Harvest #flashfiction

“Mummy, what are they doing?”

“It’s harvest time, Hazel. They’re harvesting. This happens at the same time every year. We’ll have plenty to see us through the hardest of winters. None of us will go hungry. There’ll be plenty for all of us.”

“What are they harvesting, Mummy? They look strange. What are they used for? Will I like them?”

“They are strange looking, aren’t they, Linden? They came here and murdered some of our species. Now, we harvest them and use them as fertiliser to feed us. They’re called humans. You’ll soon find out how delicious they taste.”

#flashfiction #fiction
Credit: Charli Mills

Written in response to Charli Mills’s 99-word Flash Fiction challenge with the theme of ‘Harvest.’ Click here for full details.

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© 2017 Copyright-All rights reserved-hughsviewsandnews.com.


63 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Nick. Glad you read it a second time and stuck with it. I also added some links to the names ‘Hazel’ and ‘Linden’ as clues, but I know that not everyone clicks on links. I can be a bit of a ‘puzzler’ sometimes.


  1. Hugh have you ever read ‘Under the Skin’ by Michael Faber? It’s set in Easter Ross in the North of Scotland, and has an alien (disguised as a human) as the main protagonist, who captures humans for intensive fattening up for feeding her people back home 🙂


      1. Oh, I already know you Hugh Roberts. Meeting in person would be a treat, but my excellent judge of character skills never steer me wrong. So much of what we write evokes our personalities. And as for your writing, you have the gift and are blessed that before your first book came out you had already acquired a ‘writing style’ that readers associate you with. Your voice is unique Hugh. ❤


      2. Well, I hope you could feel the heat coming off me after reading your comments, Debby. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed so much. Too kind, but I’ve taken everything you’ve said, printed it, and stuck it up next to my desk. Dinner (and the drinks) will always be on me.
        Thank you. 💕


  2. Awesome, Hugh, Love your imagination! There seem to be several movies where trees get their revenge on mankind, as previously mentioned: The Ents (revenge on the Orcs) in Lord of the Rings; The Happening–too freaky to watch again! Good stuff as usual, Hugh!


  3. hi Hugh, miss you and your stories, i see you kept the same style, horror/mystery, that i love! i’m back blogging again, a new site! i’d be happy if you visit it, just posted my first post today. hugs to you! 🙂


      1. Hi Hugh, lovely to keep our connection. I had few problems with the another site and I let it go, lost all my posts and followers. I’m starting fresh with this one. Hope more luck this time.


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