The Ups And Downs Of Writing And Blogging – A Guest Post By Aimer Boyz @boyzbooks

The R.C.M.P. (Royal Mounted Canadian Police) don’t go in for top hats — but I do. Unfortunately, this particular topper leaves a nasty red mark on my forehead, so my friend the moose here gets to wear it.

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Who owns a top hat these days? Uh, someone who was obsessed with Kurt Hummel in Glee. Someone who was insane enough to order a top hat online to duplicate one of the outfits Kurt wore on the show. Someone who dragged her kids to Glee Live in Concert and wore the top hat. Someone who’s lucky her kids still talk to her.

Hi, I’m Aimer Boyz — more or less. Out here in the blog world, it’s more. Over the entire scope of my life, it’s less, much less. I’ve been Aimer Boyz for a little over three years now. Since the day I self-published my first book Fireworks in August of 2014.

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Aimer’s first book, Fireworks

Read Hugh’s review of Fireworks by clicking here.

Click here to buy the book.

I write and blog and hang out on social media as Aimer Boyz. In the real world, I’m — not saying.

Why a pen name? Because I write a lot of sex scenes and that makes people, myself included, a little uncomfortable. Back when I was working on Fireworks, I told my mother bits and pieces about the characters as I developed them. She could hardly wait to read the book — until she read it. I don’t think she ever made it past Chapter Three. It was two weeks before she could look me in the eye again. She couldn’t reconcile the person who had written Fireworks to the girl she had raised to be a lady. Penname? Definitely.

I live in Toronto — more or less. I live in a suburb north of the city, a traffic jam away from the CN Tower.

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I’d never even read a blog, much less thought of writing one, until a Social Media Setup Guide landed in my inbox with a big red star next to the URL for WordPress — Blogger born.

Hugh was one of the first people I met here on WordPress, a definite case of beginner’s luck. It’s entirely down to Hugh and his WordPress-for-Dummies posts that my blog isn’t an uncategorized jumble. If I send out an S.O.S. via Twitter — and I do — Hugh throws me a life preserver.

I’m still learning my way around, but I’ve met some amazing and amazingly generous people here on WordPress. Bloggers like Ryan Lanz and his group of writers over at A Writer’s Path and Ronovan Hester and his friends over at ronovanwrites whose posts guide me along the path to writing better blogs and better books. Bloggers like JP over at It’s My Husband and I who writes posts that have me smiling over my morning coffee. Bloggers like Hugh here, who feel like friends even though I may never meet them in the real world.

I started blogging because that’s what self-published authors do, but what made me think I could write a novel? Same thing that made me buy a top hat. Insanity — and Kurt Hummel.

Because of Kurt, I found fan fiction. I found it and loved it and wrote Kurt-centric stories for two years. In my own biased opinion, I gave Kurt a better boyfriend than Ryan Murphy did. Once I’d created an original character for the Glee universe, I thought maybe …

How does a dream become a reality? Everyone’s path is different, but — I’ll tell you a story. I’m a writer, that’s what we do.

Once upon a time …

A mother and daughter sat in a hospital room — for six long weeks. The daughter messaged friends and colleagues and watched downloaded TV episodes, all while trying not to go into labour because it was too early and her unborn baby was too small. The mother waited with her daughter, waited on doctors’ reports, waited for the baby to grow. She sucked down too much coffee and too many chocolate chip muffins while typing up snippets of conversation that would eventually become the first chapter of her first book.

That was almost five years ago. My daughter is now healthy and happy and the mother or three. Me? I’ve switched from chocolate chip muffins to chocolate chip cookies, self-published two books, and am now working on a third.

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How did any of this happen?

It’s simple — I didn’t know what I was doing.

Years ago, when I was younger and braver, I went parasailing. It was incredible. I felt like God sitting up there in the clouds, looking down on hotels and ocean and beach.

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That experience was one of the highlights of my life, and it would never have happened if I had known that on that particular beach people had fallen out of the sky because the tethers on a sail had broken.

But I didn’t know, and I did it, and I don’t regret it — the parasailing or the writing.

Writing, it turns out, is a lot like parasailing. Some days you feel like God, some days you’re stuck on the beach, and nothing can get that sail in the air.

In the last three years, I’ve learned that adverbs are evil, blogs should be scheduled like clockwork, and always, always have your manuscript professionally edited.

