51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 39: David Bowie – The Laughing Gnome

Thank you for all the lovely messages of congratulations that came in with last week’s trip back to 1993. This week, I’m taking you all on a journey in my music time machine to the year 1967 where we’re about to meet up with not only a musical icon, but an unusual creature not often seen in the music world. Are you ready to meet an unusual pairing?

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Well, it is the 1960s, so I’m guessing that an odd pairing was not seen as being that unusual back then. Afterall, the song you’re about to hear did eventually become a hit in the UK charts, but not in 1967 when it was originally released! It took a little longer to hit the charts when rereleased in 1973, but I’m glad that the artist saw a future in it despite it not charting in 1967. Take it away, Mr Bowie and friend…

This is one of my (what I call) ‘unusual’ favourites when it comes to music. In fact, when I heard the sad news of David Bowie’s death a few years ago, this is the song that instantly came to mind. Kinda strange when you think about all the other hits he’d had. However, I needed cheering up after hearing the news, and I had a strange thought that it was what Mr Bowie would have wanted me to listen to.

The Laughing Gnome went on to sell over 250,000 copies in 1973 but failed to chart again when rereleased in 1982. By then, David had moved on with his music but had also recorded the introduction to the very successful television animation of ‘The Snowman.’

I’ve always wanted one of those snowman scarfs that David wraps around his neck, but have never been able to find one. If you know where I can buy one, then please do let me know. ☃️

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