The Day I Saw The Queen Shopping

I wasn’t the only one who saw Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, doing her weekly shop. Standing behind her at the checkout, I refused to believe it was her until the checkout assistant stood up and curtsied.

“No need for that,” said Her Majesty, “just get on and scan this item before anyone recognises me. Please be very careful with it. I’ve been looking for one of these, with corgis on it, for months, and this was the last one on the shelve.”

Handing over a biscuit tin, that featured corgis and union jacks, the checkout assistant scanned the item carefully.

“That’s £12.99, please,” said the assistant.

“Are you sure?” asked Her Majesty. “I’m sure I saw a 35 percent discount ticket on the shelf.”

“Let me ask a supervisor,” replied the assistant, who pressed a button and announced over the store’s intercom, “Price check. Supervisor to checkout twenty-three, please.”

While we waited for a supervisor to arrive, I was very tempted to ask how the royal corgis were and which kennels Her Majesty used for them when she went abroad. However, I was rather put off when Her Majesty started counting coins out from her purse and proceeded to tell the checkout assistant that none of the coins featured a real likeness of her anymore.

“Never mind,” sighed Her Majesty, “I’m in a rush but seem to be 72-pence short.”

“Oh, please, allow me,” I said, as I handed over a £1 coin and bowed.

“Thank you,’ smiled Her Majesty. “You’ve saved me breaking into a £20 note. Put the change in the charity tin. Good day to you both.”

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