49 Days In 1988: Week 3: Sun, Sea, Sand And…

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Gran Canaria – January 25th, 1988

I can’t believe we’re already into our second week of this holiday. I can’t believe how much fun I’ve been having, and I can’t believe what I did this evening.

This morning, I was woken by some ‘banging’ on the door. At first, I had no idea where I was. Then, somebody stirred next to me, and the sound of somebody’s voice from the other side of the door told me that I was in a hotel, rather than the holiday complex we’re staying at.

Wilfred (from West Germany) didn’t want to go to the beach with his friends. He said he’d see them later. He had other plans for our day. However, he’s getting somewhat clingy, and although I’ve told him I’m here for the sun, sea, sand and sangria, he’s not taking much notice of me. I kind of spoilt the moment when he piggybacked me into the sea, and I started to scream like a five-year-old girl! Being a non-swimmer, the sea terrifies me. Still, the promise of a ‘ninety-nine’ calmed me down.

Why on earth did I arrange to meet up with Wilfred this evening? And why on earth did I allow the new arrival at the complex, Harry, stop me from going? And why am I feeling that I don’t want the holiday to ever end, yet I’m also feeling the urge to get back home quickly?

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Welcome to this new feature on Hugh’s Views and News. In this feature, I will be sharing snippets from my diary of 1988. We’ll also take a trip in Hugh’s Music Time machine to hear some songs from the 1980s which have been chosen by some specially invited guests.

This week my guest is the author, writer and blogger, Vashti Quiroz-Vega. Like all my guests, Vashti was asked to choose a random date and chose the 25th January. So, the above entry from my diary comes courtesy of Vashti.

Vashti published her second book, The Fall Of Lilith, in August 2017.

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The Fall of Lilith by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Click here to buy the book.

I was the lucky reader who recently won a copy of the book along with a copy of her first book, The Basement. Both books now take pride of place on my bookshelf.

Click here to visit Vashti’s Amazon Author page.

After meeting Vashti at a weekly haiku challenge, I’ve been following her blog and reading her beautiful haikus for some years. I no longer write haikus as I find them very difficult to write, but Vashti not only writes them every week but always includes some beautiful insight into what she’s written, as well as include some fantastic imagery to her posts.

Vashti’s song choice from the 1980s is Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses.

Released in 1988, the song became the band’s first and only number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A. It was chosen by a number of my other guests, but Vashti pipped them all to the post.

I’ve always found ‘rock n’ roll’ music to be quite dark and moody. That’s exactly how we’re going to see Wilfred when we bump into him again next week. Do you have a favourite song that you find dark and moody? Share a link to it in the comments. Thanks for the excellent song choice, Vashti.

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Author, writer and blogger, Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Connect with Vashti

Twitter: http://twitter.com/VashtiQV   ( @VashtiQV )
Facebook Author Page: http://on.fb.me/1g0da7d 
Thank you to Vashti for being my third guest on this new feature for 2018. I look forward to welcoming my next guest next week.

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