The Chair #flashfiction

As the sun set, Agatha Brunell sat in her favourite chair knowing that her life was about to end.

Her sixty-nine years of life had been amazing. She’d never allowed anyone to get the better of her. Now, however, she knew it was time to leave her favourite lumpy chair for the very last time.

“Goodbye, chair,” she said, as she placed the gun to her head. “You were my saviour and the perfect place to hide the hair of my victims.”

As the police closed in, the sound of the gun told them they were too late.


#flashfiction #shortstory #shortstories

This is my entry for the 99-word flash fiction challenge set by Charli Mills at The Carrot Ranch. This week the theme was to tell a 99-word story about a chair on a porch.

© 2017 Copyright-All rights


52 thoughts

  1. No, no, no, Hugh! You cannot do that to us. This story is not complete… what “hair of my victims”. There is more about it!! This is more like the intro to a movie which is about to tell the story that led to that point!


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