51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 27: Petula Clark – Downtown

All the way back in week 10, of this feature, I asked all those that loved a Saturday night to showcase a song that got them in the mood for what many consider to be the best night of the week. Last week, I featured a song tune that featured a favourite ‘in front of the telly’ snack of mine. Of course, for many, Saturday nights also involve a trip to a place of fun, entertainment, and good times.

51 weeks 51 songs from the past poster

Feel free to help yourselves to the Popcorn left over from last week while I land the music time machine in 1964. Are you ready for a trip to Downtown?

Downtown? Why do we refer to this place as Downtown, and not Uptown? Ever since I can remember, even I have referred to it as Downtown.

Petula Clark had a worldwide hit on her hands with Downtown. Not only did the song reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A, but it also made it to the number one spot in Canada, Germany and New Zealand. That’s quite an achievement when you learn that the writer of this song, Tony Hatch, with minutes to spare was still writing the lyrics in a bathroom before Petula went into the recording studio. Phew! I wonder if I should write my next book while on the lavatory? 🤔

In 1988, the 1964 recording of Downtown was remixed and rereleased as a disco version entitled Downtown ’88. It proved a hit across much of Europe and Austrailia. Petula had no idea that her song had been remixed and even went as far as to say that when she first heard it, she wondered who was singing it! Like the 1964 version, this version of the song became a top 10 hit in the UK.

If I had to choose, then my preference would be for the original version. Sequels, even in the movie world, don’t normally do it for me. Do you have a favourite song that has a sequel? Leave a link to it in the comments section.

Thank you to everyone who left a link to a favourite song in the comments section of last week’s post. And a big thank you to Barbara, Kat, and Ruth, who all joined in with publishing a blog post of a favourite song.

Want to join me in building up your 51 favourite songs from the past? Leave a link in the comments section below and showcase your next song.

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  1. I was 13, just entering adolescence, when this song was on the radio. Damn, those were the wonderful days America was introduced to the Beatles, Dave Clark, the Stones and so many others.

    Some remixes work, but not the disco version of this one.


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