Scale #photography

This week, Austin and Toby are helping with the WordPress weekly photography challenge which has the theme of Scale.

We’re going to think about the universe for the purpose of this challenge. Here’s Austin showing us what the scale of a large comet would look like when it enters our solar system.

#photography #WordPress #space #dogs #corgis
Watch out! Here comes Comet Austin.

Like me, they know we live in a big world. However, our world is small in comparison to the universe. In the following photo, Austin demonstrates by playing planet Earth. We’re looking at him from Venus and, way over in the background, that tiny white 29- story building is Jupiter.

#photography #WordPress #space #dogs #corgis
This is hot work. I hope I’m not too close to the sun.

In the next photo, Austin is still planet Earth, while Toby is the Sun. Look how much bigger eight-month-old Austin (Earth) is to six-year-old Toby (the Sun). Toby (the Sun) may look small, but he’s 1.3 million times bigger than Austin (the Earth).

#photography #WordPress #space #dogs #corgis
The tip of my nose is the North Pole, while the tip of my tail is the South Pole. How clever is that?

However, when Austin (the Earth) was pulled into the gravity of Toby (the Sun), they were both bigger than the city of Swansea. The city has a population of over 244,000 people, and you see again just how bigger Toby and Austin are to that 29-story building (Jupiter) in the background.

#photography #WordPress #space #dogs #corgis
Did anyone say treats?

Thanks for helping me to explain scale, you two. The treats are on me.

Do you think Austin and Toby did a good job helping with this challenge?

Photos were taken on the beach at Swansea Bay.

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