What’s Behind This Door?


Those were the words I could hear coming from the other side of this door, yet people passed me and the door by without taking any notice. Was I the only one who could hear the calls for help?

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I watched as the flap of the letterbox lifted and two eyes appeared. They looked shocked when they saw me.

“I’m trapped. Please, you need to get me out. Just turn the handle to the left, then to the right, and once more to the left. I’ll be truly grateful. The door has jammed. I’ve been stuck in here for 40 years.”

As the flap closed, I questioned what I had just heard. 40 years? That should have told me not to open the door, but the writer inside me said this would make a great story.

“Hold on. I’m coming in. Step away from the door,” I announced, as I approached it.

Left, right, and left again, I told myself as I tried the handle. The door opened without any problems. Dare I step into the black void that now faced me?

“Hello,” I called, as I stepped in.

On my fifth step in, the door slammed behind me. Turning, I ran towards it, but it wouldn’t open. I told myself not to panic, but when I heard the terrifying sound of something behind me, I banged on the door with both hands hoping that somebody would hear me.


I had the feeling that somebody on the other side of the door had heard me. I remembered the door had a letterbox flap, and bent down and opened it.

I didn’t expect to see myself staring back at me.


What do you think was behind the door? Observe it, but too much, and maybe you’ll find the answer.

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