Thank You For Helping Me Raise £271 For The Dogs Trust

Thank you to everyone who recently left links to their blogs and/or author pages which helped me raise £271 for The Dogs Trust between 18th December 2017 and 6th January 2018.

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On the menu bar at the top of my blog, you’ll see a new item ‘Top Blogs And Author Pages To Visit In 2018.’ Click on it and you’ll see a full list of all the bloggers and authors who helped me raise £271. There are links to all their blogs and/or author pages, so please do visit them.

#charityappeal #charity #thedostrust #bloggers #authors

You can still leave links to your blogs and/or author pages on the original post by clicking here. If you do leave any links, then please consider donating to The Dogs Trust by visiting their webpage here.

Once again, thank you to every single one of you who left links on the original post, and to everyone who shared the post by reblogging, Press This, and/or social media.

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