21 Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog #bloggingtips

It doesn’t have to be springtime to clean up your blog.  These free tips can be used at any time of the year.

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress

1. Give your blog a brand new theme. WordPress offers lots of free themes, and you can try them out first before deciding on which one best suits you. Giving your blog a brand new theme will give it a fresh new look. However, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with your current theme if you’re happy with it.

2. Customise your existing theme. Press the ‘customize’ button on your blog’s dashboard to see what you can change.

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress

3. Change the background colour of your blog. However, be careful when choosing a colour. Ask yourself if you’d be happy reading a blog with that neon coloured background that plays tricks on your eyes. Press the ‘customize‘ button to make any changes.

4. Change the type of font (and its size) you use on your blog. Again, be careful in what you choose. Make it easy for your readers to be able to read your blog without having to squint or having to decrease their computer screen to fit in the size of the font you’re using. Press the ‘customize‘ button to make any changes.

5. Update your widget bar(s). You don’t need to change what widgets you have, but changing the order of them will give your blog a fresh new look.

6. If you use the ‘Social Media’ widget, check that all the links to your social media accounts are working. Repair any broken links.

7. Update your site icon. Not sure how to do it? On the dashboard of your blog, click on ‘Settings’, and under ‘General’ you’ll see your icon with a ‘change‘ button underneath it. Click on the ‘change‘ button and follow the instructions. Remember to save any changes.

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress
Click on ‘Change’ to change or update your site icon

8. Update and/or change your blog’s ‘Site Tagline.’ Not sure how to do it? On the dashboard of your blog, click on ‘Settings’, and under ‘General’ click in the ‘Site Tagline‘ box. Remember to click the ‘Save Settings‘ button when you’ve made any changes.

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress

9. Check all the links on your homepage are working. Repair any that are broken or that lead to an incorrect site/page.

10. Update your ‘about me’ page. Don’t have an ‘about me’ page? Click here to find out why it’s important to have one and what to put on it.

11. Check your ‘drafts’ folder and delete any posts that you are no longer going to publish.

12. Check your ‘published’ posts and delete any that no longer attract any traffic, and which you do not intend updating or using again.

13. Check your most popular ‘published’ posts and update any out of date information on them, especially if they are still receiving lots of traffic.

14. Check and empty your blog’s ‘spam’ folder (although this should be done on a daily basis). Mark anything that should not be in there as ‘not spam.’

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress
Try and check what’s in your spam folder at least once a day.

15. Check your media library and delete any images, photos and videos that are no longer being used. This will free up valuable storage space (necessary for those who use free WordPress themes). However, ensure those images are no longer being used on any published posts before deleting them.

16. Update the ‘Categories‘ on your blog. On the dashboard of your blog, click on ‘Settings‘, and under ‘Writing‘ click on the small arrow in the ‘categories‘ box. A new page will open where you can update and delete ‘categories.’

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress

17. Update the ‘Tags’ on your blog. On the dashboard of your blog, click on ‘Settings‘, and under ‘Writing‘ click on the small arrow in the ‘Tags‘ box. A new page will open where you can update and delete ‘tags.’

18. Categorise any blog posts that have ‘Uncategorised’ as their category. This helps visitors find your posts more easily, meaning they will probably return or follow your blog.

19. Add, update and/or change the ‘menu’ bar on your blog. Click here for full details on how to do this. Repair any broken links.

20. Unfollow blogs you no longer want to follow. Click on ‘Reader‘ and then on the ‘Manage‘ button next to ‘Followed Sites.’ To unfollow any blogs, click on ‘following’ and you will then no longer be following that blog. Tip – unfollow any blogs that have not published any new posts for over a year, as they are likely no longer being used.

#bloggingtips #blogging #WordPress
Managing the blogs you follow will free up valuable time to spend on the blogs you visit and read the most.

21. Update your blog’s ‘disclaimer’ page and copyright information. You can view my ‘disclaimer’ page by clicking on ‘Disclaimer’ on my menu bar. My ‘copyright’ information can be found at the bottom of the widget bar to the right of this post.

Is there anything you’d like to add to my list? Please share that information by leaving a comment. Other readers can then use it.

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  1. These are great ways to spring clean you blog, any day, any time. I was particular interested in the one about deleting published posts that no longer attract traffic or will never update again. Personally I wouldn’t delete a post if it didn’t get traffic and would only delete a post if I feel that I don’t believe in it anymore or if I am changing the direction of my blog. SEO is such a tricky thing. Over the last year some of my older posts that never got views are starting to get regular traffic.

    Definitely agree on updating links around your blog and posts. One that I like to check are YouTube links because some of the videos I’ve linked to in the past are no longer available or because of a theme change, I need to re-add the link again.

    I have thought so many times about changing themes. For my current theme I have customised it heaps with CSS – hundreds of lines of it and if I change themes, I will probably have to go through the trouble of tweaking the CSS again lol – and that will easily be a few days if not weeks of work!

