Released today: Over My Dead Body – Murder at Eurovision

Just in time for Eurovision! Christoph Fischer launches his new Bebe Bollinger murder-mystery set at The Eurovision Song Contest.


Over My Dead Body: Murder at Eurovision (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mysteries 2) has finally been released

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In a week from now I’ll be travelling to Lisbon for Eurovision, so when better to release this book?

Here are the blurb and an excerpt:

On her return from a cruise ship gig Bebe Bollinger learns that fellow Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler has decided to enter a European Song comptition for the UK. While Bebe jealously watches the pre-publicity trail for ‘Eurovision’ in Malmö, a string of ‘odd accidents’ endangers several participants of the competition. This stirs her desire for playing detective again but also a curiosity to check out the suitability of Eurovision for her own career.

Follow Bebe’s continued search for fame and a comeback before it’s too late, step into the weird…

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