49 Days In 1988: Week 27 – Escaping!

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London – July 22nd, 1988

I decided to leave the matter and take no action at all about the recent fraud attempt on my bank account. From the description given of the person who attempted to withdraw money from my account, I know exactly who it was. He no longer lives at my previous address, nor indeed in London. All I know is that he moved back to the North-east of England, but I have no idea where. However, if he crosses my path ever again, then I will make it known that I know exactly what he tried to do to me. The bank has now closed the matter. Thank goodness the Bureau de Change kept hold of the bank card. The chequebook has been cancelled, and they are sending me a new one. 

I haven’t seen Nigel for a while, so when an invitation to spend the weekend with him came, I snapped it up. His two flatmates (who are a couple) are holding a party this weekend to celebrate their anniversary. From what Nigel told me, there’s going to be a lot of people there. No doubt, Nigel and I will be hoping some new faces are amongst the crowd, for all the wrong reasons of course.

I’ve also planned to meet up with Jamie on Sunday evening. I know I shouldn’t get involved, but he was really down when I spoke to him today and is still having a tough time getting over his split from his last boyfriend. Let’s hope I can cheer him up a little.

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Welcome to this new feature for 2018 on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I’ll be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

#author #blogger #books
Author, writer and blogger, Erika Kind

This week my guest is the author, blogger, and writer, Erika Kind. I’m pleased to say that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Erika when she attended the Bloggers Bash in 2016. Click here to see the video of the event. At the time, Erika was one of our first international guests to attend the event. She was born in Vienna, Austria, and now lives with her husband and their three children in the Principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe.

Erika has a practice for aromatherapy and self-development and also works as a singer. One of her books, I’m Free: Awareness Of Who You Are By Discovering Who You Are Not is a self-awareness book that has received 5-star reviews. Here’s some blurb about the book –

“I’m Free” is the result of my own breakthrough. For decades I tried to fit in and to fulfill other people’s expectations. I appeared strong and full of self-esteem while behind the surface a shy and fearful being struggling with self-doubts was hiding. I did not dare to be myself because that never sufficed.


But the time had come when my narrow shell began to crush me and in order to survive there was no other way than to break it. It was the moment when the shell broke I saw my light shining through and felt my power flowing through my body and soul. I realized that fear is only an illusion. I saw it clearly that it was me who created and built up my fears. Others were only able to control me or to intimidate me because I let them. I am entitled to think, say, and do what I want and no one can do anything about it. That feeling was so empowering and so liberating. All of a sudden the world changed from a fearful and threatening place to an abundant ocean of possibilities. I was in total awareness that nothing is impossible.


I wanted that everybody can feel what I felt in that very moment… and I started writing “I’m Free”. The book is parted in 4 sections. The first part talks about who we really are, why we have actually come here. Part two talks about why we drift away from who we are and into the fears and blockages. The third part leads back to the bright being in unveiling misunderstandings about ourselves and life. And part four strengthens the renewed connection to our true self.


“I’m Free” is the journey to yourSelf.

#books #authors

The book is available as an ebook, hardcover, and paperback.

Click here to buy it on Amazon 

Click here to buy it from her publisher’s, Balboa Press, Website –

And you can order it from your favourite bookstore.

Connect with Erika.

Blog: erikakind.me

Zazzle Store: www.zazzle.com/erikakind

Twitter: twitter.com/AuthorErikaKind

Facebook: facebook.com/AuthorErikaKind

Erika’s song choice is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.

Released in 1983,  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was originally written and recorded in 1979 by Robert Hazard. However,  Lauper’s version is by far the better-known version and was her first solo single release. The single was Lauper’s breakthrough hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A. Thank you for the brilliant song choice, Erika.

It looks like ‘Fun’ was on my mind back in late July 1988. Do you have a favourite song that’s connected with ‘Fun.’ Share a link to it in the comments.

Next week, find out what happened when I met up with Jamie. Click here to find out what happened.

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  1. Playing a little catch up here, Hugh! Was out of town for my brother’s wedding to his partner! It was a beautiful ceremony and I got to walk him partway down the aisle with my other brother and my dad. This was my short escape to San Diego. Glad to read things got sorted out and you found some time for fun! I’ve always loved Lauper’s song and have performed a lip sync or two of it with others for a work variety show back in the day!

      1. It was a fab day! I didn’t take too many photos, but there was a photographer who shot a bunch. I may share a few at some point. Right now I’m just blogging on Sunday Stills as I get ready for a new semester in between traveling days!

        1. I’d forgotten that the new educational year starts soon in your part of the world (is it mid-August?) Here, in the UK, many of the schools and universities have just finished for the summer, and return early September.

