What To Do Now WordPress Have Deleted The ‘Press This’ Sharing Button

Update – WordPress have brought back the ‘Press This’ sharing button, but it works differently. Click here to find out the details. 

I never believed I would say these words to you but, if you have the ‘Press This’ sharing button on your blog, remove it now! Why? Because it no longer works, and anyone clicking on it will get an error message.

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I was a big fan of the WordPress ‘Press This’ sharing button. In fact, it was recommended to me a few years ago by a WordPress member of staff. The person in question was shocked by how many of us were still using the reblog button rather than ‘Press This’ to share the posts of other bloggers.

According to the WordPress Happiness Engineer, I chatted with on Saturday morning, they disabled the ‘Press This’ sharing button to prevent phishing attempts. I had a long hard think about this and do recall a few occasions where some of my posts had been shared via “Press This’ on blogs that included very little. It did get me wondering if there were people out there who got as many links to their blogs as possible inserted in the comments section of other blogs, before changing their blog to something that would make my eyes pop out, and which WordPress would immediately remove upon discovery.

During my chat with the Happiness Engineer, I was informed that as a WordPress business plan user, I could install the ‘Press This’ plugin that was available to me. It’s also available on WordPress.org for WordPress users on self-hosted sites, but if your blog is hosted by WordPress at WordPress.com (like mine), plugins can only be installed for free if a site is on the business plan! Therefore, the ‘Press This’ plugin is not available to any WordPress users who do not have a WordPress business plan.

Tempted to install the ‘Press This’ plugin, I was stopped in my tracks when I got a warning that my blog would lose five features if I installed it.

#blogging #WordPress #bloggingtips

  • Blogs I FollowThe Blogs I Follow Widget is an automated way to add a blogroll of sites that you follow via the WordPress.com Reader.
  •  Comment Reply via Email: Comment reply by email allows you to send a reply to a comment directly from the comment notification email.
  • Follow Button: Add a WordPress.com follow button to allow people to follow your blog easier
  • Geotagging: WordPress.com allows you to geotag your posts and pages, which means you can attach a physical location to them.
  • Writing Helper: The Writer Helper is a tool that can help you write or finish your posts.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the loss of the ‘follow button.’ How on earth would new visitors to my blog follow my blog if they couldn’t find the floating follow button?’ ‘No problem,’ came the reply from the Happiness Engineer, ‘you can install a new follow button.’ They sent me a link on how to do this, and it transpires that for WordPress.Com users (like me) it’s a simple case of installing an external ‘Follow me’ button that looks exactly the same as the ‘Follow Blog’ widget!

Now needing some refreshments to get over the shock of my discussions with WordPress, I came to the conclusion that many visitors to my blog would look for the floating follow button that appears in the bottom righthand corner of all WordPress.Com blogs. If it were not there, then how many would look for the ‘follow blog’ widget in the widget bar? And, what about those bloggers that have WordPress themes where the widget bar is hidden behind a menu button? Would visitors really spend time looking for a way of following my blog if they could not see the floating follow button?

My decision was made, and I decided not to install the ‘Press This’ plugin. Instead, I would simply create a brand new post of no more than 50 words and add a pingback to the blog post I wanted to share. In fact, fellow blogger Sue Vincent had already mentioned this in a post she’d written about WordPress deprecating the ‘Press This’ sharing button. In the post, Sue goes into details of her frustrations with inserting the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet button in the bookmark bar, and the procedures you have to take to use the button. It’s not a ‘user-friendly’ tool.

#blogging #bloggingtips #WordPress

Thankfully, Sue also goes into some other options available to bloggers now that the ‘Press This’ sharing button no longer works. So, I won’t go into them here but recommend you check out her post for all the details by clicking here.

You may ask why I just don’t go back to reblogging posts? Well, reblogging does have some pitfalls which I outlined in a post about the benefits of using ‘Press This.’ You can read about those pitfalls (which I listed towards the button of the post) by clicking here.

What about you? Now that the ‘Press This’ sharing button no longer works, what will you be doing when wanting to share the blog posts of other bloggers?

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar to learn more about me and my blog.

145 thoughts

  1. There are a lot of very unhappy WP bloggers at the moment. I was stunned when I tried to use Press This last night. I thought I’d messed something up, until I saw the chat in the forums when I googled what to do. It’s a definite pain. I’d only ever used it to re-publish a post from one of my blogs to the other. It’s really just as easy to not use it because it didn’t fill anything anyway. I still had to populate the post.

    1. Hi Norah, Press This is now back and working again, although it does have a different setup. I’ve no idea why WordPress didn’t inform its users what was going on. Their lack of communication on this subject was very poor.

