49 Days In 1988: Week 22 – Green-Eyed Monster

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London – July 4th, 1988

In a few days time, I’ll be celebrating my 2nd anniversary of coming to live and work in London. While I look back at the past two years, it’s been nothing but full of excitement and life. I’m indeed living the best part of my life at the moment and am going to continue to enjoy every second of it.

While I’ve been working non-stop and not enjoying any social life, it seems that Nigel has met his next boyfriend. I feel quite envious because from what Nigel has told me about him, he sounds just the type of man I would fall madly in love with. I’ve only ever suffered extreme jealousy once in my life, and those feelings re-emerged after Nigel told me all about Ian. Of course, I can’t wait to meet him, and I wish Nigel happiness with his new man, but I can’t help but hope that the relationship doesn’t work out. Maybe it’s because I see myself losing my best friend?

The quietest of my housemates, Marcus, is going through a severe bout of depression. He told me this evening that it’s all to do with not being able to find a job. It’s become a serious problem now, with his family having to step in to help him pay the rent for his room. I managed to persuade him to come to Marty’s birthday party later this week so, hopefully, this will help lift the dark clouds that surround him. I told Marcus that he’ll be helping me get out of a rut if he comes to the party with me. It’s about time I got myself out and about again. Let’s hope it works for both of us.

Still no contact from Jamie, but I’m not worried about that. He’ll come to me if he wants to.

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Welcome to this new feature for 2018 on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I’ll be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

This week my guest is the poet, writer, and blogger, Judy E. Martin. I had the privilege of meeting Judy at The 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash, in June 2016, and also had the pleasure of Judy appearing on my blog. Click here to read the post.

#poet #poetry #poems #books
Poet, writer and blogger, Judy Martin

#poetry #poems #books #poet #writerJudy can do something that I find challenging to do. She writes brilliant poetry, much of which will have you laughing out loud as you read the humour she manages to mix into everyday situations and life. Her book, Rhymes Of The Times, is about finding the humour or raising a smile from the everyday things that we can all relate to in life, and looking at them from a different perspective. Nothing escapes versification; there is even a subject on sex! After all, that is one subject where there is plenty of room for laughter, even if it may not be the right moment.

Click here to buy Rhymes Of The Times.

Judy lives in the beautiful county of Kent, in the UK, with her long-suffering (her words) husband Bob, (Mr Grump), daughter Lucinda (Miss Hap), and Roxy, the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, all of whom have found their way into her poems.

Connect with Judy.

LATEST BOOK: Rhymes of the Times
Facebook Page: JudyEMartin
Twitter: @JudyEMartin
Stumbleupon: JudyEMartin
Flipboard: Judy Martin

Judy is always very supportive of her fellow writers and bloggers and always brings a shine to the world of blogging.

Judy’s song choice is Our Lips Are Sealed by Fun Boy Three.

Released in 1983, the Fun Boy Three version of the song, originally recorded by the group the Go-Go’s, became a top ten hit in the UK, outselling the release by the Go-Go’s whose version only made it as far as number 47. However, elsewhere around the world, the Go-Go’s version of the song was a far bigger hit. Thank you for the excellent song choice, Judy.

Back in July 1988, I wonder if I could keep my lips sealed about how I was feeling about Nigel and his new boyfriend? Do you have a favourite song that’s connected to jealousy? Share a link to it in the comments.

Next week, while work takes a toll on my social life, the phone call I’ve been waiting for from Jamie finally happens. What will he have to say? Click here to find out.

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  1. Sometimes that envy just creeps up out of nowhere, doesn’t it? Not a fun feeling! Thanks for the intro to Judy. I actually have her book and love it! It makes me smile. 🙂

  2. I’m amazed by how freely you share your private life, Hugh. I’d be in jail if I shared some of my escapades 🙂 It’s great to see Judy here. I love her sense of humor and her song choice. I started dancing in my chair the second it began playing! ❤️

  3. I don’t remember hearing the original version but remember the Go, Go and I think I like that better more up tempo..Lovely to see Judy here Hugh…I hope you enjoyed your break 🙂

  4. Your diary is most amusing to me, Hugh. I think I mentioned that I had dug out my diary from my first year after school. It reads just like yours – full of romantic intrigue and disappointments. Such fun! Love to see Judy over here.

  5. You were certainly the social butterfly Hugh. How fun is it to look back at the good times and yet see how much we’ve grown. 🙂 Great song from Judy, now that one I know! 🙂 xx

  6. Oh, I forgot about that song. It’s a fun one and a great pick. It’s nice to see Judy here with her book (which I enjoyed). And so nice to read a diary entry where you seem content, Hugh. I hope both of you have a wonderful day ahead. Hugs. 🙂

  7. Feeling jealous is one of the worst feelings in the world. I don’t think I’d confess to it even in my diary, Hugh, though I certainly felt it on more than one occasion. I enjoyed Judy’s song choice though I admit I don’t think I’d ever heard it before tonight.

    1. I agree, Mary. Fortunately, I’ve not experienced jealousy much, but it can be so destructive and hurt so many innocent people. It’s an emotion that many would not admit to, but I think one which all of us will have experienced at some stage in our lives.

