RIP Martin Landau #Space1999

Sadly, news has reached me of the death of one my all-time favourite actors, Martin Landau.

I remember Martin from the cult 1970s Science-Fiction TV series Space 1999, where he played the part of Commander John Koenig.

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The moon is blown out of Earth’s orbit on September 13th, 1999. It was now up to Commander Koenig to ensure the safety of Moonbase Alpha and all its occupants. I was hooked on the series from episode one.

Alongside Martin, Barbara Bain, his wife at the time, played the part of Doctor Helena Russell.

Space 1999 was created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson. It only ran for two series but still has a huge fan club. It may have had its fair share of rubber monsters and dodgy sets, but some of the special effects were amazing, while some of the monsters were terrifying.

Martin had success in TV, playing numerous guest roles in popular shows such as Gunsmoke, Mission Impossible, The Twilight Zone and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. He also found movie fame, most memorable in Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest, where he played James Mason’s creepy henchman who chases Cary Grant during the celebrated Mount Rushmore finale.

Thank you, Martin. You were a tremendous talent and will be missed by many people.

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