I’ll need to contact the happiness engineers too. The spam monster is working his random, annoying, evil ways!

    1. Oh dear. Sorry to hear The Spam Monster has paid you another visit, Marje. At least he didn’t capture your comment left on this post. There are some big changes coming up on WordPress. Fingers crossed they’ve spotted all the bugs that usually come with changes.

  2. What an informative blog, Hugh. This post will help out so many who have experienced issues with their blogs (only found out by helpful readers like in your case). I’m glad you had such good experience with the Happiness Engineers at WordPress as well. And, thank you for the mention. I’m glad my experience with turning the iPad around wasn’t a one-off. You never know. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your blogging break. I’ll follow suit soon!

  3. Glad it all worked out, Hugh! It was two years ago in October when all my images disappeared while I was self-hosted. The WP folks were amazing and I went back to dot com, although things can still happen!

  4. Fingers crossed no such problems for me but good to see comments and know what to do if it happens… I think I have just had the other WP /FB gremlins for the past few weeks when trying to write…But hey ho such is technology ..Today spoken very quietly all is well..shhhhhh…Enjoy your break 🙂 Happy writing 🙂

    1. I have heard that Facebook is stopping being able to load blog posts straight to Facebook accounts, Carol. It’s either something they are about to do or have just started.

      I’ve been on a blogging break since the beginning of July and will be back full time from next week.

  5. Thank you for sharing at Senior Salon Hugh. Not sure if only me, but when reading the comments, especially once you responded a comment left and then another one the same thread, one can only see one (1) work per line, strange or is it only me?

    1. Is this the comments on my blog, Esmé, or on your blog? Sometimes, it’s down to the theme being used. I came across one blog yesterday where all the comments (except the last one left) were hidden. They only became available when leaving a comment. I found that quite strange, but I guess some people prefer it.

      1. Hugh its comments on your blog and post where I saw it. I have seen it before, but did not think of mentioning it to you. I can do a screenshot and email it to you if you like to see what I mean.

  6. It works okay for me, Hugh, though I must admit another blog I like to read has the same problem. Maybe I should say ‘liked’ to read. It’s too much effort to read it now. How disappointing.

    1. I wonder if the blogger knows about the problem, Norah? I’ve yet to come across a blog where the header and/or menu sticks, but it may be worth letting the blogger know. I would have had no idea it was happening on my blog unless Debby had told me about it.

      I only wish there was a way of removing those annoying pop-ups that ask me to join a mailing list every time I visit certain blogs. It’s especially annoying when you can’t simply reply ‘No, thank you,’ and never see the pop up again.

      1. I think I did tell the blogger about the header. It’s frustrating.
        I agree with you about the pop-ups. They are very annoying. Particularly when it’s difficult to see how to close them.
        I also find it frustrating that so many bloggers fail to ensure their twitter handle is attached to their tweets. I don’t share those that say I hope that’s not too mean, but I think we should make it easy for each other.

        1. No, it’s not too mean, Norah. I don’t know how many times I’ve reminded people to attach their Twitter handle to their blog, and many still don’t do it. I’m like you; unless it’s attached, then I won’t tweet it.

  7. Well, they don’t call me the 1% girl for nothing Hugh. I still only have about a 4 inch reading window here with the menu and sidebar both still sticking 😦 ❤ Enjoy your blog break!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re still having problems with reading my blog posts, Debby. I’m at a loss at what to suggest now, given that WordPress have told me they have done everything possible to stop anything sticking. I don’t want to change the theme I’m using given what Colleen mentioned in her comment, plus I rather like the theme, too.
      I’ve been on a blog break since the beginning of the month. Got loads done, including getting my next book to my editor (ahead of schedule). I’m planning on returning to fulltime blogging from Thursday.

      1. NO worries Hugh. It is what it is. I”m tried of trying to solve technology. I won’t leave you because of LOL. And yay for you!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you with your upcoming book and can’t wait to read!!!!! ❤ xxx

  8. I’ve been experiencing a host of problems with many of the themes. WP has helped and mostly advised changing the theme. I’m finally using a theme that seems to work for a change. I had problems with your menu too, but chalked it up to the issues I was having. Thanks for all the great information! Hugs! ❤️

    1. Hi Colleen. Thanks for letting me know. Are you still having issues with the header and/or menu of my blog sticking when reading posts? If so, do you have enough room on the screen of your device to read my posts comfortably?

      I do like the current theme I am using. I don’t want to change it yet, especially given that it may cause problems. It’s a bit of a nightmare if many of the WordPress themes cause problems for our readers. I’ve had trouble with most of the themes I have used in the past, although WordPress usually get rid of the bugs when I report them.

      1. The menu moves out of the way now, Hugh. I found another work around for menu issues. You create a blank menu and then use the menu widget to show on the side of your blog widgets in the first position. That works too. WordPress has made it easier to change themes now. You don’t lose all your widgets, etc. like you used to. I think with the new Guttenberg editor on the way they are making many changes. I’m just glad I can visit your blog once again. LOL! Happy Sunday, Hugh. ❤

        1. Thanks for confirming, Colleen. Glad to hear that the menu isn’t sticking anymore when you visit. I don’t like the idea of people not being able to read my posts because the website isn’t working. I’m looking forward to the changes WordPress are going to make. Fingers crossed they will get rid of all these irritating gremlins.
          Have a great week. 💛

        2. I like the way MailChimp works and from what I understand that is how WP will eventually be. It should give us more control. Have a fab week! 😁💜

  9. Happy Blogging Break! I don’t have any problems viewing your blog. Looks fine to me. I will check out Mix. Although I never stumbled upon StumbleUpon. I’m out of it.

    1. Thank you. I’ve got so much done during my blogging break, including getting my next book to my editor.
      Thank you for confirming you’re not having any issues with reading my blog posts.
      ‘Mix’ is great, although still very new. I like it’s layout far more than I did with StumbleUpon.

  10. By today, I haven’t had problems with your site. Thanks for the advice. It helps to know about the possibility of such problems, in case they occur.

      1. Yes, for sure. I heard of other bloggers having other kinds of problems. So, it is good to know what’s around and that it is probably a common problem. Again, thank you, Hugh!

  11. I haven’t had a problem with your blog at all but I wanted to say how much I appreciate it when readers alert us to problems they see. I don’t even mind if they point out typos. We all want our blog posts to be not only interesting but easy to read and to leave comments on.

    1. I completely agree. I was so thankful when Debby contacted me about the problem she was having with reading my blog.
      Thank you for confirming that you’re not having any issues with reading my posts.

  12. I had the same problem with your blog. I thought you had done something different to your site of maybe it was my iPad malfunctioning. Looks okay here on my iPhone. Hugs😘 relieved to hear all is well.

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