    1. It so was, Rob. The late 1980s (from 1986) was a wonderful place for me. So much seemed to be going in my life at that time. Moving to live and work in London was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

      Thanks so much for sharing the post with your readers.

  8. Hi, Judy – It’s great to learn more about you here. I had never heard of Fun Boy Three, but love the Go Go’s version of this song. Thank you for sharing both.
    Hi, Hugh – As usual, I’m impatient to find out what happens next in your diary!

  9. HI Judy – Hugh
    Congratulations on the new book. I do hope it goes well.

    Hugh, the wicked Queen from the east is still on the prowl. Look out, she’ll steal your boy. 😎

    1. I had no idea that John Lennon had done a version of that song. Judy shared the version by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music (which I’ve heard many times), but I’ve never heard the version you shared with us, Erika.

      1. Hugh just told me that you added the version of Bryan Ferry. I had no idea there were more than Lennon’s thanks a lot for sharing this one. I will check it out right away, sis!

  10. Like some have already mentioned, the soapiness of your continuing tale is fascinating to read. I took a look at one of my journals from age 19-20 and it was just boring–talked about my budding relationship with my first husband. Yawn. Yes, yours is more interesting and you are really smart to have kept the journals and publish them in this way. Judy is quite the poet with a wicked sense of humor and I remember the Go-Go’s version of Our Lips are Sealed!

    1. ‘Yawn’ maybe to you, Terri, but I wonder how many of us would beg to differ if we read your journal? I think that’s why soap operas are so popular. The inquisitive nature of the human being can bring so much entertainment to those looking in. What’s even better is that memoirs can be just as exciting as fiction. I’m glad you’ve still got your journals. Many people either lose them (like I thought I had) or destroy them.

      1. You are right, Hugh, I’m sure there is a snippet of interest (maybe my daughters would love to see what my young adult brain was thinking)! I kept them in the hard-bound blank page books so they were easy to ID and keep.

  11. you are an old dog, you know. Secretly you want Nigel to fail so you can have a go at Ian yourself – go on admit it! Lovely to see Judy here and her wonderful poetry book.

  12. I have to say that I was very jealous when I was younger, Hugh. I look back now and realise that I probably ruined a couple of relationships because of it!
    Here is the link to my favourite song about jealousy.

    You will not be surprised to know that it features someone handsome (and oh so smooth) from the 80’s! I actually got to see Roxy Music in concert too back then,* swoon! *

    1. lol, Bryan Ferry, again, Judy. Yes, I know what you mean. He certainly was (and still is) a ‘looker,’ and how wonderful that you got to see Bryan and his group in concert. I bet the place was of full of screaming fans who all left with happy memories. 😀
      Another great song choice from you. I don’t know why, but all I wanted to do was to look deep into Bryan’s eyes while watching the video. 👀

      1. Oh, you could drown in those eyes, Hugh! Yes, it was full of screaming fans I remember I went with my brother and sister and some friends. We got separated and the others managed to get right up near the front, lucky so and sos! 🙂

  13. I think you just need to publish this whole thing, I’m enjoying reading your diary so much, it’s almost like I’m being a voyeur into your life!

  14. You’re leaving me in suspense about your relationship with Jamie and what will be next. 🙂 It’s just fantastic that, back in the day, you enjoyed your life, realized it and committed to keep making the best of everything. What a positive spirit – ever-lasting!

    Combining poetry and humor is a win-win combination. How could anyone not love that? 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Fun Boy Three, living just across the channel in the eighties. Was I missing out?

    1. I’ve always had a very positive and happy outlook on life, Liesbet. Some tell me that I’m lucky to be that way, and I guess I am, but life and time have always fascinated me. I can’t be negative about anything that interests me.

      I only knew of Fun Boy Three when they had a hit song with my all-time favourite female pop group, Banarama. They had a few hits in the UK, but I don’t think they tried to conquer the rest of the world.

    2. I think you are missing out Liesbet! I loved the Funboy Three back in the 80’s. The lead singer Terry Hall was also the lead singer of the Ska Band ‘The Specials’ which were very popular back then too.
      I am glad that you love poetry and humour too, I think they go together perfectly! 🙂

  15. Hi Hugh. What a diary entry! It felt like a TV show. You seemed very aware of your feelings. Many people wouldn’t have admitted jealousy to themselves. I can’t think of a jealousy song right now. I guess Carley Simon’s “You’re So Vain” sort of is… depending on how you look at it. Either way, it was a great song.
    Best to Judy with the book! Hugs all around.

    1. lol, I think I mentioned a few times to others that this diary makes me look as if I’m in a soap-opera, Teagan. The whole thing is rather eye-opening when I look back at it now.
      I love your song choice. I loved her singing ‘Nobody Does It Better.’ The perfect ‘Bond girl,’ I say.
      Hugs to you.

      1. Thank you, Hugh. I really miss not being around you all too. Our blogging community is always so supportive of each other, and you have been there right from the start for me 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Suzanne, Sadly, I am not around as much as I would like to be at the moment, but I am trying to get to my blog and blogging friends as much as I can:-)
      Yellow has always been my favourite colour as it is so bright and cheery so of course, it just had to be the colour of my book cover. 🙂

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