What To Do Now WordPress Have Deleted The ‘Press This’ Sharing Button

Update – WordPress have brought back the ‘Press This’ sharing button, but it works differently. Click here to find out the details. 

I never believed I would say these words to you but, if you have the ‘Press This’ sharing button on your blog, remove it now! Why? Because it no longer works, and anyone clicking on it will get an error message.

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I was a big fan of the WordPress ‘Press This’ sharing button. In fact, it was recommended to me a few years ago by a WordPress member of staff. The person in question was shocked by how many of us were still using the reblog button rather than ‘Press This’ to share the posts of other bloggers.

According to the WordPress Happiness Engineer, I chatted with on Saturday morning, they disabled the ‘Press This’ sharing button to prevent phishing attempts. I had a long hard think about this and do recall a few occasions where some of my posts had been shared via “Press This’ on blogs that included very little. It did get me wondering if there were people out there who got as many links to their blogs as possible inserted in the comments section of other blogs, before changing their blog to something that would make my eyes pop out, and which WordPress would immediately remove upon discovery.

During my chat with the Happiness Engineer, I was informed that as a WordPress business plan user, I could install the ‘Press This’ plugin that was available to me. It’s also available on WordPress.org for WordPress users on self-hosted sites, but if your blog is hosted by WordPress at WordPress.com (like mine), plugins can only be installed for free if a site is on the business plan! Therefore, the ‘Press This’ plugin is not available to any WordPress users who do not have a WordPress business plan.

Tempted to install the ‘Press This’ plugin, I was stopped in my tracks when I got a warning that my blog would lose five features if I installed it.

#blogging #WordPress #bloggingtips

  • Blogs I FollowThe Blogs I Follow Widget is an automated way to add a blogroll of sites that you follow via the WordPress.com Reader.
  •  Comment Reply via Email: Comment reply by email allows you to send a reply to a comment directly from the comment notification email.
  • Follow Button: Add a WordPress.com follow button to allow people to follow your blog easier
  • Geotagging: WordPress.com allows you to geotag your posts and pages, which means you can attach a physical location to them.
  • Writing Helper: The Writer Helper is a tool that can help you write or finish your posts.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the loss of the ‘follow button.’ How on earth would new visitors to my blog follow my blog if they couldn’t find the floating follow button?’ ‘No problem,’ came the reply from the Happiness Engineer, ‘you can install a new follow button.’ They sent me a link on how to do this, and it transpires that for WordPress.Com users (like me) it’s a simple case of installing an external ‘Follow me’ button that looks exactly the same as the ‘Follow Blog’ widget!

Now needing some refreshments to get over the shock of my discussions with WordPress, I came to the conclusion that many visitors to my blog would look for the floating follow button that appears in the bottom righthand corner of all WordPress.Com blogs. If it were not there, then how many would look for the ‘follow blog’ widget in the widget bar? And, what about those bloggers that have WordPress themes where the widget bar is hidden behind a menu button? Would visitors really spend time looking for a way of following my blog if they could not see the floating follow button?

My decision was made, and I decided not to install the ‘Press This’ plugin. Instead, I would simply create a brand new post of no more than 50 words and add a pingback to the blog post I wanted to share. In fact, fellow blogger Sue Vincent had already mentioned this in a post she’d written about WordPress deprecating the ‘Press This’ sharing button. In the post, Sue goes into details of her frustrations with inserting the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet button in the bookmark bar, and the procedures you have to take to use the button. It’s not a ‘user-friendly’ tool.

#blogging #bloggingtips #WordPress

Thankfully, Sue also goes into some other options available to bloggers now that the ‘Press This’ sharing button no longer works. So, I won’t go into them here but recommend you check out her post for all the details by clicking here.

You may ask why I just don’t go back to reblogging posts? Well, reblogging does have some pitfalls which I outlined in a post about the benefits of using ‘Press This.’ You can read about those pitfalls (which I listed towards the button of the post) by clicking here.

What about you? Now that the ‘Press This’ sharing button no longer works, what will you be doing when wanting to share the blog posts of other bloggers?

