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Look at Mrs Jenkins! She’s at it again! I hope her husband doesn’t find out. He’s only half a mile away and is on his way home. Unless he stops to pick up some more first class postage stamps from Gloria in the Post Office, then Mrs Jenkins and Mr Brownlow are going to get caught in the act.

However, Mr Jenkins is just as bad. How many times have I seen him chatting up Gloria in the Post Office? Every single time; that’s how many times! I may have seen Jimmy, Gloria’s boyfriend, doing naughty things in the car park up on Dog Walkers’ hill, but he’s a big guy and could knock out Mr Brownlow with one punch.

As for Gloria, if she carries on stuffing a marrow through the letterbox of old Mrs Grimshaw whilst shouting out ‘THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT HAS ARRIVED’, then her blog is going to be history.

You people never learn, do you? I may be just a wisp of a cloud, but I see everything and know just about all there is to know about most of you. Yes, I may look all soft and fluffy to many of you, but that’s my disguise.

Wondering why some of your photos have gone missing, or some of your important files have been deleted? Because you’ve been naughty, that’s why!

I am the iCloud. I’m watching you and can make most of your lives a misery. So, start behaving!

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Photo credit: Sue Vincent

Written in response to #writephoto which is hosted every week over on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.  Come on over and join in the fun.

#writephoto #writingprompt

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