Aroma #photography

In the year 2023, when the Earth had run out of cocoa beans, everyone thought that the aroma of chocolate would be lost forever.

#food #chocolate #scifi #flashfiction
Do you know what chocolate will be made from in the future?

Two years later, the human race was saved when beings from another planet that was drifting towards Earth made contact.

‘We come in peace,” were their words, as they came to Earth from their dying planet.

We welcomed them and wanted to build something to remember them by. But what?

When hairstylist Betty Wallsworth mistakenly stabbed one of the aliens in the ear, while giving them a quick trim, and discovered that their blood was chocolate that contained no calories, the human race not only had its answer but was saved.

#food #chocolate #scifi #flashfiction
The chocolate of the future

The world’s biggest zero-calorie chocolate fountain was built, and the human race had its planet back.


What’s your favourite aroma?

Written in response to the Sunday Stills Photo challenge which, this week, has the theme of ‘Aroma.’ Click here to join the challenge.

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