Did You Miss Any Of These? March: 2018

A roundup of all the posts published on Hugh’s Views And News during March 2018.

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Book Of The Month – Tipping Point by Terry Tyler

Author, writer and blogger Terry Tyler took some time out of her busy writing schedule to answer some of my questions on writing, and her book, ‘Tipping Point.’

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Did You Miss Any Of These?: February 2018

A full roundup of all the posts published in February 2018 on Hugh’s Views And News.

Nominations Are Now Open For The Bloggers Bash Awards

Did you nominate your favourite blogs and bloggers for this year’s Bloggers Bash awards? Nominations are now closed, but voting opens on April 6th.

49 Days In 1988: Week 9: Looking For Love

All aboard my music time machine for the next part of an extract from my diary from 1988. Does anyone ever find ‘love’ when they’re looking for it? Continuing the story from 1988, with guest Helen Jones.

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What To Do When Somebody Reblogs One Of Your Blog Posts

Are you following the correct steps when somebody reblogs one of your blog posts?

Invisible Balloons

Are we being watched by what lives inside balloons? A 99-word piece of flash fiction that will have you never wanting to go anywhere near a balloon again.

#flashfiction #fiction #shortstory #shortstories #amwriting

49 Days In 1988: Week 10: Battle

Can new faces and places help with depression? Continuing the story from 1988, with guest Annette Rochelle Aben.

The Day I Saw The Queen Shopping

Written for The Bloggers Bash Blog post competition; what would you do if you spotted the Queen standing in the checkout queue?

#flashfiction #shortstory #royalty #corgis

Announcing The Guest Speakers At The 2018 Bloggers Bash

Meet this year’s guest speakers attending the 2018 Bloggers Bash, in London, on May 19th.

Easter Bunny Carrot Cake

Did you leave the Easter Bunny a slice of carrot cake when he visited you this Easter? You’re in series trouble if you didn’t.

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Photo Credit: Charli Mills

49 Days In 1988: Week 11: Decisions

Decisions, decisions! Continuing the story from 1988, with guest Steve McSteveFace.

Last Chance To Enter The Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition

The Bloggers Bash blog post competition has now closed. We’ll be announcing the results at the Bloggers Bash on May 19th, 2018.

Why Get Involved In The Bloggers Bash?

Thinking of coming to the 2018 Bloggers Bash in London on May 19th? Read these testimonials from previous attendees as to why you should attend.

21 Ways To Spring Clean Your Blog

21 free tips on how to clean up your blog and attract more followers.

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Why You Should Always Just Follow Your Dreams

Have you ever tried catching a dream? A piece of flash fiction that may keep you awake every night.

#flashfiction #shortstory #shortstories #dreams

49 Days In 1988: Week 12: Their Lives In My Hands

Can two-timing lead to happiness? Continuing the story from 1988, with this week’s guest Sue Vincent.

Do You Have Any Questions For The Bloggers Bash Panel Debate?

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask the panel at this year’s Bloggers Bash in London? Leave your questions for the panel in the comments section of the above post.

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  1. I try not to miss any. I noticed you have updated your site and have added the ‘like’ button back. Is this any particular theme or a custom site? I like this one but then I thought your previous one was good too.

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