Thursday Doors: 21st Sept 2017 – #photography

After a short break, one of my favourite bloggers, Norman Frampton, is back in the world of blogging, Norm has appeared on my blog as a guest blogger. You can read the post by clicking here. I’m celebrating his return with an entry to his popular Thursday Doors photography feature.

What’s Thursday Doors? It’s a fantastic photography challenge with the theme of, you’ve guessed it, Doors! Check out the details by clicking here.

Without further ado, I’m going (just about) all wooden with my doors this week. These doors were all found in the quaint little medieval town of Burford, which is in the Cotswolds in southern England.

Does this first door look as if it’s been boarded up from the inside? I wonder what the occupants are trying to keep out?

#photography #doors #ThursdayDoors

Can you spot the jagged join in this door?

#photography #doors #ThursdayDoors

This next door has a shinney new lock. I wonder if the occupants can see out through that foggy glass? Maybe it’s one-way glass?

#photography #doors #ThursdayDoors

This door looks newer than the others. At least the occupants don’t have far to walk to post their mail.

#photography #doors #ThursdayDoors

And last, but by no means least, this small door which even I’d have to bend my head to go through.

#photography #doors #ThursdayDoors

Can you spot the one door which is not wooden?

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