      1. It was very poor. Thanks for letting me know. I did see your post in my inbox but haven’t had a chance to read or check it out yet. I don’t know if I’ll bother with it again. We’ll see, 🙂

  2. This is awful Hugh. I’d already read Sue’s post and her workaround. As you know, I’m self-hosted and thankfully haven’t had a problem losing access. But if that phishing scam is tied to the Press This tool, why is it still functioning for WP.org? That is strange. 😦 xx

    1. Agreed, Debby. Do you mind me asking if you had to pay to download the WordPress ‘Press This’ plugin? I could have downloaded it for free (as a business plan user), but I didn’t want to lose the floating ‘follow’ button on my blog. For now, I’ll share posts via another method (which I’m working on). 😀

      1. Not at all Hugh, no, I didn’t have to pay. And, I’m not using a plugin. I installed it years ago from my dashboard in tools. How strange is that? 🙂 xx

        1. It must have come as a free download with the theme then, Debby? Whatever, I’m pleased to announce that the ‘Press This’ sharing button is working again. It has a different setup to how it worked before, but it seems they already had this planned, or they listened to the outcry from their users. I’m just very happy that it’s all working again. 😀

        2. Oh thank goodness Hugh! That was just crazy to take it away and leave no alternative. I would gasp if they took it away from .org because we don’t even have the access to the reblog button for backup. That would mean a whole lotta tabs open for copy and pasting every time we wanted to save something in draft. I’ll drink to that cheers! 🙂 xxx

  3. Thank you, Hugh..Some days and I think this is one of them I think my brain is just going to implode and I might just have an early sundowner or two or even three and along comes Hugh to the rescue…Off to delete that button or on reading your comments maybe I will leave it be for now…Thank you, Hugh 🙂

    1. I’ve removed it, for now, Carol. Only for the simple reason that I don’t like having any broken links or buttons on my blog. If they do reactivate ‘Press This’ then I’ll simply place it back. Somehow, though, I don’t think they will bring it back. But, we’ll see.

  4. Hi, Hugh – Thank you for sharing this excellent information. I am self-hosted with WP, so still have the ‘Press This’ feature. However, I usually repost by using the method that Lorna described in the first common. I have found that the method works quite well.

    1. I could have downloaded the ‘Press This’ plugin, Donna, but I didn’t want to lose the floating ‘follow’ button. I’m working on a new method of sharing posts, along the same lines that Lorna and many others already do. It seems the best method…for now. 😀

  5. That’s frustrating isn’t it? I don’t use it so much now but I’ve become used to using the bookmark widget applet type thing so I don’t think I’ll mind so much and I can see the reason behind why the stopped it but still, grrr – change!

    1. It is! Especially after I wrote a post on how to use ‘Press This’ and what the benefits of using it were. I haven’t found the bookmark widget user-friendly so I won’t use it until they improve it. I’ll be sharing posts via another method other than by reblogging.

  6. Hugh, one thing I discovered when using the Press This bookmarklet is that the reblog won’t automatically save to draft without a title, and the title takes inordinately long to appear. But if you copy and paste the title, then it will save to draft. It seems WP is removing more and more functions from .com users, possibly in an attempt to drive us to a business plan?

    1. P.S. We need to remove Press This from our Enabled Services under Sharing Settings on our dashboards, by dragging and dropping it to Available Services and then saving. Otherwise, it will continue to appear on our blogs under either Share This or More.

    2. Thanks for that tip, Tina. After reading Sue’s post, I won’t be using the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet until it becomes more user-friendly. Hopefully, that will be soon. 😀

      I do wonder why they remove more and more useful functions from those not on the business plan. It’s a sure way of driving away users, but I know many, like myself, do think that WordPress has the best blogging platform.

    1. WordPress, for whatever reason, took it upon themselves to deactivate the ‘Press This’ sharing button without telling anyone. Seems they have left it to some of their users to inform everyone. A very unprofessional way of going about things.

  7. Reblogged this on Becky's Book Notes and commented:
    Thank you, Hugh, for informing everyone about this. I personally have never used it, I’ve only reblogged. It is good to know. It is too bad that WP didn’t inform us. Has anyone else had issues with Press This? Let me know! 🙂

  8. Thanks for this Hugh, I’ve usually Re-blogged, but may have progressed to the Share This button, but now I know not to! Word Press really should tell users, strange that they haven’t. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on how to re-blog in a different way 🙂

    1. I totally agree, Sam. They should have informed all users that they were going to deactivate the ‘Press This’ sharing button. I’ve heard that the WordPress forums are full of unhappy bloggers who used ‘Press This’.

      I’m working on a solution and will publish something once I have a good result.

  9. Thank you for the update, Hugh. Sad to hear, really, as I was getting used to it, but I can understand WP’s decision to eliminate it. That’s the problem with dot com free blog sites, the tools are extremely limited in this platform. I have a self-hosted website from which I rarely blog (no followers). and I reinstalled it on my chrome toolbar. It works fine there, but since I rarely blog form there, it makes no difference. I am going to try an experiment and I will get back to you!

        1. Well, at least it works. That’s good news. However, I am hearing that so many bloggers have complained to WordPress, that they may just reinstall the ‘Press This’ sharing button. My fingers are crossed. 🤞

    1. I usually get notifications from them when they want to announce something Andrew, so I was surprised that they never said anything about deactivating the ‘Press This’ sharing button. I’ve raised a complaint with them and told them how unhappy I am that they’ve done what they’ve done, but all they said was that there are plenty of other sharing options to use. To their credit, they always come back to me quickly whenever I raise any concerns with them. However, they’ve not handled this situation at all well.

