51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 48: S Club 7 – Never Had a Dream Come True

Does anyone else think my music time machine is not running as it should be? Sorry for the jump-starts and vibrations, but it seems to have developed a mind of its own since I loaned it out to Donna last week. Did you all enjoy the journey she took you on? What’s that? She crashed landed you in the year 2016? I don’t believe you. Then again, perhaps a quiet word at the ‘end of year’ party won’t go amiss?

51 weeks 51 songs from the past poster

Well, I’m delighted that we’ve made it to the year 2000. I don’t think my guests would have waited for us very long. It’s cold outside, and I’m continuing the festive theme that Donna kicked off last week. Let’s have a listen to this week’s featured song.

I did ask Donna to tell you all to wear some warm clothes for this week’s trip. She did tell you all, didn’t she? Those of you with summer clothes on will find a thermostat of hot chocolate under your seat. At least our guests from the group S Club 7 are all dressed up warmly. Don’t they look great?

While not having Christmas themed lyrics, the video for the song certainly brings it a festive image. It’s a song I often hear being played at this time of the year. The song was chosen to be the official Children in Need charity single in 2000, helping it to make the number one spot in the United Kingdom. It also went on to become a top ten hit in Ireland, Sweden and the United States of America.

As for the group; S Club 7 was formed in 1998 by Simon Fuller (who once also managed The Spice Girls). The group quickly rose to fame when the BBC offered them their very own television show called Miami 7.

The show went on to run for four seasons and saw the band travel across America. Watched by over 90 million viewers in over 100 countries around the world,  it helped to propel their record sales. However, the group only went on to record four studio albums but ended up selling over ten million copies. Not bad for a quick walk on the path of fame, wouldn’t you say?

For the next few weeks, I’ll be asking you to share your three favourite festive tunes. Share a link to the first one in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who left a link to a favourite song in the comments section of last week’s post from Donna.  I always enjoy hearing your choice of songs and what memories they bring.

Want to join me in building up your 51 favourite songs from the past? There’s not much time left, but you can still leave a link in the comments section below and showcase your next song.

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  1. I love S Club 7 and love Never Had A Dream Come True. I had all of their CDs when I was a teen and would put them on repeat. Though it came out in 2000, it still had a very 90s feel about it. I also remember the TV shows like the one you shared – the shows would come on the TV every weekend and I would clear my schedule out for it 🙂 Very sad when they disbanded but their music still lives on. Heard they reunited for a slew of shows not too long ago, and part of the band came to Australia recently for a bit of a show.

    Seasons greetings to you, Hugh. Christmas must be in full swing over in your part of the world now. I’m guessing maybe it’s cold too and you are all rugged up with a warm cup of drink every day. Take care, and best wishes 🙂

    1. You sound a true S Club 7 fan, Mabel. I rather like their music as well and always saw the group as a bit of fun. Their songs always get me on the dancefloor.

      We had over 6 inches of snow last weekend and some of it still remains today. It has been very cold so far this December, but I hear we’re in for some mild damp weather for the runup to Christmas. I’ve my fingers crossed that it will turn cold again in time for Christmas.

      Seasons greetings to you Mabel, and enjoy your warm sunny weather.

      1. Oh yes, I was quite the S Club 7 fan. Their songs did make me want to boogie, but it was their slow songs that always struck a chord with me. I can still remember most of the words to most of their songs.

        Sounds like it’s going to be a damp one for you indeed what with the snow already coming down heaps. We are slated for temperatures in the mid-twenties and higher over the next couple of weeks. Sending warmth your way, Hugh 🙂

  2. I thought I hadn’t hear of this song, but when I played it I immediately recognized the tune! Beautiful choice! Love the Susan Boyle song and really love the Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet–still get goosebumps when I hear it!
    Love this song made famous in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

    1. What a blast from the past your choice of song was, Terri. I instantly remembered the tune as soon as I heard it but never connected it with a Christmas episode of Charlie Brown. I was a big fan of the show when it was aired on a Saturday morning by the BBC back in the 1970s. We don’t see much of Charlie Brown and the gang anymore, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places? 🤔

      1. No new CB episodes have been made for decades. But they always air on network TV around the holidays. I bought the DVD so I could always have “Its a Charlie Brown Christmas. Glad you enjoyed the tune, it’s on my Christmas playlist on Spotify. 🙂

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  4. S Club don’t do it for me, I’m afraid. And someone – Steve – has already put up the link for my favourite song at this time of the year – the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl with Fairy Tale in New York. Love it.

  5. Totally forgot about S club 7’s Miami show Lol!! It was really bad! Christmas song for me, (although I do like Ritu’s choice – Dean Martin) has to be Slade, Merry Christmas everyone. Just for the fab memories at that time for me 🙂

  6. Great song choice, Hugh!
    What’s that? People told on me?
    Well…I did sorta crash your Time Machine.
    And…I forgot to tell readers about the warm clothes.
    To make up for it I do have another terrific song/video to share.
    I hope that you enjoy it!

    1. You did a great job, Donna. I see you even vacuumed up, as well. 😀 I think the music time machine knows it’s journey is coming to an end. But, fear not, I have plans for it. 😀
      I love the opening of the video you shared with us. Never seen that before. Can you imagine Bing ever doing that? 😂 It’s a great song choice, especially with Mr Bowie also included. Another one for my Christmas playlist.

    1. I loved your choice of song, Marie. It’s one I’ve never heard before.
      I have a real problem, sometimes, with videos from YouTube not playing. I wish there was some way of knowing which countries a video may not play in.
      Thanks for joining in with the festivities.

  7. Hi Hugh, I remember the song. Your 2nd video did play here in the U.S. Question…is there any way to tell when a video will not “cross the pond” ??? I’ve always wondered. My favorite song of the season is Handel’s Messiah, any version, usually done by chorus and orchestra.

    1. Thanks for sharing your favourite seasonal song, Van.

      As for your question on the videos – I don’t think there is a way. I usually put two versions in a post just in case. However, I thought the first version in this post would play because the song was a hit in your part of the world. However, it seems not.

      Hopefully, somebody else may know the answer and let us know.

  8. Gotta love S Club. Reminds me of the guest post I did for your site earlier this year and I tried to convince everyone that we have all actually had a dream come true whether we realise it or it. As for my fave festive tunes it’s a difficult one and I’d have to that’s despite what you might expect it to be that it’s actually this https://youtu.be/j9jbdgZidu8

    1. I remember that post very well (and the song you included in it). Now, whenever I hear the song, I think about your post. You’ll always be connected with that song from now on.

      Your choice of song is a classic. I’ve never known anyone say they don’t like listening to that song. In fact, yesterday, my niece kept asking Alexia to play the song over and over again while we drunk some fizzy stuff and ate gold chocolate coins. It was very festive. 🎅

  9. I love this song, Hugh, and it does seem very festive. I have also gone with a song that is not exactly Christmassy in the lyrics department, put put on some white fluffy clothes, sprinkle in fake snow, and add some sleigh bells and it is transformed into a song that is always played at Christmas time. https://youtu.be/0mg7ok8dmDU

    1. It’s amazing what white fir, snow, and a bit of wind can do, isn’t it, Judy? Your choice of song features on all the ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ music CDs. Yet, like my choice, no mention of a Christmas theme in the lyrics. Thanks for being first through the door with your choice. 🎅

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