          I’ll be back to full-time blogging from early August, so will be back at Sunday Stills then. 📸

        2. Oh great to hear, Hugh! I’ve been making a bit of time each week to work on my fitness book, but the summer sure sped by! The school years have changed drastically over the years. In high school in San Diego, we started mid September and got done early June. Now many school districts send kids to school in the summer August heat! Universities and colleges here on semesters go late August-December, and late January-mid May, still almost 4 whole months off from teaching.

  2. Hi Hugh. Nicely done! I felt your diary entry was so in sync with Erica’s post. I love the concept of learning who you are by learning who you are not. Wishing her huge success.
    Love the song! It’s been a horrid week and this girl really wants and needs to have fun!
    I sure hope letting the theft/fraud issue go did not come back to bite you (even though I understand completely why you did it that way).
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not having a good week, Teagan. I hope the sun will start to shine from behind those dark clouds soon and that the rest of your week sparkles. 🌤
      No, it never came back to bite me, I’m pleased to say. Once I moved on from it, it was left dead and buried. Thank goodness the culprit never crossed my path again.
      Hugs to you.

    2. Hi, Teagan, you are actually so right. I haven’t noticed until you said it but Hugh’s excerpt and what I wrote complement each other very well indeed. It had to be. Thank you for noticing and mentioning it. Have a lovely day 😊

  3. Its a good thing you got the fraud sorted out fairly easily, Hugh. Lovely to see Erika featured here and a fabulous song choice.

    1. It may have been tougher if I’d gone to the police, Robbie. However, I decided there was little else I could do, so I let the matter pass. I was just very glad the culprit never got away with any of my money.

    2. Hi, Robbie, it is so nice of Hugh to support the community by featuring us on his blog, isn’t it? it seems I picked a song which everybody loves… yay!!

  4. It’s not nice, to say the least to have somebody steal, (or try to) from you, but It must have been horrible to know that it was somebody you knew and shared a house with. Terrible, I’d have been so upset and angry. Hope you could put it all behind you though whilst you were enjoying partying 🙂

  5. I think you were right to let the bank thing go and I’m glad you never came across the guilty person again. You wouldn’t be able to have a friendship without trust. Looking forward to hearing more about the dishy Jamie. I met Erika briefly at the 2016 Bash – Hi Erika – hope we meet up again at another Bash. Love the song choice.
    And Willow’s.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Yes, I think I made the right decision back then. There was, after all, nothing else I could do, so I moved on and got on with my life.

      Jamie featured a lot in my life in 1988. Far more than I remember. Thank goodness I have the diary that has helped me remember it. 😀

  6. So you chose to do nothing… Sometimes there is only so much you can do and pursuing a crime is no joke as it can wear you down. Hopefully that was the end of it and you weren’t the victim of any more frauds. It is interesting to read in 1988 you are loud and proud of who you are and like who you like, and did not kid yourself of that…and at the same time not shouting it out to the world (though back then the world isn’t as inclusive as it is today). It’s like you accepted who you are, no airs. Amazing.

    Also love Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Timeless classic 🙂

    1. Yes, that was the end of it, Mabel. I never saw who I thought the culprit was again. Our paths never crossed – thank goodness.

      London was one of very few towns and cities where gay people could live their lives as gay people, in the UK, in the 1980s. It wasn’t always safe but had far more people who were acceptable towards gay people. I made many new gay friends, far more than I ever did before coming to the city. Plus, there were no problems in coming out to most employers.

  7. Oh! I know I say this every week I do find all the everyday and the not so every day of your life back then so exciting and interesting.. this would make a great book infact it would make a great TV series ,😀!!
    As to this weeks guest Erika I also met her at the 2016 B. B and instantly took to her! I think she has picked the perfect song to match her Bubbly personality.
    My favourite song for having fun comes from 1989 it always was and still is the one song I cannot resist getting up and dancing to it makes me soooo happy. It’s Lambarda by Kaoma.

    1. Thanks for the ‘fun’ song choice, Willow. A classic song, especially for the hot summer we’ve been having.

      A T.V series? It’s been mentioned before. I’m just waiting for Netflix to give me a call. 😀 I need to develop it all into a book first, though. Once this feature comes to an end in December, I’ll have to make a decision as to what to do with it.

      Thanks so much for continuing to read my snippets from 1988. I’m glad they are keeping you all interested. 🌞🌈

    2. Oh, hi, dear! It was lovely to meet you at the Bash… it is crazy that it is already 2 years ago but I remember you very well. I hope that we can meet again next year. Haha, and thank you for the comparison of the song and my personality. That’s a wonderful compliment.
      Lately, I hear the Kaoma song a lot and I love it very much too!
      Have a great day, dear Willow!

