The WordPress ‘Press This’ Sharing Button Is Back

It’s back! Yes, ‘Press This’ is back, but it’s different to what it used to look like.

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Check out my video, and I’ll show you what’s different.

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  1. That was very interesting, the Press This function going from no longer working to back to working again. Maybe the WP Engineers were tinkering around with it for a while. This was a great video explaining visually how to use the function. I’ve never actually used it before, and from watching the video (and trying it out on my end) you can put any title you want (and share parts of a post as part of Pressing it). It’s great that you can customise categories and tags at the side. I’ve always been a bit nervy about sharing others’ content on my blog, and have only done a reblog once. Always afraid that I’d get on the wrong side of copyright – but to get around that I’d ask the blogger before sharing just to clarify.

    Come to think of it, there was a blog that seemed to copy one of my entire blog post onto their blog. I wonder if he used the Press This function.

    1. Thanks, Mabel.

      Another blogger mentioned that they were at a WordPress conference last weekend and that WordPress mentioned that they were disabling the ‘Press This’ sharing button. However, they never mentioned that they were bringing it back. There were a lot of complaints aimed at WordPress last weekend when they disabled the button without sending out any communication to users of what they were planning to do. The forums on WordPress were full of very unhappy bloggers. I’m just pleased that they switched it back on again. The new version is better than what we had before, so they’ve done a good job. Let’s hope they don’t do anything like this again without first communicating it to their users.

      You do right by asking a blogger if you can share their post although, in my opinion, if they have the reblog and ‘Press This’ sharing buttons on their blog then that is a sign that they are happy for their post to be shared. One place where ‘Press This’ works better than reblogging is that when sharing via ‘Press This’ you don’t import any images to your own blog from the post you’re sharing. Therefore, no copyright problems unless the post you’re sharing contains any song lyrics.

      1. It does seem that WP is switching up things every now and then. But they do seem to want to improve features here and hopefully this continues.

        Definitely a plus with ‘Press This’ about the copyright. I think the last thing many of us want is our pictures imported onto other blogs and we don’t get credited.

      1. I don’t doubt it, Hugh. I have figured out how to use the bookmark thing but don’t have an option to add it to my own blog! Still, I am happy that I have had chance to use it for the first time!

  2. Thanks for the test drive, Hugh. Very helpful.

    NOW if they’d only make the reblog function more useful. I find it a major drag to click over to a reblog to find nothing beyond a link to the original post – or a few oddly truncated words.

    I long ago surmised that their coders CLEARLY don’t use the platform, based on what they consider an “improvement,” but I’ve often wondered if they all have communication deficits as well — and, if so, why WordPress doesn’t hire somebody with some PR sense to ride herd on all these bizarre changes.

    Impossible for me to believe that they don’t seem to understand that keeping their users in the loop would save EVERYONE a lot of time and frustration — including them, I’m sure.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. I agree, Madelyn. I don’t find reblogging particularly user-friendly, especially when there are no details as to why the post is being reblogged. It also has a few drawbacks such as importing images and photos from the post into your own media library. That, of course, takes up valuable space, and then there are ‘copyright’ issues. I’m very pleased that they have rolled out ‘Press This’ again, and that the newer version is better than the last. Let’s hope they don’t tinker with it again. Their lack of communication on this was diabolical. Let’s hope they’ve learned a few lessons from it. Communication is so important, especially between a company and its users.

      Thanks so much for your comments.

        1. Since February 2014. I’ve never actually used or tried any other blogging platforms. However, from what I have read, WordPress seems to be the number one blogging platform to use.

          I agree about reblogging. It’s a crazy system where you can’t edit anything before hitting the publish button. I think most people use it for quickness. However, I seldom read reblogs, unless the title grabs me and the person doing the reblog says why they are reblogging the article.

        2. I’m with you on reading reblogs, Hugh.

          I investigated thoroughly in 2011 and concluded that WordPress was the way to go. I’m not sure, with the intervening changes, if that’s still the case.

