The Tunnel #flashfiction #writephoto

It’s been one of the most incredible journeys. Never did I believe that when we all went in, I’d be the only one to come out alive. There were lots of us when we went into the tunnel. None of us had any idea that not all of us would make it out again. I can see the light and can hear muffled voices, so I think they’re expecting me.

Getting ourselves ready to go in was full of excitement, because we all wanted the prize. I looked at the faces of all the other contestants, and they were all as eager as I was. When the sign to begin the race came, we all went in as fast as we could. I’m not quite sure how many of us there were, but I’d heard rumours that in some of these races there were very few competitors. I don’t know if that’s true or if Simon was just trying to persuade me not to compete in this race so that he had a better chance of winning the prize.

Some of us had an advantage being at the front, but I found myself at the back of the pack. However, I went into that tunnel just as fast as the rest did. It got darker and darker the deeper we went in. I tried making my way to the front, but some were a lot stronger than I was. Still, I didn’t give up.

At one point, Simon tried pushing me out of the way, but I was having none of it. I fought back and gradually made my way to the front. It was terrible when I saw the first casualties. I felt so sorry for them, especially Simon, but this was a race with a fantastic prize, and we had all been told that this journey was the survival of the fittest.

Despite the darkness, those that were left and nearing the prize knew the moment it became visible. It was a strange object, something I’d not seen before, and it wasn’t only me that dug deep for that extra bit of reserve energy I’d been saving to ensure I got to it first. There was an almighty rush to get to it, because not only whoever touched the prize first got to keep it, but it would change their life. I don’t know how I did it, but I pipped five others to the prize by a matter of milliseconds.

Now, just over nine months later and with one last push, I’m about to escape this narrow tunnel and be born as a human.

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Written as part of the #writephoto challenge, hosted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

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