  10. Ugh! I have only used the reblog button, so I don’t feel it like you and many others do. Bottom line is WordPress needs to tell their customers of changes! Thanks for posting this, Hugh.

  11. This has driven me nuts, I use press it especially at the weekend (thanks to you) as it is easier to schedule posts. I have been following a few conversations around the internet and people are really not happy, one wordpress enginer hinted that they might give it back, so I am going to leave the press it button on my blog for a few days and see whar happens

  12. I was a little downhearted as I was never able to access the ‘Press This’ button properly being a self-hosted site. Strangely though, now I have that little icon you mentioned about bookmarking a site with ‘Press This.’ O am not sure what to do with it, and to be frank, after all the horrendous problems I have had with my blogs lately am a little scared of it! I will check out Sue’s post before I mess with it! Thanks, as always, Hugh for keeping us updated with the techy side of WordPress, it is appreciated 🙂

    1. Found your comment in my WordPress spam folder, Judy. I hope the spam monster is not taking you hostage?

      The ‘Press This’ bookmarklet is what Sue Vincent tried using. She found it very frustrating to use and not very user-friendly. Therefore, I won’t be going down that route. I’ll be going down the pingback route, and I pray that WordPress doesn’t suddenly decide to deactivate pingbacks (heavens forbid!)

      I’ll keep everyone updated with any further developments as I’ve just heard that WordPress have been inundated with complaints about this.

  13. I had not noticed that this button had been deactivated until I read about it on Beetley Pete’s blog. Dash, I had only just learned how to use this button from you, Hugh. Now perhaps you will be kind enough to post about how to remove the jolly button [smile].

        1. Hi Sue. Press This is back! 😀 But, it’s different to the old version. I’ve no idea why they disabled the sharing button without telling anyone over the weekend, but it’s now working again. 😀 Communication has not been their strong point on this.

  14. Thanks, Hugh, I’ve not been on properly in months so wouldn’t have noticed.
    Do I take it you’re leaving wp to go to Wix?

  15. I was so frustrated after seeing this feature disabled… or deprecated! I think I’ll do the same as you Hugh and pingback to the post I wish to share!

        1. That’s (if you dare) something to bring up with WordPress, Ritu. Good luck if you do. I don’t think they’re very popular at the moment after doing what they’ve done with ‘Press This’.

  16. Our MilitantNegro asked me about the Press This button because he had problems with it. I don’t understand why we are not informed that they disabled that button. You said, blogs which are paid for are not concerned like …org. Does it include …me too? I have an upgraded theme which I pay for and the address is ErikaKind.me. Do you now that?

    1. I agree, Erika. They should have at least notified everyone they were going to disable the ‘Press This’ sharing button. It, at least, would have given everyone time to think about what they were going to do. To allow us all to only find out by clicking on the button and getting an error message is not a professional way of treating customers. They should also have told everyone to remove the broken button from their blog.

      If you’re on a business plan (like me) and use WordPress as your platform then you can download the ‘Press This’ plugin for free. It’s also available to those blogs that are self-hosted. To find out which plan you’re on, click on ‘My Sites’ and, just below Stats, you’ll be able to see which plan you’re on. However, if you download the plugin then you’ll lose the floating ‘follow’ button. I can see the floating follow button when on your site.

      1. No, that is not the way to treat customers by keeping them pondering what is happening.
        Thank you for checking that my Follow button is still there. That might mean I can go on like before and nothing has changed. But I will check again as you recommended. Thank you very much for this information, Hugh!!

    1. I agree, Ellen. I don’t know if they hope people will upgrade, but this has certainly frustrated a lot of people from what I’m hearing.

      I no longer use the reblog button so am in the process of coming up with something else as a plan.

  17. Hi Hugh,
    Just yesterday I heard about the loss of the Press This button to the WordPress community. Bloggers are expressing frustrations everywhere. I find it a shame that people such as yourself who want to do something nice for someone by “pressing” their post are left with frustration.

    1. It’s such a shame that they have had to deactivate the ‘Press This’ sharing button, Janice. It was a wonderful tool and did so much more than the ‘reblog’ button does. However, I’m now coming up with a plan to use as a replacement. 😀

        1. It happened sometime on Friday night, without any notice from WordPress that they were going to do it. They usually send out a communication when announcing changes to their site, but not this time (well, I never got anything from them).

        2. I hadn’t heard either but I’m on WordPress.org. If it just occurred Friday night, that explains why I didn’t hear about it until Saturday. You know how I like to be kept in the loop! =)

  18. Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    Wow! A great post you have here Hugh. I began getting that error message yesterday when I used the Press This button on my WordPress blog. I have been wondering what the challenge was. Now I know. Sad I must say. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  19. I used Press This very rarely. Most of the time people used it with my posts, they ended up on those empty blogs you mentioned. If I want to share someone’s post, I usually work it into the prose of my own post and use hyperlinks.

    1. That’s what I’ll be doing from now on, Lorna. I was a big fan of ‘Press This’, especially as it was WordPress who originally recommended that we use it rather than reblog posts. It’s really sad that they could not find a way around of blocking out those phishing attempts.

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