Meet The Bloggers Who Attended The 2018 Bloggers Bash

What started as a flash of an idea at the first-ever Bloggers Bash back in August 2015, has now developed into an essential part of what has now become the Annual Bloggers Bash over the four years it has run. What am I talking about? Why the video of course.
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In the following video, the bloggers who attended and who wanted to be filmed will introduce themselves and their blogs. You’ll find all the links to their blogs by clicking here. The video also covers part of what can only be described as another excellent, exciting and successful day. Warning – the video is just under 30 minutes long, so why not grab yourself a beverage, sit back, turn off your phone and social media, and enjoy meeting the bloggers who attended this year’s Bloggers Bash.

I’d like to thank everyone who appeared in the video for their time in helping me make the video possible. As you can imagine, there was a lot of networking and talking going on during the day and, not surprisingly, all the bloggers were far keener on wanting to speak to each other rather than have me shove a camera in their face!

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