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Does anyone know what the future holds? What it holds for them? Who they will meet? Where they will go? Some claim to be able to look into the future, but not many claim to be able to travel into the future.

For me, the future is a grey area. There’s nothing there…yet. Or, is there? Let’s take a Glimpse into the life of John Anderson who lives in Hawaii. He’s hungry for the future and what it holds for not just him, but all of us.

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Walking into the Future

John Anderson loved trying to reach for the future. As a young child, he would stretch out his arm and try and grab it, but always came back emptyhanded.

When John started high school, his love of geography would finally give him the answer to what the future held. Now, at last, he would be able to travel into the future and check out what was there. However, he had to finish high school and college first before he could set out and go into the future.

Thirteen years later, John stood at his door of the future. He looked ahead and stepped forward. In the time it took him to walk twenty-three steps, John had travelled 23 hours into the future, but nothing had changed.

He looked back and decided to walk back to his present. As he walked back on the ice and snow of the North Pole, something caught his eye. High up in the atmosphere, something came floating towards him. As he took the final step back into the time zone he had come from, the object hovered before landing at his feet.

John Anderson finally realised what the future held. As he bent down and picked up the plastic carrier bag, he wondered if he could change the future.


Written in response to the Sunday Stills photography challenge which, this week, has the theme of future. Click here to join the challenge.

What do you think you would find if you were given a chance to walk into the future?

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