Watching You #FFRodeo #Twitterflash

This is my entry for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest number 5, where participants are asked to write a ninety-nine-word story using Twitter. You can check out all the details of how to enter by clicking here. Closing date is Sunday, October 29 at 11:59 pm EST.


I’ve been waiting and waiting for many, many years.

Now, finally, my time is coming to an end.

You can’t see me, hear me, or feel me.

None of you knows I am already waiting here.

Waiting for the chance to devour all of you.

I’ve not tasted human blood or seen one die.

This place I’ve hidden behind is safe and warm.

It’s popular amongst the old and young of you.

Social Media is its name; to you an addiction.

Retweet this, and all may never be lost again.

Dare you try it out for ten thousand followers?

© 2017 Copyright-All rights


51 thoughts

  1. So true! Social media is devouring a lot of us and it does not make any exceptions! I wonder, sometimes, whether those people will be able to detach themselves again; reject the lure and live in the real world once more…


  2. Well done, Hugh. It is a tough challenge. I’ve just finished writing mine, but haven’t tweeted it all yet. I think yours is extremely clever, and raises that theme of technology being a silent observer again. You are master of the eerie.


    1. I agree, Norah, such a tough challenge. It gave me some sleepless nights trying to think of what to write and then constructing it into 11 tweets. Great fun, though.
      Thanks so much for the thumbs up for my effort. Given the time of year, I seem to be going along with the eerie theme. Then again, I don’t think that theme leaves me that often. 😀
      I look forward to reading your story.

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      1. But Halloween is a great excuse for using the theme, isn’t it? I’ve tweeted my story, but haven’t posted it on my blog. I think they’re a bit difficult to find on Twitter. It was a fun exercise. Learning, learning, learning … I love it! 🙂


      2. Yes, I agree, Norah. This time of year can bring out the creative devils in people. 🎃 I’ve seen a few on Twitter but, Twitter being Twitter, they are soon off the bottom of your screen while new tweets come in, so they can be missed so easily. I’ve just found your story. What a great twist. Never saw that coming.

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    1. Yep, I think I even frightened myself off from using Twitter…for two minutes. I’m sure there was something moving behind the screen of my Twitter profile. Then I realised I was watching a faint reflection of Austin moving around in my study. 🎃

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