In celebration of my short story collection, Glimpses, reaching its first birthday in December 2017, I’ll be publishing some short stories from the book, both here and as a guest over on the blogs of other bloggers. Look out for them over the next three months.


As Amy Lushwick squashed the umpteenth little creature with the front end of her eight-inch stiletto-heeled shoe, she smiled again. She hated the little blighters and had no idea why there had been so many of them or where they were coming from.

She’d almost finished painting her lips with the brightest of red lipstick when she thought to herself how gorgeous she looked. No man would turn her down tonight; she would have the pick of the bunch.

The lipstick had been a bargain. Amy had been hesitant to buy it from the online auction site at first because the seller had no selling feedback. However, even though it had lain in the drawer of her dressing table for a few months, she was now convinced that just by wearing it she would become the sexiest woman alive and it would bring her all the attention she desired. She smiled to herself as she knew she would be the envy of some of her ‘not so’ close friends.

Just as she was about to apply the last bit of lipstick, something caught her eye. It looked like a tiny piece of cotton sticking out the side of the lipstick. With the tips of her brightly painted finger and thumbnail, she went to pull it and watched in disbelief as it disappeared into the lipstick. Had she been seeing things or had it actually just disappeared?

She hesitated for a moment before putting the lipstick back to her lips. With her mouth slightly open, Amy spread the bright red substance along her bottom lip, but something jumped into her mouth, and she flung the lipstick down. Her hands came up to her neck as she coughed and choked. Falling backwards she hit the floor hard and rolled around until she was finally able to cough it up.

Not only could Amy not quite believe what she was seeing, but it also made her feel sick. It was one of the small black beetles she’d been killing for the last few months, now on its back trying all it could do to right itself and get away.

It was the sound of the lipstick rolling off her dressing table that made her look away from the small creature. As it moved towards her, she suddenly remembered what she had read on the internet and what one of the ingredients of lipstick was.

Moments later, Amy watched as another black beetle made its way out of the lipstick. She tried kicking at it as it made its way towards her, but to no avail.

Twenty-four hours later, there was no trace of the body of Amy Lushwick or the thousands of black beetles that had emerged from the lipstick. Only the clothes she had been wearing remained on the floor, while beside them the beautiful red lipstick wriggled slightly.


Taken from Glimpses. A collection of 28 short stories that will take you up a path full of twists and turns.

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