49 Days In 1988: Week 4: Too Many Broken Hearts

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Gran Canaria – January 29th, 1988

I’ve never broken the heart of anyone (well, not that I know of). For days I’ve been feeling really guilty about ‘standing-up’ Wilfred. I asked myself how I would have felt if it had been me. No doubt I’m going to find that out as I continue this journey they call life.

I almost turned back when I got to Wilfred’s hotel. If it hadn’t been for one of his friends spotting me, then I probably would have. After all, Wilfred goes home tomorrow, and we’re probably never going to see each other ever again, but I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I had done that.

Not only was Wilfred dark and moody when I saw him but I could tell from his face that he was heartbroken. I must have apologised to him at least a hundred times before the real dark side of Wilfred revealed itself.  It wasn’t me that had broken his heart. It seems he’d been using me as a pawn to get back at somebody else!

Heartbroken? As I left the hotel, not only did I feel like the biggest fool in the world, but my heart was broken at being told that it was not me that had broken a heart. I had merely been used as a weapon to try and break the heart of another person.

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Welcome to this new feature on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I will be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

This week my guest is the author, writer, blogger and ‘writing-champion’, Charli Mills. Like all my guests, Charli was asked to choose a random date and chose the 29th January. So, the above entry from my diary comes courtesy of Charli.

For those that don’t know Charli, she’s the brilliant mind and head of the community over at the Carrot Ranch, a place where hundreds of writers meet every week to participate in a 99-word flash fiction challenge. Many of my own flash fiction stories have come from the prompts set by Charli. Not only is it a fun weekly challenge to participate in, but it helps writers develop their work and stretch their creative minds.

Click here for this week’s 99-word flash fiction challenge.

Charli has gone on to publish a book that contains some of the stories the community at the Carrot Ranch has submitted. The book also includes tips on how to use flash fiction in classrooms, book clubs, and writers groups.

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Click here to buy the book.

I have to thank Charli for not only being my guest today but for also helping me put together my first collection of short stories. The last story in my book, Glimpses, is called ‘The Library’ and was written in response to one of Charli’s challenges. More of my stories from her challenges will feature in my next short story collection.

Charli’s song choice from the 1980s is ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes.

Originally written and released in 1974, the version by Kim Carnes was a far more significant hit and went on to spend nine weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. It went on to become the number one song on the singles charts of another 21 counties.

From listening to the lyrics of the song, I think Wilfred may well have had ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ on that last day of his holiday. Do you have a favourite song associated with ‘eyes’ or the way somebody is looking at you? Share a link to it in the comments section. Thanks for the excellent song choice, Charli.

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Author, writer, blogger, and head of the writing community at the Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills

Connect with Charli

Book Store https://store.bookbaby.com/ book/The-Congress-of-Rough- Writers

Next week, the holiday is at an end, and I’m making my way back to London. I wonder what awaits me when I get home?

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92 thoughts

  1. The lovely and amazing Charli, here she is! And another fab song choice. I hadn’t realised that you had expanded on several flash fictions for Glimpses Hugh, that’s so great to know. And as for Wilfred, well, I would like to issue a few swear words, but I’ll be good. What goes around comes around, I’m thinking… and for you, much better things ahead 🙂


    1. Delighted to have the lovely Charli as a guest, Sherri. Her 99-word flash fiction challenges have really tested me and I’m so glad that I have given some of them a go. I’ll certainly be expanding some of the stories I have written form the challenges set by Charli. ‘The Library’ (which is the last story in Glimpses) was one of the first stories I wrote over at the Carrot Ranch. Very proud to have it in the book. 😀

      As for Wilfred, he was soon forgotten about. There was too much temptation on offer. 😂


  2. That Wilfred was a nasty piece of work. I’ve never had that happen to me. My usual scenario was having the guy I met and liked fall for a close friend. I am quite extroverted so it seems I was used as a bit of an introduction agency. It wasn’t usually a case of being used and abused because I loved introducing people and am still a great networker. However, you can’t make someone fall in love with you and that’s one of life’s hardest life lessons for some of us.
    This song doesn’t have anything to do with eyes but it was “our song”…the love who dumped me at the end of the Summer of 87-88.
    Best wishes,


    1. Very true, Rowena. Unless someone has some kind of a magic spell, there’s no way of making somebody fall in love with another person. Some claim to have portions for doing this and there is, of course, the story of the princess and the frog. I’m a firm believer that it will happen when it happens.
      As for Wilfred, he was soon forgotten about (until I opened this diary). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so far behind! AH!!! Broken hearts- that’s a tough blow! I haven’t been used like you were but I imagine it’s an awful feeling. As for broken hearts? Once upon a time there was a boy…….. and I’m pretty sure we broke each other’s hearts. It is what it is, right?

    Bette Davis Eyes is a very different song, isn’t it? I always liked it because of it’s unique sound. 🙂


  4. It’s definitely better to break a heart than have someone break yours, Hugh, and it’s never fun to be used. Wilfred didn’t play nicely at all.
    Thanks for promoting the Anthology. It’s a great read. While mentioning the Ranch, I’m surprised you didn’t mention your Rodeo win. That was pretty awesome!
    Bette Davis eyes is a good song. I like Blue Eyes by Elton John. https://youtu.be/4CiyKeSnSxk


    1. I’m terrible when it comes to ‘blowing my own trumpet, Norah. I usually shy away from self-promotion. However, when I get a compliment, especially for my writing, it’s like as if I’ve won the lottery. 😀

      Didn’t Elton look terrific on that video you shared? Not that he doesn’t now. It’s a great song choice for the theme of ‘eyes.’ Thank you for sharing it with us.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re all a bit shy when it comes to self-promotion, but we have to take a deep breath and do it anyway. Acknowledge where acknowledgement’s due. 🙂
        I loved where Elton was singing – the location was magic, as was his voice.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Where about in Gran Canaria? I think I saw a little Hugh shaped piece of heart when I was there last. It was just next to a Mcdonald’s. I love that Bette Davis eyes song too. Roll on next instalment.


      1. Looking forward to it. I’m loving these stories. However, I struggled to find the older ones as I couldn’t find a link to a page on you blog that shows all your recent posts in date order. I’m probably just being Scottish lol


      2. My last 5 posts appear over in the widget bar. However, I now also have a magazine on Flipboard that show all my recent posts. The best way to see these ’49 Days in 1988′ posts is to click on the link at the beginning (that will take you to week 1) and then follow the link at the end of each post that will take you to the next entry.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I had several problems with this post when I published it, Robbie, including that it failed to show up on the WordPress reader. Not sure why, and WordPress wasn’t able to come up with any answers other than it can occasionally happen. Glad you found the post and enjoyed the song.


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