Behind Closed Doors #AlienDay

I stumbled upon this piece of art on a recent visit to the Cotswolds.

#poetry #doors #photography

Not only did I think it was a perfect photo for Thursday Doors, but these words came to me as I clicked the camera.

Nobody knew where it came off

It just appeared overnight

Was this a new type of Banksy?

Would others suddenly appear?

They never heard the scratching

Nor the planning behind closed doors

Only one-hundred and four more hours

And they would claim back what was once theirs.

© 2018 Copyright – All rights reserved –

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62 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors #AlienDay

  1. You and your Doors! Of course I read two in a row as I play catch up from a busy week (and prepping two posts)! First, it’s a cool sculpture, but secondly it’s a great story! Did you ever hear of an 80s song by Zebra called Who’s Behind the Door? Find it on YouTube, it’s right up your alley (and mine)!

      1. OMG, Hugh, that song WILL inspire you! It inspires me but my fiction writing isn’t great! Thanks so much, Hugh, I’m amazed at how much I missed it. And May the Fourth be with you today 🙂

        1. Those lyrics are amazing, Terri. These two lines particularly hit me –

          Who owns the keyless door?
          Where does the circle end?

          Those two lines are classic ‘Twilight Zone’ stuff.

          Thanks for the ‘Star War’ wishes. I said it to my Sister-in-law and she had no idea what I was on about. 🙄

        2. Glad you found it intriguing! I also like “life is a waiting room, I hope they don’t call me soon…” I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Funny about your sis! I said happy May the Fourth be with you all day here in Northern California and everyone got it 🙂

  2. Love how you turn the quaint sculpture into something potentially sinister. Or, then again, maybe when the door opens a cloud of glittery unicorns sails out and world peace descends upon an unsuspecting planet (whilst whisking Donald Trump to Never-Never-Seen-Again Land). You always keep me guessing. I love that in reading my favourite writers! Have a great week, Hugh!

  3. We are off to the Cotswolds in June. I wonder if it is anywhere near where we are going. It looks as if it belongs in the Western end and we are going nearer Oxford. It’s great when something stimulates a poem.

  4. That photo does make a perfect door post. Not sure if I should have read that poem right before going to be alone!

  5. Your first line is genious! A few years ago I moved from LA to the forest, and I have been thinking on and off to make a totem pole, now this I would like too:):)
    As an add to my reply about your post 7reasons why leaving FB, after what came out about Cambridge Analytica, they know much more about you than your adress, date of birth, and email!!

      1. Yes, I was aware of that. I think it’s against of right of privacy. But except of my art, I didn’t give much personal info. Thanks for writing me back!

  6. Oh no, Hugh! Just what I needed to hear. I make sure all doors are closed before I go to sleep at night. Now I may not sleep! Hugs xx LOL!

    1. After reading about your ‘mouse in the house,’ I’m not surprised you keep your doors close at night, Janice. I did the same…until I heard the faint sound of scratching. 😈 Then I found out it was Austin (our one-year-old dog) scratching the carpet outside the door as if he was building a nest. I can now sleep tight again. 😴

  7. Terrific post, Hugh. I think you win the prize for best Thursday Door. What an interesting thing… It clearly has a lot of symbolism, but I’m at a loss to assign a meaning. But maybe my head is so clogged from all this pollen that I can’t think straight. That’s my excuse, and I’m stickin’ with it! 😉 Hugs.

  8. Nice find Hugh. It’s amazing to see how much artistic talent and creativity some people have. I can only imagine how many hours of work go into a sculpture like this.

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