Embrace #photography

Foggy mornings always thrill me. It’s the thought of going outside and not knowing what’s out there because I can’t quite see everything. I can hear sounds, but not seeing what’s causing them can sometimes send a shiver down my spine. It may say 08:00 on my watch, but it’s almost like going out in the middle of the night; only into a blackness which has lost its colour.

Allow me to present to you, one of my favourite photos.

Eerie Morning

Taken by me, I love the way the fog embraces everything. It’s as if it’s wrapping itself around everything to keep off the chill it brings. For me, this photo shows me hope, excitement, but also warmth. I like to embrace every new day, not just because I’ve woken up. but because foggy mornings always seem to embrace me back.

Of course, not everyone will embrace the fog, or allow it to embrace them. It can cause no end of problems with travel and, sometimes, can even bring something terrifying with it.

This is my entry for the Sunday Stills Photo challenge which, this week, has the theme of embrace (selected by me). Thank you to Terri for allowing me to put forward some themes for the challenge.

What do you like to embrace, or what does embrace mean to you? Join the challenge by clicking here.

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