51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 50: Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Here we are in the penultimate week of this music feature for 2017. It’s been quite a journey, especially with us all having to drop off that hippopotamus last week. This week, as we began the trip home, what better way than to feature a song that has the perfect title.

51 weeks 51 songs from the past poster

Welcome back to 1986. It’s a few days before Christmas, snow is falling, and the roads are packed with traffic and people driving home for Christmas. This leads me nicely on to introduce our featured song for this week. Over to you, Chris…

In the United Kingdom, Driving Home For Christmas has never peaked any higher than number 23 on the singles charts. In fact, that’s where the single is currently laying on 20th December 2017. When first released in 1986, the song only managed to peak at number 53 and has had a modest placing in the charts every December since 2007. However, despite its poor showing on the charts, the song has been voted as one of the most popular and best top 10 Christmas songs of all time.

In 2009, an original video for the song was released in aid of the charity Shelter. All proceeds from the download of the song were donated to the charity. The video features many celebrities, and Chris is stated as saying that he wanted to do something special with the song that year. What better way than to help keep a roof over people’s heads when they need it most – at Christmas. By teaming up with Shelter, they made a big difference.

Which leads me very nicely to my Christmas charity appeal for 2017. I’m raising money for The Dogs Trust this year. Click here for all the details and help me raise some money for a good cause.

For the last few weeks, I have asked everyone to share their three favourite festive songs. This week showcase the third of your favourite songs by leaving a link to it in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who left a link to a favourite festive song last week. And, a big thank you to Marie, Ruth and Kat who all published a post about favourite festive songs.

Next week I’ll be showcasing my last song of this feature before we head back to 2017. I hope you can all join me for the final performance.

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    1. Hi Chuck,

      When I was doing my research for this song, I could not find anywhere as to if the song had been released in the U.S.A. But you’re right about the video being filmed in your part of the world. Maybe somebody just added the video to the song on YouTube to make their own version?

      Thank you for sharing your amazing song and video. I have to agree that both the song and the video were amazing. Let’s hope we hear a lot of that song over the Christmases yet to come.

  1. I’ve always liked this song but this year has been the first year it’s been playing in my car as I drive home from work and it’s taken on a whole new meaning for me as I only passed my driving test recently. As for my third favourite Christmas song I’m not going to think about it too much and pick one of most played over the past few years https://youtu.be/jMiTNe8gHIg

  2. Oh I do know that song Hugh, in fact I always loved that song since I first heard it. Was it really so long ago it came out? 1986? Lol Merry Christmas again my friend. ❤ xxxxx I'll leave you with one of my favorite singers of all times, may he R.I.P. gone much too early. https://youtu.be/lYxRdPamCjs

    1. Thanks so much for bringing Luther over here, Debby. I can just see myself sat in front of that fire while I toast some marshmallows waiting for Santa to pop down the chimney. 🎅
      Merry Christmas and Christmas hugs to George and you.

  3. Hi,Hugh – I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with my third favorite Christmas song…but it’s just to hard.There are so many that I absolutely love. Included in my long list is the song you shared above, and many that your other readers have listed as well. I’ve greatly enjoyed your Time Machine feature and hate to see it come to an end.

    1. It’s a tough choice, isn’t it, Donna? It’s such a shame that many of these great songs are only played in December.
      I’m so pleased you have enjoyed this music feature and that you were also a big part of it when you took control of the music time machine for a week. Thank you so much for doing so.
      I’ve a new feature planned to take its place, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

    1. I don’t think it was ever released as a single in the U.S.A, Terri, yet the first video looks to be set in your part of the world as they are driving on the righthand side of the road.
      Have a safe journey and I hope there are no holds ups for you on the route.

    1. I love the outfit, Judy. In fact, I can see me in that. Maybe one for the Santa list? 🤔
      I’ve heard your choice of song being played a lot on the radio this year. Such a camp song from a group with an eerie name. 😈

      1. Yes, it is a very camp song, but that is part of its charm, and the video too of course!
        You might get a bit cold and need some long johns under those lace up trousers, Hugh, It is pretty chilly at the moment! 🙂

  4. I am a big fan of Chris Rea but not this one I have to say. I think he was at his best before he became he became really famous and a bit too commercial.
    I have a nice story about Chris Rea. He lived near Maidenhead in Berkshire and I was manager of a company that collected the refuse. There were a lot of big stars living in the area but the crews really liked Chris because he would always come out to chat to them, treat them as equals and would give them an occasional treat. The star they liked the least was Wendy Craig but they never said why.

    1. Great story, Andrew. I wonder what it was about Wendy? I’ve always much-preferred people who don’t think they are above us simply because of their status. It drove me mad when I was working. However, I always continued to say ‘hello’ to them and ask them how their weekend had been. The looks I would get told me they didn’t think I was worth talking to, but I loved continuing to annoy them.

  5. Nice one, Hugh. Here is one I never get sick of. “I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas! Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! 🎆 🎄 🎁 hugs xx

    1. I’ve never heard that song before, Janice. I think that kid was me when I was about 9 year’s old. That’s when I told my younger sister all about who Father Christmas really was one Christmas Eve. 😀 😈 Needless to say, I was sent to bed without any supper.
      Thanks for sharing it with us. 🎅
      Hugs to you

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