          It is considerably less useful than when I began blogging here – it takes more time and more work to get shorter articles up and formatted.

  3. Bravo Hugh, for staying on top of WP madness. Glad the function is working once again. I will add though, as a self hoster, I still don’t have the ability to put a ‘press this’ button with my share buttons. And my press this is universal, not limited to blogs. I downloaded it from my ‘tools’ in my WP dashboard and it gives me the option to add the press this icon directly onto my bookmarks on the top of any page I go to on the web. That allows me to clip and press articles from anywhere, not just blogs. 🙂 xxx

    1. Sounds as if it works like Evernote does, Debby. I use Evernote after reading your post about it. It’s a great tool for collecting stuff.

      I’m just very glad that the ‘Press This’ sharing button is back and working again. It’s a far better version than before, although there are a few bugs with it. Hopefully, they’ll be exterminated soon. 😀

  4. Hi Hugh,
    I thought I was going crazy. I’m not sure my ‘Press This’ ever went away. I was busy all weekend and it might not have worked then, but it seems to be working now. Anyhow, thank you for keeping us updated.

    1. Hi, Chuck. Unless you tried using the Press This sharing button sometime between Friday night and Monday morning, then you will not have got the error message that thousands of other bloggers were getting. It began working again on Monday morning and, I must say, that it has a better setup than the last version. I’m certainly happier now than I was over the weekend when it was reported that WordPress had deactivated the button for good.

  5. Oh, fantastic! Not only that it is back it basically is like writing a new blog post but with the link to the post included you want to share. Thank you very much for informing us so quickly! Will head over an add the button again!

  6. Hugh, on my HP Windows-based computer, I have a scan button where you put in the URL of the site and it brings it all up like it used to. I will try to take a screen shot and share it on the post in the Author Bloggers group on Facebook. ❤

    1. On the old version of ‘Press This,’ there was also a scan button which, when pressed, would import the images from the post you wanted to share, Colleen. On the new version of ‘Press This,’ the scan button has disappeared. However, I never used the scan button on the old version as I was wary of copyright issues. Please do share the information you have although, as I’m no longer on Facebook, I won’t see it. Please feel free to share the screenshot here, though, as I’m sure it will help other readers who use a Windows computer.

        1. Add the photo to your media library and copy and paste the url of it to your comment. However, remove the ‘s’ from the ‘https’ before posting the comment, otherwise, the screenshot won’t show. I hope that helps, Colleen.

        2. LOL! Of course. I know WordPress is going to change their platform in 2018. I am already using the new editor and love it. Although, there seems to be so much that you have to go back to the old editor for. I hope that gets consolidated. Hugs to you, Hugh! ❤

    1. It’s still on the settings page (without going through WP Admin) under the ‘writing’ tab, Terri. I think the WordPress engineers are still tinkering with stuff in the menus and on the dashboards. I hear they are rolling out a brand new dashboard in 2018. Heavens forbid 😇

  7. Thank you, Hugh. This is immensely helpful as I was concerned about scheduling re-blogs. Your video is brilliant, with all the important things shown clearly. I have bookmarked this post so I can review it later.

    1. You’re very welcome, Connie. It’s been a frustrating few days with what WordPress did to ‘Press This’, but at least they’ve brought it back to us after the outcry they had on their forums. I think it’s an improvement on what we had before.

  8. you’re like a little man in overalls who turns up, sucks his moustache, looks pained and fixes the problems while mumbling about some higher power under his breath. Genius…

  9. Thanks, Hugh. I was at a WordPress Conference this past weekend. They mentioned that ‘Press This’ was being eliminated from…but they failed to mention that it would be available again in an updated form. Now that would have been significant information. Thanks for sharing this. WordPress should hire you!

    1. I wish I’d been at that conference, Donna (I hope you had a great time). I can’t believe they never sent out a communication to all their users about what they were doing with ‘Press This.’ I’ve heard from a lot of unhappy bloggers about what WordPress has done. Still, at least the sharing button now works again, and I do rather like what they’ve replaced it with.

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