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Did you know that if you wait long enough, time will pass you by and leave you behind? You end up living in the past, never able to get back to the present. Time slows down, and the present soon disappears into what will have been your future. Then, there’s also the ‘waiting rooms.’

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Sit long enough and wait for the correct time to eat something, and you’ll never actually get to taste it. You’ll be left behind while something from the ‘waiting room’ takes an interest in you and takes your place. It may look like you, and most people will never be able to tell the difference, but creatures that live in waiting rooms crave nothing but the positivity that lives inside human beings. It’s only people they want. It helps rid them of the ongoing nightmare they live in. The more you wait, the more they’ll be able to escape from their nightmare world.

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Waiting to be eaten. Wait too long, and maybe you’ll be the one that is eaten while waiting.

What are the ‘waiting rooms?’ You’ll find them everywhere. Just think of that room at your dentist or doctor’s surgery, or having a drink at the bar in a theatre while waiting for the second half to begin. If your allotted time passes, and you’re still waiting, tell someone before the door of the waiting room opens and something comes to get you.

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When you wait, the space around you becomes a waiting room.

Don’t be mistaken that you can see all waiting rooms. Some are hidden behind everyday objects. My biggest mistake was the last time I waited for a flower to open. I wanted to capture the moment it burst from its sleep. I had my camera ready, but I waited too long and, before I knew it, something from behind the screen of the camera dragged me into a world of millions of moments waiting to be captured and shared in the reality we call the present.

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Don’t wait too long for something to open. Behind every screen, something is waiting for you.

After taking the above photo, I found myself in a vast waiting room of moments. These types of waiting rooms are behind the screens of your camera, iPhone, iPad, or anything that takes a picture. They first appeared in the year 1861; the same year the first creature made its way out of a waiting room and fed on the positivity of the human being that was holding the camera.

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Waiting for the show to begin? Don’t wait too long, because something is watching and waiting for you.

How do I know all of this? Because I have heard the stories, and I now find myself waiting behind the screen of a computer. I am waiting for that moment you ponder over that photo or writing opportunity. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you move away from your computer and stand in line at the supermarket or post office, that you can escape me. You’ll be waiting, won’t you? And, won’t you have your phone with you? Failing that, maybe I’m behind one of the many screens that fill your world?

Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

Written in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Waiting.

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