        1. I really hope it works out next year again. I will see when the date is announced. But if I am coming then I promise to take my bubbliness along 😄

  8. You are such a party boy Hugh. Glad you got the money thing sorted, but really? Not Jamie again? Lol.
    Great to read about Erika’s book, I”m going to hop over to Amazon after. And of course, love the song! :>) ❤

  9. The young Hugh has, indeed, a lot of fun events coming up. I wonder whether he’ll be able to “hook” someone at one of the parties and meet-ups… 🙂

    Erika’s book sounds liberating and inspirational; a pick-me-up for people who need some encouragement to discover themselves and that they ARE free to do what they want. Choices… are what define our lives.

    Great song choice, I agree. I can’t wait to finally have fun again as well, after a few tough and stressful years!

    1. That party must have been a rather low key event, as it’s doesn’t feature very much in my diary, Liesbet. What does feature more, though, is Jamie! It may have been 30 years ago, but I can still picture him very well. A very polite and friendly guy who had a great personality and very good manners. He was certainly a catch but came with too much baggage. 😀

    2. Hi, Liesbet, I appreciate your lovely comment and you captured the core of the message very well. The book shall tell the reader that they are not alone with their doubts and fears and that they are wonderful the way they are, no matter what others say or try to convince them. We can walk in the sunlight if we only close the umbrella under which we are hiding. Lots of love to you.

  10. Hi Hugh,
    Oh—my, we just can’t leave Jamie alone. Well, girl, I suspect someone is going to get hurt.

    Now Erika’s book has grabbed my attention. That is going on my list.

    By the way, I did finish your book and left a review on Amazon. Someday I need to do a compilation of reviews I’ve written. Perhaps I’ll get some in return.


    1. Jamie seems to have been a rather big feature of my life in 1988, Chuck. There was certainly an attraction there, but he was like playing with fire. 🔥

      Thank you so much for reviewing Glimpses. I saw your review over on Sally’s blog but must check out the reviews on Amazon.com. I really appreciate you leaving a review.

      I’m on the finishing stages of the new book. It has to be with the editor by the end of this month. Hopefully, it’ll be published in October.

      Hugs to you.

  11. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    Look what our wonderful Hugh did here! I have had the honor of being featured in his series “49 Days In 1988”.
    Please head over to Hugh’s for leaving any comments.

  12. It must have been very disappointing (to say the least) when someone you used to trust tries to empty your bank account. I am glad you could get the problem under control before worse happened.
    It was so lovely to see you and all the others at the Blogger Bash in 2016. I had no idea that I was amongst the first international bloggers who joined the Bash.
    Thank you so much for your kindness and the opportunity of being featured in your great series. Thank you for all you do for the community. Big hugs, Hugh 🤗

    1. It was a horrible ordeal, Erika. One I’d forgotten about until I read the diary. Thankfully, it all ended well. I never did bump into who I thought the culprit was again, but I’m glad about that.

      Yes, you were one of the first international visitors to the Bloggers Bash. It was lovely to meet you. I hope we have the chance to meet up again soon.

      Thank you so much for reblogging the post and for being my guest this week.

      Best wishes,

      1. I am sure you are glad about that… and that person should be equally thankful… lol!
        Oh, I so hope to join the Blogger Bash next year. Is there already a date?
        That’s the least I can do. I appreciate your support and kindeness so very much. What an honor, Hugh.
        Lots of love to you!

        1. No date has been set as yet, Erika. However, it shouldn’t be long before one is announced along with a venue. What I do know is that it’s more than likely to be held in London again, as this is always a great place to get to for most people. As they say – watch this space. 😀

        2. London is perfect! I love the city and it is very good to reach from all over the world!! So, I am glad I haven’t missed the announcement and looking foward to it. 😃

  13. I’m glad everything worked out with the bank, Hugh. That’s a stressful ordeal.
    And lovely to find Erika here. I see her all over the internet and it was great to learn a little more about her and her book (great title by the way). And one of my favorite songs for the pure energy and fun of it. Thanks Erika and Hugh. 🙂

  14. If he crossed my path I’d have slapped him across the face with my NEW cheque book. Mind you, if he’d tried to defraud me he wouldn’t have got very far. I haven’t got any money!

    1. I didn’t have much money in those days, but the stolen card the culprit also had guaranteed at least £50. It would have sent me into overdraft, so thank goodness that assistant spotted the odd signature he had tried to copy.

  15. Happy to hear you took care of your card. Not a fun thing to go through. Nice to see Erika and learn more about her and her book. Good for you, Erika, that you found the real you. Love the cover of your book and the song choice. Blessings & hugs to you both xx

    1. Thank you very much, Janice! The search has not ended yet but at least I am a lot closer than only 10 years ago. I am happy you like the cover. Blessings to you too, dear Janice😊

  16. I would have done the same, just let it go. No point dragging up negative things as no one ever comes out ahead. Especially since this person is no longer a threat. Hope you had fun at the party. Love Erika´s song choice. I sing this song to my dog all the time. She is a girl and just wants to have fun!! Look forward to next week.

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