Hallways – #photography #timetravel

Hallways fascinate me. They are the only place where time doors can be found.

#photography #photochallenge #photo
Even in well-lit hallways, there are darker places

Time doors are invisible. Nothing alive can see them. However, they can be found, be unlocked and lead us to other places. Step through one, and you will be transported to another part of your life (past or future). When Death visits us, it takes our hand and leads us through a time door. Death has a key, but we don’t need it or Death to unlock time doors.

#photography #photochallenge #photo
Follow the light. Through every time door is another part of our life waiting to be discovered

Besides Death, the only object that can open a time door is a shadow. Not just any shadow, but a shadow that has the power to see. My shadow found a time door in a long hallway. As soon as the shadow of my eye hit the lock of the time door, my eye was scanned and the door opened. Nobody else saw it.

I found myself on top of a wall of a fort. I was in the city of York, England, and living a previous life as a Roman soldier. I was on guard duty looking out for enemies that wanted to invade the city.

#photography #photochallange #photo
Nobody can see you go through a time door. Time stands still until you come back

My armour felt heavy on my body and made me sweat. I held a shield and could feel the wetness on my hand making the shield slippery to hold. In my other hand was a long spear. A helmet on my head felt as if it was going to cause my head to cave-in. However, it felt safe and I knew that my body armour would protect me.

Briefly, I looked away from the outside of the city walls and inwards to the city. It was busy and, as sordid smells hit my nostrils, I wanted to heave up the contents of my stomach. Rotting olive oil was mixed with the smell of burning flesh, animal waste and mud. From the market, smells of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs were mixed with fly infested fish and meat that was turning rancid without refrigeration.

#photography #photo
The cleanest of hallways contain the dark places of time doors

Some of the residents of the city looked well dressed but, underneath, I knew that many were infected with head lice, had bad breath, and most were infected with gonorrhoea. Some kept farm animals inside their homes. Almost every house and apartment building in the city had private one-seat toilets, yet they were rarely connected to the main sewer lines. They tended to be cesspit toilets, which had to be emptied by hand (household slaves had the honour). The contents were either sold to farmers for fertiliser or used in household gardens.

#photo #photography
Sometimes, time doors will lead you to a confined space. But, you are there for a reason

I didn’t like this part of my life. Thank goodness I was killed at the age of 29. Then, before I knew it, I was transported back to where I had just come from. Another shadow that could see and unlock time doors had passed by me. As soon as our shadows touched, the time doors we had both entered closed and moved to another dark space in the hallways we had come from. My memory of Roman York quickly disappeared, yet a small part of it was left embedded in the darker side of my shadow. That’s why I still remember that part of my life.

#photo #photography
Do you have a shadow that can unlock time doors?

Now, whenever I walk down a hallway, I look for my shadow and keep my fingers crossed that it will find a time door.

Next time you walk down a hallway, listen out for the click of a time door opening. Walk through it and tell us your story.

Written in conjunction with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge which has the theme of Hallways.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar to learn more about me and my blog.

78 thoughts

  1. What fun, Hugh. Are you behind one of those doors now? How can you be sure which life is the “real” life? You say you travelled back in time. Are you sure you haven’t travelled forwards into this future?

  2. Okay, Hugh. I tried the time door thing and ended up in a mobile home with the shadow of my eye opening the bedroom door of a not so friendly man and his wife. He had belted down a few Old Milwaukees before bedtime, and emerged wearing nothing but a wife beater t-shirt. And now I’m in therapy. But I enjoyed reading about your time door experience!

  3. Wonderful post, Hugh. I do love how hallways can beckon, oppress, and otherwise elicit a range of emotions. One of my favorites was also built by Romans, in the city of Jerusalem. So much history!

  4. Hi Hugh,
    It’s great to see you back. Wow; what a thought provoking post. I really enjoyed taken back in time. You made it so real I could almost smell the rancid odors. I envy your talent for descriptive writing. The accompanying pictures enhanced the mental imagery. Thanks for sharing a great story.

    1. You’re welcome, Chuck, and thanks for the lovely comments. I can highly recommend taking a blogging break, although it must be taken correctly to really work. Maybe that’s another idea for another post?
      Glad you enjoyed my returning story, I mixed it up with fact, fiction, and a true story.

  5. There are some periods back in time I would like to visit, Hugh. I always fancied myelf as a Victorian lady, but knowing my luck, I would probably end up a maid emptying chamber pots!
    I loved this story and the way you combined it with the photos 🙂

  6. Oh Hugh- just what the doctor ordered – a slice of crazy Hugh pie, bright and early in the morning 👏👏👏now when I go open at work I’ll be extra careful turning on the lights in the long, dark hallways today!!👏👏👏

    1. Just goes to show what happens to me when I go and take a brief blogging break, Elizabeth. I had great fun writing this and mixing it up with fact, fiction and a true story. Let us know if you discover that your shadow can open time doors. I’d love to know where you end up.

  7. I love your writing. I still remember a dream or was it a memory of my first home when I was very young; I can picture the pattern carpet on the landing at the top of the stairs and felt I had gone through a wall to another house or time….

      1. I have written short stories inspired by that house, but not about the strange ‘dream’ – the house is still there, I’ve Googled it, just an Edwardian terraced house, Mum and Dad rented the top half, but it was all split levels and my bedroom was down a lonely corridor…

  8. What a coincidence I am reading Bill Bryson’s book about At Home. In which he mentions that the corridor in a house did not exist for many centuries [I think I am correct, haven’t got the book on me at the moment] and no room had a title of the bedroom, etc., each room was one minute a lounge and the next a bedroom! A bit off track from what you wrote about, just that I am finding the book interesting and your post reminded me of what I had read 🙂

  9. Ok Hugh, me thinks your imagination is in full force after a little break? I’m detecting the makings of a new book here???? 🙂 xx Good to see you back ❤

    1. I think you are right, Debby. Not only a week’s blogging break but also attending that family wedding I told you about. I had so many conversations with the guests and I also did my writing thing by eavesdropping a few. Just wait till you see what I got coming up over the next few months. 😀
      It’s great to be back after my break from the blogging world. 💕

        1. Summer and Christmas time seem to be the time a lot of people take a blogging break. I’ve found this summer to be especially quiet in the blogging world. Good luck with the school preparations, Terri.

    1. Ooh, please share it with us if you go down the hallway and write your own time travel hallway story. I’d be very interested in what you discover and share with us. I hope you find a time door and that you have one of the shadows that can see.

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