Glimpses – #Free To Download On Kindle – 21st – 25th June

To celebrate the summer and winter solstice, I’m pleased to announce that Glimpses, my first collection of short stories, is free to download on Kindle from 21st – 25th June 2018.

Glimpses allows the reader a peek into the lives of everyday people who are about to have life lead them on an unpredicted path. From a mysterious deadly iPad app, to a hole in a fence that is not all it seems, to a strange lipstick that appears to have a life of its own, Glimpses takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride full of twists and turns.

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If you are a lover of shows such as ‘The Twightlight Zone’ and ‘Black Mirror’, then you’re in for a real treat with this first collection of short stories.

Here are three five-star reviews already in for Glimpses.

In his introduction, Roberts describes a childhood fascination with The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected. His enjoyment of tales with a twist plays out in this debut collection of 28 short stories that I’d lump together into the broad category of speculative fiction. The stories range from sweet (Last Train to Aldwych) to sinister (Lipstick), from humour (Blackout) to horror (Needles). The wide variety makes this an easy and enjoyable collection to read in one sitting or visit when time allows. Highly entertaining. D Wallace Peach

Beautifully dark and yet made me smile so much. Fabulously written. Couldn’t help but stop, take a moment and really think about each story. Smile and continue. Loved it. The Truth App, I Believe in Father Christmas, What if Summer Never Arrives, Ticket to ‘Where?’ and The Fence, are my favourites. Considering they are short stories, the images conjured are exquisitely detailed. Bravo, I say!Dawn Shepherd

Glimpses is a delightfully twisted set of short stories inspired by author Roberts’ blog. If you follow his blog, you may recognize a few of his terrifying tales reminiscent of stories in the sci-fi genre of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits peppered with a dash of horror. “The Truth App” is the piece de resistance in this collection of 28 stories. Roberts’ biting wit and deft tale-telling will have you reading on the edge of your…well, your reading device! A great read that will have you begging Roberts for more! – Terri Webster Schrandt

Reformatted by David Cronin, Moyhill Publishing, the inside of Glimpses has a brand new look.

Click here to download your copy now.

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  1. Wonderful reviews, Hugh! Since I like the stories you write on your blog, I’m sure I’ll enjoy Glimpses. I tried to download it, but it didn’t let me as a “US” customer. I won’t give up easily, though. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Liesbet. That’s really strange about not being able to download it. I have just checked the Amazon.Com site, and the book is still showing as a free download. It’s the last day of the promotion today, so I hope you’ll able to download it.

      1. Got it! And, I’m very excited about it. All I need now is some time and peace, which might be a while… The link initially brought me to Amazon UK, where I was not allowed/able to grab it. It didn’t let me go to the .com (maybe because I’m in Belgium), but today, being more persistent, I managed to grab it. Thank you, Hugh!

  2. Good luck with the promo Hugh. As you know, I have the paperback, but I’ll go download Kindle version for safekeeping and to add to Amazon rankings, lol. 🙂 xx

  3. Wonderful collection of short stories, Hugh! I thoroughly enjoyed them. They have your special touch of the macabre, unusual and creepy too! Hugs xx

    1. Thank you, Teagan. As you know, reviews are like gold for us Indie authors. I appreciate the time people take to add a review. It always makes my day when I see a new one.
      Have a super summer solstice. 🌞

        1. People tell me that I’ll be best known for writing ‘The Truth App’, Debbie. It’s wonderful how I got the inspiration for the story from the world of blogging.
          Enjoy the rest of the stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as ‘The Truth App.’

        2. Hugh, I just finished the story The Truth App! Wow, from now on when I charge any of my devices, especially my iPad, I’ll think of this story. Plus, wearing my Apple Watch takes on a whole new perspective!😂 Thanks again for sharing your writing! Have a great day.

        3. lol, glad you enjoyed the story, Debbie. As a huge fan of Apple (I’m a dream customer for them), I hope they never slow down any of my devices from them for writing this story. 😂
          Have a great weekend.

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