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar to learn more about me and my blog.

145 thoughts

    1. Go to your WordPress Blog’s dashboard and click on ‘sharing’ and then on ‘sharing buttons’ From there you can edit which sharing buttons appear on your WordPress blog (including the ‘Press This’ button).

      1. Well, that’s OK, but I haven’t found a bookmarklet that’s letting me share on my page, and I think it’s about my inability to pay for it. I’m living on very little money and must care for my 88 year-old mother. So, I can’t upgrade. I had a free site, but I’m not sure that I will visit it often. You left this a week ago, and my ability to connect with my site diminishes when I can’t post what I see.

        1. Sounds like you’re having problems with your blog. Have you contacted WordPress to see if they can help? As a WordPress.Com user, the sharing buttons they offer are free to use for all their users. You can download certain plugin but they do charge for them. However, you already have the free sharing buttons on your blog and they should be working. If they don’t work then I’d recommend asking WordPress to look into the issues for you. I’m sure they will fix any bugs that should not be there.

        2. It’s the reverse problem. I can’t share other articles to my blog. We used to be able to post connections , like on Twitter, with a comment before the post. Keith Olbermann does it quite a bit, as do most political writers, like Robert Reich. I don’t get why I can’t share articles TO biblebeltsite. It will be difficult to search from the limited things on wordpress Readers.

        3. That’s what I use ‘Press This’ for. If I see a post I really enjoyed reading and commented on, then I’ll click the ‘press this’ sharing button at the bottom of that post, add a comment as to why I’m sharing it and then publish it on my blog. If the ‘press this’ button is not working on the post you want to share, then you’ll need to report the problem to WordPress. I’m sure they’ll be able to help. Self -hosted blogs tend to be a little different in that they don’t always have a sharing button where you can share the post on your own blog.

    1. I never thought about WordPress being possessed, Teagan, but you could be right. At least the problems in this post have now been fixed…thank goodness. I could not live without having the ability to use the ‘Press This’ sharing button.

  1. Honestly, Hugh, I was always intimidated by the “Press This” button (and the reblog button), so I’ve only used the latter and sparingly. I might have pressed 1 thing once in the last 2-3 years, but nothing happened after I said to press it, and I didn’t know how the process even worked—I thought that if a post got a certain number of ‘press this’ that WordPress would take notice and designate the post as a “Freshly Pressed” post. I know blogging friends who’ve gotten pressed, but I never did . . . to my (limited!) knowledge. This is a really good overview of the frustrations you must be feeling, and I’m like you: I wouldn’t install that new ‘press this’ button either, expressly for the reasons you mentioned (especially blogs I follow and allowing others to follow my blog). I can’t imagine why WP would do this revamp, but thanks once again for your (and Sue V’s) heads-up!

    1. Until it was explained to me by a WordPress member of staff that did a talk at last year’s Bloggers Bash, I was also a little scared of ‘Press This’, Leigh. However, once I took the plunge and played with it, I was really impressed by how it worked and what it did. In my opinion, far better than what reblogging does. As you can imagine, I was horrified when WordPress deactivated the Press This sharing button last weekend, but so pleased that they turned it back on with a better way of using it than before. Why they failed to inform their users what they were going to do, I’ve no idea, but it wasn’t a very professional thing to do.Plus, I don’t know why they didn’t tell me they were going to reactivate it when they told me to install the ‘Press This’ plugin. Thank goodness I didn’t do that. 😀

  2. I’m self hosted so have not used the reblogging or press this features in the past. It is too bad to lose this tool for those who have been using them routinely. Knowing your ingenuity, Hugh, I’m sure you will find a workaround that will work well for you and then share it with your readers.

    1. I’m pleased to say that WordPress has reactivated the ‘Press This’ sharing button, Molly. However, it works differently to how it used to work.

      I just hope they don’t do anything like this again without informing their users what they’re going to do first.

    1. You need to put the ‘Press This’ sharing button back again, Claudette. WordPress have activated it again, although it does work differently to how it used to work. I’m just very glad they saw sense and activated it again.

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