I’m still learning, still writing, and still blogging. Stop by Aimer Boyz — Books and Blather anytime and if you like a little sex with your romance, check me out on Amazon.

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Ainer second book, A Little Blood

Buy ‘A Little Blood’ by clicking here.

Connect with Aimer

Blog: AimerBoyz

Twitter: boyzbooks

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Amazon: Author’s Page where you can buy her books

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50 thoughts on “The Ups And Downs Of Writing And Blogging – A Guest Post By Aimer Boyz @boyzbooks

  1. Some great encouragement here, because I’m long overdue for putting on my publishing para shoot and leaping out of the plane…geronimo!
    xx Rowena

  2. Hi, Aimer – It is so nice to meet you here. I previously lived just outside of Toronto and now call Vancouver Island my home. I love your comparison of your early blogging experiences to your early parasailing experience. So glad that Hugh was there to help along the way (he’s amazing). I’m off to check out your blog now.

    1. Hi, Donna;
      As a kid, I thought my aunt’s Nanaimo Bars were her own personal genius. Now, every time I see them in a bakery window I think of Vancouver Island. You picked a great place to call home 🙂 So far, I’ve only been to Vancouver and Victoria. I have to get out west more often.
      I just subscribed to Retirement Reflections 🙂

  3. Thank you for introducing us to Aimer, Hugh. And isn’t Hugh the best, Aimer? He is so knowledgeable and generous. I love that you are a grandmother who has recently started publishing books. Grandmother writers rock!

    1. Hi, Molly;
      I grew up in Montreal so I know about the snowsuit on Halloween thing 🙂
      Boomer on the Ledge is waiting on my Kindle 🙂
      And, yes, Hugh’s the best 🙂

  4. Great story on how Aimer fell into blogging. Glad to learn of another fellow Torontonian author! I lived in the northern suburbs of Toronto for 15 years. 🙂 xx

  5. I don’t read that much these days but after reading this from you and Hugh’s review of your book I am very much considering having this book with me on my next vacation! Nice to meet you Aimer

        1. Asking the wrong person, I’m biased 🙂
          I’m a little worried about the book I’m writing now…my guys don’t make it out of the hotel bedroom until Chapter 5 🙂

  6. Nice to meet you, Aimer. Based on the trailers, your success as a writer, your own “blog as you learn” experiences and this guest posts proves to me that you have it all under control, in a professional manner. You are daring, creative and unique. Cheers to your success. And, to Hugh, of course. 🙂

    1. Hi, Liesbet;
      I consider myself an amateur so thank you for the “professional manner” compliment. Hugh does make me look good 🙂
      I stopped by your blog — You and Mark define creative and unique. I’m learning how to write, but you two know how to live 🙂

    1. Thanks, Judy.
      Along with Hugh, you’re one of the first people I met here. I’ve watched and applauded as you took your blog and your life to new places. Always an inspiration 🙂

  7. There does seem to be a certain addictive quality to blogging. Post today, and you have a slew of visitors, likes, and maybe some comments. But if you don’t post tomorrow, then zip.

    And maybe your tracking data shows 200 followers, but in reality only five show up regularly. Which means you better value those who return, and those who bother to comment. Aimer’s one of those, I’m glad to say.

    1. Thanks, Brian 🙂
      So I’m not the only one whose noticed how few followers actually take the time to comment?
      Likes don’t tell you anything about the person behind the blog. You make connections with the people who “show up.” Same as in real life 🙂
      Glad we connected 🙂

  8. Loved this line: Writing, it turns out, is a lot like parasailing. Some days you feel like God, some days you’re stuck on the beach, and nothing can get that sail in the air.
    So true!
    It’s great to meet you, Aimer. 🙂

    1. Hi, Jacquie;
      Thanks, guess you know about those days, right?
      Loved your bio. We’ve got Tim’s in common. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I defect to Starbucks 🙂

    1. Hi, vanbytheriver;
      Amazing, right?. Such a kick to open your laptop or phone and find smiles from across the internet.
      And yes, Hugh’s the best. He keeps hooking me up with the most interesting blogs — like yours 🙂

  9. Hugh was also one of the first bloggers I met, Aimer, and he hosted the first blog party I ever heard of. I met lots of lovely bloggers that I am good friends with now at that party. Here’s to Hugh!

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