What Were The Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2017?

Of course, I’m referring to those on Hugh’s Views And News, and this post will undoubtedly benefit those that have not been following this blog for very long as they may have missed some of these posts the first time around.

For the purpose of this list, these posts do not include any pages (such as my about me page), and the figures are based on the number of views each post received. To read the post, click on the title of the post.

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10.  Win a £50 Amazon Gift Card and A Signed Copy Of Glimpses.

Published on: 18th May 2017

Number of views: 534

Number of likes: 83

Number of comments: 95

This was a promotional post for my book, Glimpses. People had a lot of fun working out the number of sweets in two photographs.

9. Is It Time To Turn Off Comments On Your Blog?

Published on: 16th October 2017

Number of views:  554

Number of likes: 182

Number of comments: 284

This particular post got many readers hot under the collar; many sharing their frustrations on those bloggers who do not answer or acknowledge comments. Join the debate and let those that have already left a comment know your feelings on the subject.

8. Comfort Food

Published on: 7th May 2017

Number of views: 555

Number of likes: 132

Number of comments: 47

My most viewed piece of flash fiction which was written as part of the weekly 99-word flash fiction challenge hosted by Charli Mills over at the Carrot Ranch.

7. How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress

Published on: 4th September 2017

Number of views: 636

Number of likes: 184

Number of comments: 171

Not a surprise hit given that I discovered that a lot of bloggers had no idea what ‘Press This’ was or what it does. WordPress has since changed the way ‘Press This’ works, but you can check out all the new details here.

6. Let’s Keep Blogging Fun

Published on: 30th March 2017

Number of views: 637

Number of likes: 173

Number of comments: 254

Written after reading many blog posts and social media comments from bloggers who were getting stressed out and allowing blogging to make them feel guilty, this was a post written to remind everyone that blogging was supposed to be about enjoyment and fun.

5. Coming Out Of The Closet

Published on: 11th March 2017

Number of views: 707

Number of likes: 164

Number of comments: 202

Even in 2017, living life as a gay person is not as easy as many think it should be. In this post, I delved into how scars from the past can still dictate how we live our present-day lives.

4. How To Add A Flipboard Sharing Button To Your WordPress Blog

Published on: 20th April 2017

Number of views: 860

Number of likes: 72

Number of comments: 158

Flipboard was a fantastic new social media discovery for me in 2017, and I wanted to share it with everybody.

3. Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me A Link To Your Blog

Published on: 18th December 2017

Number of views: 927

Number of likes: 190

Number of comments: 564

Still ongoing, this was my Christmas charity appeal for 2017. All I asked readers to do was to leave a link to their blog and/or author’s page and I would donate £1 for every link left to The Dogs Trust. The appeal closes at 23:59 on January 6th, 2018.

2. 71 Ways To Slowly Kill Your Blog

Published on: 20th August 2017

Number of views: 970

Number of likes: 229

Number of comments: 327

Murder was on my mind when I wrote this post, and it seems that many readers also had some of the same thoughts on their minds.

1. Why Do Men Sit On The Left And Women Sit On The Right?

Published on: 9th August 2016

Number of views: 1,228

Number of likes: 106

Number of comments: 125

The only post that appears in my top 10 which was not written in 2017, this post from 18 months ago still attracts a lot of views and is the surprise winner. Do you have any idea why men always sit on the left of a woman?

I’d like to thank everyone who visited, read, liked and/or left any comments on my blog posts during 2017. Without you, this space that occupies Hugh’s Views And News would have a vacant sign attached to it.

Happy New Year.

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