    1. That’s good to hear Mabel. I’ve actually deleted quite a lot of posts because they were out of date and there was no way of updating them anymore. I’m not a lover of clutter and treat dormant posts as such. They have to go if they are no longer serving any purpose. It’s a little like keeping an item of clothing that I know I’m never going to wear again. Now, those kinds of items are packed off to the charity shop where I hope they will benefit somebody else. It’s shame we can’t do the same with blog posts. If I get comments left on older posts, then I will keep them, but if nobody is commenting on them anymore then I feel it’s time to delete them and write something new on the same subject. For me, it gives my blog fresh content, and that makes me feel good. 😀

      I’ve never used CSS. It’s an area I’ve never investigated. I think I’d rather stick with a theme I like…until I fancy a change. 😀

      1. I also don’t like clutter, so completely understand why you choose to delete your previous posts if they no longer serve their purpose. After all, you do want your blog to stay relevant.

        CSS is like coding, giving so much more freedom to design a certain theme and once you get into it, it can be addictive 😀

  2. This has been so helpful. I have one question, my tagline doesn’t show up on my site anymore. I checked and it is filled in. Do you have any ideas?

        1. Do you have the ‘WP-Admin’ button on your blog’s dashboard, Darlene? If it’s there, it will be right at the bottom of the list. Click on ‘WP-Admin’ then on ‘Appearance’ then on ‘Customize.’ A new page should open. In the left-hand menu click on ‘Site Identity’ and you should see the ‘Tagline’ box. Click on it and add your tagline. Finally, click on the ‘publish’ button to save the changes. I hope that helps?

        1. I always tell myself to treat my blog as I would myself, Judy. If I’m not sure what I’m doing is correct, I’ll ask for advice. I usually end up doing what I intended doing, anyway. 😀

    1. If you do go down the line of choosing a new theme, stick with the first one you like, Marje. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming if trying them all out. It took me a couple of hours of choosing and then putting it together. I’m really pleased with the results.

      Thank you so much for reblogging the post.

    1. Yes, I hope you like the new theme, Terri. I’m glad I found it early on rather than trying all the rest. Many of us forget about our ‘about me’ page. I recently updated mine and added some new photos. Gave it a fresh new look, and now the new theme has done that again.

  3. Awesome tips Hugh. Unfortunately. I don’t know how to change my theme on self hosted without screwing up my blog lol. But I hope to find someone soon to help me with a makeover. 🙂 xx

    1. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone who can help, Debby. In the meantime, there are still lots of other things you can do to freshen up your blog. The changes I made ended up giving me a big boost. 😀

  4. Fantastic tips, Hugh. While I was reading it I went in and made a change in my font color. I know I need to try a new theme, and this might be the nudge I need. Lots on the to-do list after reading this.

    1. They can be time-consuming, Molly, but the rewards should be good. Maybe try doing one a day? As soon as I found a new theme I liked, I stuck with it (rather than carrying on trying them all out and getting overwhelmed). I think it was the fifth one I tried.

  5. These are very valuable tips, Hugh. I love your suggestion to work on one tip a day…and then you will be done in 21 days (without overwhelming yourself). Please keep these tips coming!

      1. Hi Hugh, could you explain more about Creative Commons? Do you pay them a monthly fee? Are they a watchdog, of sorts? Can anyone copy/paste the copyright info for their blogs? I found their site somewhat confusing, lol

        1. Hi Jacquie. I was recommended them by another blogger. No monthly fee. I don’t believe they are a watchdog, but if you discover anyone using your copyrighted material (without permission or using your guidelines) then it acts as a warning and you can request that they remove it. If they fail to do that, then you’re quite within your rights to issue court proceedings against the offender(s). I hope that helps?

  6. Hmm… would you like to come and live with me for a week, Hugh. You could sort all this out while I write!! I need at least a month to work through all this – I’m a complete technophobe. Or, to be honest – too impatient. Perhaps I’ll just try one thing a day!! x

    1. That’s a great way to do it, Judith. Do one tip every day, and you’ll be done in 21 days time. Better than not doing it at all. 😀If I was living next door, I’d be happy to come and help. You could pay me in welsh cakes. 😀

  7. Brilliant tips… Thank you for posting, change always freshens up life,the same goes for blogs, now…I’ve just got to get round to doing it 🙂

  8. Perfect timing, Hugh! My life has been way too hectic lately and I haven’t had time to do anything but now that I’ve got a few free days, working on my blog is at the top of my list. Your post is the perfect checklist for me to use!!! Thanks for saving me SO much time!!! 🙂

  9. This is the perfect time to do this, Hugh! Thanks for sharing all your helpful info. I will share, my friend! Happy spring! Still waiting for it here in the Northeast in the USA. Snow is still around! Sigh! 💐 💕

    1. You’re welcome, Janice. And thank you for all the sharing. I really appreciate it.

      We had a lovely spring day yesterday, but have been warned of an upcoming ‘white’ Easter. The clocks may have gone forward, but winter seems to be coming back. ☃️

  10. I recently tried to change my format after 10 years with the old one; my fans arose like 1848. Back it goes. I am going to update the photo which suddenly ages 5 years like turning off the colour.
    All the same, there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day. I hope to make some changes enough to give the place a paint job.

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